Nitro Cares - Texas Gulf Coast Disaster Relief

Help Us Help Our Neighbors! Calling on the Nitro Nation!

Hello Nitro Families,

You've all seen what occurred and the disastrous aftermath from the recent hurricane. The Gulf Coast took a pounding, and tens of thousands of people have been impacted with loss of homes, pets, many who have lost everything they own, some even loss of life.

We have a few swimmers currently training with us who had been displaced due to the storm, and they have recently jumped in with our groups to continue their swimming. We're proud to open up Nitro to them and extend them a warm welcome during this obviously tough time.

The reason for this note is to provide an easy way for you to help should you feel inclined and called to do so.

Nitro Swimming is partnering up with the Austin Disaster Relief Network to help raise funds for their relief work in the Texas Gulf Coast areas hit by Harvey.

Here's where the Nitro part comes in:

By clicking the provided link, anytime between now and September 15th, it will take you directly to the Austin Disaster Relief Network, specifically used for their efforts in helping the victims of the hurricane.

Once you make your donation, and you've received your receipt from ADRN, just email the receipt to  and Nitro Swimming will match the donations up to a total of $15,000.

Click on this link to Support Texas Gulf Coast Disaster Relief.

Tracy and I are proud to be a part of Nitro Swimming, and hope you are too.

Please share using #NitroCares.

See you at the pool! Coach Mike.