Nitro Swimmers of the Week for September 4–10, 2017

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park: Isabella Chambers and Alison Nelson-Cook

Intro kicked off the new season with a whole lot of new swimmers learning the ropes. We focused on different types of kicking and streamlines, and both new and old swimmers showed great skill. Isabella is brand-new to Intro but volunteered to demonstrate on her very first day. Her streamlines and underwater dolphin kicks were awesome! Allie wasn’t feeling too hot this week, but she toughed it out at practice and demonstrated tall confident backstroke arms for the group. Both of these girls deserve a shout-out for their positive attitudes, and I’m looking forward to watching their progress. Keep it up, ladies! —Coach Lindsay

Bee Cave: Ankush Sudhakar

Ankush is small but mighty! This kiddo’s smile radiates, and he has a positive hard-working attitude to go along with it! Ankush joined in March of this year and has shown tremendous improvements over the course of six months. His underwater streamline push-offs get a little stronger and further each week. He might be small, but he uses every bit of this height to have a tall bodyline. This week I was very much impressed with Ankush’s freestyle kicking a low breathing during our freestyle drills. Thanks for working hard each and every week Ankush! Keep it up! —Coach Raven



Cedar Park: Dominic Miller

Dominic has been a shining star since joining the Bronze group. He is ready for any challenge that I throw at him, whether that means some tough 50’s or an underwater test. Last week, Dominic did an excellent job learning intervals, paying attention to the clock and helping his teammates know when to leave. He is also a very supportive teammate to the other kids in his group. Keep it up Dominic! —Coach Adam

Bee Cave: Harmony Morgan

I am very impressed with the length of stroke that Harmony carries in practice. This week working on breaststroke she held the perfect head position while maintaining a very tall body line resulting in a stroke around ten. The group has not worked on pullouts yet she did very well clearing the flags and it was all set up by the tight core streamlines and how she holds her heels together. Patience in her glide is the other factor that gives her great distance with every stroke. I’m looking forward to see how Harmony races in these tall strokes! Great Job Young Lady! —Coach Chuck


Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park: George Isaiah Castillo

Isaiah recently moved to TF from Intro, so he is doing a whole lot more kicking than his legs are used to! Despite the coaches’ best efforts to wear him out, I have never heard him complain about being tired or it being too hard…he just keeps on going—an awesome thing to see, and a very much-appreciated attitude. He showed off a smooth freestyle stroke this week as well. Nice work, Isaiah–keep it up! —Coach Lindsay

Bee Cave: Ella Plante

Ella has really stepped up her game lately! After working on her freestyle all summer, Ella zooms down the pool effortlessly with the lowest stroke-count around town. High elbows, good head position, and a steady rhythm – she honestly looks like Katie Ledecky in the water! Apart from her new and improved stroke, Ella has the best attitude. Always wanting to work hard, never taking any shortcuts, and swimming fast, Ella has shown she’s a force to be reckoned with. I’m proud to have another leader like Ella stepping up in TF. —Coach Jonny



Cedar Park: Andre Wood

Andre has been stepping up his game this week. Every set he tackled he gave it his all, and has been making sure that the little things (i.e. streamlines off the wall, under waters) were on point. Andre is a talented, young man who balances a lot of other sports and hobbies on his plate, and I’m happy to have him at Nitro. Andre, I’m proud of your hard work. Keep it up! —Coach Claire

Bee Cave: Katherine Cui

Katherine may be little right now, but her underwaters are MIGHTY! … As is her presence in Silver. You’d be hard pressed to catch Katherine off her game – she does a lot of things right, and when it comes to turns and underwater dolphin kicks, she is as consistent as a metronome. Which is why during the last practice of the week, she really shined. The focus was achieving a certain amount of kicks off a turn (no easy feat), and as a group, we were having a little trouble getting there. Some began to doubt if it was even possible! So Katherine jumped in lane 2, swam in, flipped, pushed off with a perfect streamline, and gave 8 BIG kicks off the wall. The very next swim, the rest of the group responded – 8 Kicks. Just one example of how she raises the level of the entire group. Now beyond her presence in the water, Katherine is always full of smiles and positivity, is eager to work and learn, and willing to listen and make changes. Couldn’t ask for more. I wish I had a million Katherines, but I won’t get greedy. I’ll gladly settle for this one. Great work as always Miss Katherine! Keep it up! —Coach Nick


Advanced Silver

Bee Cave: Caroline Grant
Caroline has come into our group with a hard working and hungry for success approach. During the start of the season, we have targeted the bodyline position and hip connection in freestyle & backstroke with just a touch on butterfly daily. Her cross connection on the long axis strokes is improving dramatically, but it is her focus on the small butterfly cues that has truly developed very well due to her excellent focus. What proof of an excellent listener! I am excited for her improvements this season. Congrats to Caroline! —Coach Paige


Gold I & II

CP Gold I: Akriti Mandal

It seemed not too long ago that Akriti was in my Bronze group, and now here she is in Gold! She is still the same hard worker, but a lot stronger. Akriti may not get everything the first time, but she makes sure to ask so that she better understands. She has been pushing herself a lot on her underwaters, and had a great week of butterfly last week. She also has a very positive attitude to all things swimming. Way to go Akriti! —Coach Adam

CP Gold II: Lyla Lusk

Lyla is somewhat new to the group, but she’s already making huge waves in Gold II.  We worked on butterfly last week and Lyla did an outstanding job finding her timing and putting her breath in a tougher, but much faster place in her stroke.  She also isn’t afraid to race, as she was one of the top three kickers in the group on our challenge sets last week.  Way to go, Lyla! —Coach Alex

Bee Cave: Cheenu Pandey

Man Cheenu, you are one heck of a swimmer. Your strokes are crazy, but you move water better than many of the swimmers I’ve worked with. Your endurance is top knot notch, but what I love more than anything is your willingness to be in any lane, with any of your team mates, and you get along with them all. Continue to be you, work hard, and love swimming and great things will continue to come. —Coach Allison