Nitro Made Some House Calls

On Saturday, I rounded up a few Coaches and decided to make some home visits. Don’t worry, we were social distanced. You see, we have 23 graduating Seniors this year who might not get the opportunity to be recognized at the Nitros Award Night, since there may not be one this year – still playing all of that by ear!

We have a tradition here at Nitro to call all of our graduating Seniors to the stage at our awards night and we present them with a graduation gift of appreciation for being a part of the program.

Nitro is not only known for swimming, caring staff, professional and loving Coaches, etc. Nitro is also known for our t-shirts! So what better way to commemorate our graduates than with a special, limited edition, Nitro Swimming Alumni dri fit shirt, complete with the Class of ’20 on the back, right?

So this past Saturday morning, Coaches LeAnn, Dave, Dan, and I saddled up our vehicles and headed out to make 23 special deliveries – all unannounced!

Dan had home kiddo duty calling about ½ way into the visits, but then Coaches Randy and Chuck met up with us to help finish the task. Even Coach Peter hopped along the dusty trail for our final delivery of the day.

We began in Crystal Falls for the first stop, then through Leander for a couple. It was then off to Georgetown, swept back down through Round Rock, some Cedar Park stops, then Great Hills/Jester. From there we rolled over to Rollingwood, then onto the Bowie HS area. We moved onto Dripping Springs, and finished things off in Spicewood.

We are happy to report that we went 23 for 23 on successful deliveries/front door visits!

It was a long day that wrapped up around 7:00PM. But was it ever worth it!

To see the smiles and the joy on the faces of not only our Seniors and our Coaches, but also on the Parents! The Coaches have a much greater appreciation for the distances you all drive to make it to Nitro every day over the years! Wow!

We all know that the Seniors have felt the biggest impact of not being able to attend school, not able to finish up their 12th grade year the way they expected. We hope that we gave them some joy on a Saturday, and helped make a lasting, positive memory.

We Love our Seniors!

I’ve listed them here in reverse alphabetical order, since they’ve gone through arguably the craziest year of their lives so far, so why not reverse the order? Here are our Graduating Seniors, Class of 2020:

Jess Yeager
Brandon Wong
Alex Warren
Vincent Ribeiro
Beau Player
Sabrina Pitkanen
Maddie Nguyen
Salem Nassar
Caitlin Murphy
Justin Milushev
Payton Marvin
Michaela Judis
Bailey Judis
Julia Houck
Alex Hoang
Jack Grieshop
Christian Gomez
Maggie Gibson
Bryce Flynn
Alyse Dysart
Josh Dowdy
Ethan Chen
Kiara Bobb

*Special Thank you to LeAnn and Dave for being alongside from start to finish, and captured every visit on video.

**Coach Jonny is working his magical editing abilities and as soon as he’s done we’ll have a sweet video that encapsulates the entire day.

I want to thank every one of our Nitro Seniors and their Families for being such a big part of our program. We wish all of you the absolute best, and you all better come back to visit us!

That’s it for now. See you at the pools! Coach Mike.

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