Nitro Swim Team Steiner Ranch 2021 Short Course Update

Nitro Swimming is proud to be back at the Bella Mar Pool this season!

Nitro Swimming, the #1 competitive swimming program in Central Texas is excited to be invited back to Steiner Ranch again this school year at the heated Bella Mar Pool!

Our first day of practices will be Monday, August 16th .

New swimmer evaluations take place every Saturday at 11:45AM at our Nitro Swimming Bee Cave location (only 13.6 miles from Steiner Ranch) on 15506 Hwy 71 West. No appointment necessary. Just walk in,  get your name on the list, and the Coaches will do the rest!

If you prefer to wait a little, we’ll have New Swimmer Evaluations at the Bella Mar pool Tuesday August 10th, and Wednesday August 11th from 5:30-7:00PM. Again, no appointment necessary, just walk in, get your name on the list and we’ll take it from there!

Of course if you’d rather swim indoors this winter, we have our two flagship locations: Nitro Swimming Bee Cave (Hwy 71)  and Nitro Swimming Cedar Park (on Toro Grande off of 1431).

But if you prefer the close proximity of the Bella Mar pool, we’re here too! Coaches Kyle Rea and Colleen Vanderpoel can’t wait to get things rolling!

Nitro Steiner Ranch Swim Team Registration Pricing and Schedule

Steiner Ranch (Seasonal: Aug 16th 2021-April 28th 2022) at the heated Bella Mar Pool (outdoors)

 Registration Fee:

  • All Groups - $235 per swimmer
  • Any additional siblings - $185 each

Monthly Tuition for Each Group at Steiner Ranch:

  • Intro to Nitro: Tu/Th 4:00-4:45PM      $114.50
  • Technique and Fitness (TF): Tu/Th 4:45-5:30PM   $114.50
  • Bronze 1: M/W/Fri 4:00-4:45PM     $133
  • Bronze 2: M/W/Fri 4:45-5:30PM     $133
  • Silver: M-Tu-Wed-Th 5:30-6:30PM  $$155.50
  • Steiner 5: M, Tu, Wed, Th 6:30-8:00PM; Fri 5:30-7:00PM (More practice time this season!!)  $196


Be sure to spread the word! Thank you! Mike Koleber, Nitro Swimming.