Swimmer of the Week for October 8 – 13, 2012

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park: Ella Anderson – Ella is new to Intro but, after only a few practices she is on top of everything!  She does a great job watching the clock and using excellent underwater push offs.  At her latest practice Ella worked hard on her breaststroke underwater pullout.  Always listening and following directions is really paying off for Ella.  Keep up the great work little lady!! 

Bee Cave: Intro to Nitro #3 – This week I would like to award the Swimmer of the Week award to all of the kids in the Mon/Wed Intro to Nitro group #3. This is the largest of the Intro groups at the Bee Cave Pool, so we are constantly working to get everyone working together and actively listening as a group. Last week this group stepped it up a notch, and because of this I saw each and every one of them get at least 40% better at something we were working on. AND we had fun while we were at it! Keep up the great work, I am proud of all of you!


Cedar Park: Corpus Christi Meet Swimmers – We had several Bronze group swimmer travel down to Corpus Christi this past weekend to attend a swim meet, many swam really good times and Coach Bob was very impressed with all of your swims, great job to the group and getting one of your Bronze group goals started.

Bee Cave: Ethan Palosh – Over the last couple weeks Ethan has shown great leadership and support to a new member of the Bronze group.  Ethan is constantly cheering for his teammates and helping them understand the drill or practice if they have questions.  It is so fun as a coach to see a swimmer in a younger group like Bronze to step up and make sure everyone is working together.  Not only has Ethan pushed his friends to do their best, but he is working harder and focusing on the coaches instructions when they are speaking.  Way to go Ethan, you are a bright future of what Nitro has in store!

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park: Sohee Jung and Henry Zhang – Sohee is a fairly new addition to our T/F group, and is swimming with great confidence.  She is really working on the little details of the strokes, and her diving is greatly improving.  Henry is a returning swimmer and we have moved him up to some faster intervals.  It was a bit of a rough start,  but he has stepped up to the plate and is doing (no pun intended) swimmingly.  Great job you two, thanks for being a part of NITRO, and we’ll see you at the pool.

Bee Cave: Mackenzie England – Mackenzie has been making sound waves for the past couple weeks. This last week she went above and beyond with huge improvements in her breast stroke. Keep up the great work! 


Cedar Park:

Bee Cave: Seamus Caskey – The silver groups at BC hold a wide range of ability and swimming experience, Seamus is quickly becoming a standout in the group because of his dedication, on Friday and Saturday the numbers drop off but you will still find Seamus at BC, smile on his face, working on his start, head position, streamlines and turns, trying to become the best swimmer in his group, how can you not enjoy working with a swimmer who loves to work. 

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park: Advanced Silver Swimmer(s) of the week are all of the UT attendees! – I saw lots of aggressive racing from many swimmers this weekend, and lots of best times and brand new events! Great job to all swimmers involved, and I was really impressed at the number of kids asking about time standards. It shows a high level of awareness and understanding of the sport. Great job to all!

Bee Cave: Jasmine Bui – Jasmine has been really bringing her A-game to Adv. Silver. She doesn’t always lead the lane but,  despite that, brings all the qualities we like to see most in our Adv. Silver swimmers. She listens well, focuses on her strokes and is mentally and physically present at every practice she attends.  She excepts stroke correction well and knows how to put those corrections in place. Consequently, I have seen Jasmine improving and look forward to seeing her continued growth.  Keep up the great work Jasmine!


Cedar Park: Swimmer at the UT Meet – All of our swimmers at this past UT meet swam a great meet and showed that their hard work in practice has been paying off.

Bee Cave: Evan Margiotta & Luke Barney – This last week Evan really began stepping up his training, the work he has done on his neutral head position, plus improvements to streamline, and showing more patience on his pullouts really showed this weekend at UT with an 18 second time drop in the 200 breaststroke. Evan is always quiet in practice but lately you will find him leading his lane, setting a great example of how focus and dedication translate to time drops, smiles, and high fives all around! It never stops to amaze me, hard work, hard work, and hard work! Luke has struggled, Luke has been frustrated, but he is always there trying again and again, he listens to the coaches pointers, jumps back in and tries again, sometimes stopping him in the middle of a swim to make a correction becomes a chore for the coach and that is a focus I really admire! When I talked to coach Todd at UT and heard him talk about the swim of Friday night being Luke’s 500 free at a 5:54 it sure put a smile on my face.