Nitro Swimmers of the Week for September 18–24, 2017

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park: Caton Bao and Jax Holland

This week we did butterfly and lots and lots of body waves! Caton and Jax were two of our best body wavers. They both kept their legs together, chest and hips pressed with hands on top of the water and a quick breath and their eyes back down. I was impressed by their rhythm and how their kick wasn’t interrupted on their breath! Both of these guys are continually engaged at practice and were excellent examples for the group. Way to go boys, thanks for being awesome swimmers and kids! —Coach Lindsay

Bee Cave: Ashaiz Maredia

Woohoo! It has been such a delight having Ashaiz join Intro. He has really made strides these past three weeks especially with streamline. Learning how to properly push off the walls is no easy task. The kiddos have to understand how to sink themselves under the water, form a streamline, and then push off the wall with both feet. Ashaiz stood out working hard to master this skill on his stomach and back. Keep up the hard work and you’ll progress quickly in Intro. Way to go Ashaiz! —Coach Raven



Cedar Park: Micah Kindy

Micah earned swimmer of the week for his performances at the last two swim meets. First, a couple of weekends ago, Micah got his competitive drive going at the Nitro at the Races, trying out some of the longer events while still having a lot of fun. Then, this past weekend, Micah stepped up in a big way, swimming at the AQTX meet. Even with the added pressure of officials watching his turns and strokes, Micah swam every race phenomenally. Keep it up Micah, so proud of you!  —Coach Adam

Bee Cave: Vivienne Howell

Try to remember the first time you swam a new event, how nervous you were, how scary it was waiting behind the blocks as heat after heat would climb up on the block and be gone, closer and closer it’s almost your turn and you keep going over in your mind all the things that you have learned. Now you imagine all the things that could go wrong and it’s just as many things as you have learned, now your even more nervous! No more time to think, it’s your turn, you climb up on the block, your heart is racing your stomach has the biggest butterflies, you take your mark and the horn sounds! Remember the quiet of the water, then the sound of cheers, but you don’t have time to notice, race, race, race, and then it’s over! You wait to climb out as the horn sounds again, you did it! First ever 50 fly and everything went right, smiles and high fives! Remember when you were six! Vivi just swam her fist 50 butterfly, arm recovery was great, kick was strong all the way, tempo was good, head position with well timed breath, turn and finish exactly as planned! Vivi swam her race just as she does at every practice good focus and good intensity. Great Job Young Lady! —Coach Chuck


Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park: Gottfried Brux

As we worked on backstroke Gottfried demonstrated a good bodyline in the water as well as great hand positioning. Backstroke is all about the ready position and push-off as well, which he has picked up really quickly. Way to Gottfriend! Keep up the hard work. —Coach Claire

Bee Cave: Naomi Dobson

Naomi just joined TF and is already making a big splash! All pun intended. Her breaststroke astounds me! Her work ethic and attitude are so positive all the time. She’s a delight to have in practice and her teammates are just as lucky! I see big things in this young lady’s future, in and out of the pool. —Coach Jonny



Cedar Park: Sophia Carey

Although all of my girls really shined this week, Sophia stepped up her game especially this weekend at the meet. She had a few days this week battling a pretty bad cold, but that didn’t stop her from participating in the Round Rock meet and trying her hardest during every single race. As a result she came away with a few new time cuts and several time drops. I am so proud of the way she constantly pushes herself even when she’s not at 100%. Congratulations, Sophia. You’re a rock star! —Coach Claire

Bee Cave: Katie Craighead

Katie is relatively new to Silver, but it seems she hasn’t missed a beat. Every day, I notice her getting better at something. Whatever it may be, she’s ALL IN – She’s focused, she’s pushing herself, she’s locked in and ready to go. I know I should start getting used to it, but just when I think I’ve got it all figured out, she goes and surprises me again. She did yet again this weekend, stepping up to the blocks, and swimming her first 200 IM at a sanctioned meet. Not only did she power through this grueling race, a race that pushed her to the very edge of her comfort zone, but she showed up the next day, and closed out the meet with two more BIG breaststroke swims. Just couldn’t ask more of a swimmer. Nitro is lucky to have a such a positive force that is Katie, and I’m especially lucky to be able to coach her. Keep on fighting, and keep and smiling Katie! And let me know what happens on the facts of life! —Coach Nick


Advanced Silver

Bee Cave: Ava Katacic
Ava’s freestyle technique is beautiful and is excelling in her training on the main sets. Seeing her race this weekend, I also realize she has really turned into quite a competitor as well. I also see several B and BB times in her future! Way to go Ava. —Coach Paige


Gold I & II

CP Gold I: Mariana Castellanos-Lopez 

Wow, Marianna had herself quite the busy weekend. Not only did she swim at the AQTX meet all 3 days, she also went down to Bee Cave on Saturday to swim in the Red vs. Black meet. Through this long weekend, Mariana achieved many best times, but there were 2 races that stood out. First, her 50 free, where she got so close to an A time, and her 50 back, where she then got her first ever A time!  Both races she was aggressive, had beautiful turns, and actually pulled ahead in her underwaters. Way to go Mariana!—Coach Adam

CP Gold II: Ian Redmond

Ian isn’t just a fast swimmer – he’s also one of the best teammates you could ever ask for.  Ian raced hard on Saturday and what really made him stand out is how he helped his teammates.  At one point, a TAGS II swimmer was preparing to swim in the next heat when her goggles snapped.  She was ready to go in blind, but Ian (who was going to swim just a few heats later) offered her his goggles.  Not only did Ian improve tremendously on all three of his events, but he helped his teammates improve as well.  Nice work, Mr. Redmond! —Coach Alex

Bee Cave: Nina Velacheri

Nina’s leadership is amazing. She might not know it yet, but she leads by example everyday. The smile on her face says it all, and this past weekend after each race she was so mature in thinking about each race and figuring out what she did well and how she could get better. I love coaching kiddos like Nina- keep it up girlfrand! —Coach Allison