Swimmer of the Week for September 3 – 8, 2012

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park:Leila Cabral – This past week Leila went from being one of the new girls to being a helper!  With the beginning of a new season we have had a lot of new swimmers, some of them very nervous.  Leila used to be one of those nervous swimmers, but in class this week she was helping all the new kids during practice.  She has really come out of her shell, feeling much more confident in the water and with each new set.  Leila I’m so proud of you girl!!

Bee Cave:Jack Minyen & Marin Acuna– Jack has really stepped up his work in practice in the last two weeks.  He is doing everything asked of him, and has even begun to volunteer to demonstrate.  Jack has really improved his focus in an effort to prepare for bronze.  Great job Jack keep it up! Marin was a pleasure to coach this past week. Always wearing a smile, always willing to perform whatever the coaches ask. Looking forward to seeing what Marin can do in the seasons ahead.


Cedar Park: McKenzie Hunninghake– Once again McKenzie has been proving herself as a great leader in our Bronze group, always knowing what is required of the sets and being able to demonstrate great interval comprehension. Continue the awesome work you are doing, all the coaches are really proud of your progression.

Bee Cave:Maddy O’Leary– Maddy continues to impress the coaches, and is a joy to see at practice. Maddy is definitely on a great path of progress.

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park:Reanza Gara & Nathan Early – Reanza was spot on this past Saturday.  She has shown great courage and will power in her attitude.  Nathan is a swimmer from last spring, who has returned to NITRO with vigor and determination.  It’s great to see you two in the water.  Thanks for being a part of NITRO, and we’ll see you at the pool.

Bee Cave:Blythe Rhodes– Every single practice Blythe arrives to her lane with a huge smile on her face. Her energy feeds off onto everyone at practice. This week she has been a great leader in her group. Her streamlines and kick look fantastic. We’re all very proud of you Blythe! Keep up the great work.


Cedar Park:Nikhil Lyles– Nikhil has always been a competitor, but only recently has shown a new and very important skill, listening.  When being taught a new skill it is extremely important to listen and not just hear, listen and apply.  Something everyone wants is instant gratification.  When a swimmer, like Nikhil, is able to listen to a correction and instantly apply it to the very next 25 yard swim that is just about as instant as you can get.  Thank you Nikhil for listening, keep it up and your swim skills will continue to improve!

Bee Cave:Julia Bourguignon – Julia is new to Nitro and has handled her first week admirably.  Julia is working hard on her freestyle head positioning and has demonstrated a great work ethic to go with her very enjoyable personality.  Welcome to Nitro Julia! Great first week!

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park:Raavi Chokhawala – Raavi has been moving up her lane each practice, all week, to become the leader each day.  Keeping track of how much of the set she has done is easy for Raavi.  Keep up the great work Raavi!

Bee Cave:Madeline Menefee– Madeline just joined the Advanced Silver group and I must say, I’m impressed.  She listens well, is enthusiastic about the workouts and accepts stroke correction easily.  Madeline already knows that a good workout in swimming is about more than just swimming fast.  You need to put just as much effort into doing the drills and focusing on awareness in the water as you do into working hard.  Keep up the great work Madeline!


Cedar Park: Reilly Gilbert– Reilly is truly hard worker day in and day out, always smiling and brightening up the day of all those attending practice. His consistent work effort is a great example for everyone else in our group.

Bee Cave:Julia York– Julia had a big moment in a swimmers life when she realized ‘I CAN do this!’.  As a coach, those are the moments that are most rewarding to see.  She was told to be tough, step up, and get after the boys– and that is exactly what she did.  Starting the practice in the second group, she was the person everyone was chasing by the end of practice, and held onto that dedication and competitiveness for the remainder of the week.  Julia has been eager and we are pleased she has broken through the barrier.  We look forward to her reaching for that leadership role of the group.  Keep it up Julia!