Registration Now Open for 2011-2012 Short Course Season

Directions for securing a spot on Nitro’s USA Team for the 2011-2012
Short Course Season
Please read the information below carefully to understand the way short course registration
will be handled.
If you …

1. Are currently swimming with Nitro’s USA team…
1.1. Coaches will have communicated by July 26 to all swimmers who are changing groups
1.2. E-mail your top three choices for practice times to (for the Bee Cave
location), or (for the Cedar Park location). Please make sure to send
your email as soon as you know which group your swimmer is assigned to for short course
season. The sooner your email is received, the greater your chance of obtaining the practice
time you desire. Coaches should have this information communicated by July 26.
1.3. Schedules may be found here.
1.4. Annual registration fees (team and USA Swimming) will be auto billed to your card on file on
September 1 along with September tuition.
2. Have been registered with Nitro’s USA team in the past and are currently USA registered…
2.1. You may go online August 10 to register for the team.
2.2. This group my start practice on Monday, August 22.
2.3. Online registration will charge USA Swimming registration fee, team registration fee, and a full
month of tuition.
2.4. A pro-rated credit will be issued for all swimmers starting practice on August 22.
3. You are brand new to Nitro’s USA team, or if you have been registered previously but are not
currently USA registered…
3.1. you may go online and register August 15.
3.2. This group may start practice on Thursday, September 1.
3.3. Please note, if you are brand new to USA Swimming you must submit a copy of your birth
certificate or passport. This document must be received BEFORE you may attend a practice.
Documents may be emailed to for the Bee Cave location, and to for the Cedar Park location.