Nitro Swimmer of the Month for January 2016

Cedar Park

High School Training: Nicole Sprencel – Nicole is the kind of swimmer that makes you wish you had a thousand of. She shows up early, works hard and stays focused, has an unbelievably positive attitude, takes correction, and loves swimming! She consistently does this, day in day out, making herself and everyone around her better. Couldn’t ask for more from a teammate, a swimmer, or a positive force, leading High School Training. Keep it up Nicole! – Coach Nick

TAGS 2: Corby Furrer – This last month he has really shown great progress working his walls within his races. Learning how to maintain his speed and accelerate with his under waters throughout a race is a gigantic leap forward in his growth as a swimmer. Cannot wait to see how this change in his practice habits and helps him this month at STAGS. Congratulations and keep up the great work. – Coach Travis

TAGS 1: Bella Zapata – Our own certified celebrity (USAA commercial watch for it) has been all smiles this month when it comes to racing. Districts she drops amazing times in both the 100 & 50 Free, and then at the UT meet this past weekend just barely missed her TAGS cut in the 200 Back by .09. Looking forward to coaching Bella through STAGS and seeing what she can make happen. – Coach Flo

Sectional Development: Reagan Bleasdell – As everyone has experienced before, there are ups and downs through seasons. This last month and most recently at BB champs Reagan has climbed her way back into the up and up! She has been regularly journaling and has been eager to make changes day in and day out. She had a fantastic meet, but one thing that impressed more than anything was when she went back to back 200 BK to 200 IM. After discussions with coach Mike and myself she had a game plan going into the race and bested her time from the morning by 2 seconds. She went immediately to the warm-down pool and I walked over there and the words she stated next is what a true competitor says when they get that “tired” feeling. She says, ” I know I’m gonna hurt, so I might as well go after it!” No excuses, No “I’m tired” or “I can’t”, she trusted her training and won the heat with a lifetime best by 3 seconds!! Way to go Reagan, Keep up the hard work! – Coach Jeremy

National Development: Emilie Parks – Emilie has been training really well for a few months now.  She’s had some very solid time improvements in November and December, but had yet to really break through.  At this month’s TXLA NYC meet, Emilie finally had that break through!  She even surprised me in what she did!  Emilie is swimmer of the month, not because of what she did this January, but because she was willing to go through process and not skip steps over the last three months. –Coach Elliott

Bee Cave

High School Training:

TAGS 2: – Natalie Klaas – Wow, Natalie! What a weekend for this kiddo. Believe me when I say a Coach experiences all of the emotions of a swimmer. The joy and the pain. Natalie was able to break through and race her butt of this weekend. I have to say I have been watching and waiting for this weekend for Natalie. She is such a solid practic(er) and does her job of raising the bar for herself and her team mates daily. She had steady progress throughout this short course season, but going into this weekend we were excited to see what she was able to do in events that she didn’t particularly love. She crushed it. I am proud of what she has accomplished, but I am even more excited to say that she has grown as a swimmer and learned more and more about her. Nice job Nat. – Coach Allison

TAGS 1: Madison Riley – Madi has been an amazing short course season as a TAGS 1 leader.  She has achieved TAGS times at practice and at her district championships for HS swimming.  She also achieved her first USAS official 13-14 TAGS time standard at the TXLA New Years Meet in the 200 IM.   She constantly aims to achieve and will quickly climb to success.   I look forward to seeing her achievements this up coming Championship Season and beyond. Keep it up! – Coach Randy

Senior: Kiara Bobb – Day in and day out you swim set after set, you improve a little here and a little there but we search for that moment where the swimmer just lets go and pushes past the pain and gets your brain to shut off a just feel. For the past few weeks the group has been learning to feel and Kiara has been stepping beyond feel and found a way to focus the feel to become a way to race. Confidence was the start, swimming repeats as close to your best time was the start, but an all out broken 200 free put her on the path, swimming a time over 10 seconds faster than her best she learned what the pain might feel like. When you’re trying to swim a time you’ve never done before you need to FEEL a pain you’ve never felt before, the results for Kiara was a 100 free this weekend 5 seconds faster than she has ever done. I can’t wait to see her next 200 free! Great training young lady! – Coach Chuck

National Development: Sarah Walpole – Sarah had a fantastic month. She is an extremely hard worker and she comes in each day with a positive attitude. She looks at each set as an opportunity to improve and she always gives her best. Since arriving at Nitro, she has fully committed to our training plan and she is seeing amazing results. Along with her work ethic, Sarah loves to race!  Keep up the great work. – Coach Jason



Isaac Gwin

Isaac had an awesome month filled with some of his best training he has ever done along with great technical attention as well. Isaac started the month out with finishing Christmas training on an excellently strong note. He then backed it up with even better training once school got back in and he had those stresses again. He really bought into the training and the system during December and January allowing him to have an awesome Austin Pro Swim Series Meet. In all of his events he was faster this year then last year at this time, plus he swam away with 2 lifetime bests in the 100 Back and 100 Fly. His 100 Back qualifies him for SCY Winter Nationals and his 100 Fly qualifies him for SCY Winter Junior Nationals. Keep up the belief in the training and the system, because it is paying off. Fantastic job! – Coach Tim & Coach Robert

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