Nitro Swim Team National Group Community Service Project

The Nitro National Group worked on a community service project over the holidays and the following is what they did:

The 24 swimmers collected assorted items for our troops stationed in Afghanistan… one led by former Nitro swimmer Partick Puryear a graduate of West Point. We cannot get into too much detail on the particulars of Patrick and his men but they are protecting our country under very difficult conditions so it was nice to see our swimmers rally up and really put a lot of time and effort into personalizing what was sent over to these servicemen.  Some of the items sent are listed here and the group added cards and personal notes of support as well. Very proud of the swimmers for undertaking this very worthy project and hope to follow this up in the near future!


a.. flannel sheets, fleece blankets (solid dark color)
Clothing items:
a.. extra packages of socks (dark colors)
Food items:
a.. protein snacks, ( NO PORK ALLOWED),
b.. energy bars, nuts, peanut butter/crackers
c.. tuna in a pouch
d.. trail mix
For warmth:
a.. heating wraps ( for the back: last 8 hours),
b.. plenty of packs of hand and feet and toe warmers,
Bathroom items:
a.. hand sanitizer
b.. face cleaning pads
c.. foot powder, athlete foot spray
d.. vitamin E, zinc tablets, vitamin C, products to “fight the common cold”,
e.. cough drops, throat lozenges,
f.. soft toilet paper
g.. tooth brush and tooth paste

h.. dental floss, lip balm, small packs of tissues to put in pock etc.

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