Nitro Swimmers of the Week for October 30–November 5, 2017

Intro to Nitro


Cedar Park: Rex Hauenstein and Adelyne Pham

These two both did some great kicking this week as Intro worked on breaststroke. Rex had a rough time when we did breaststroke a few weeks ago and was not happy to be doing that stroke. This time around, he had zero complaints about the stroke. His breaststroke kicks looked awesome with flexed feet and no flutter kicks. More than that, I absolutely loved seeing his positive attitude! Adelyne’s swimming has been looking impressive all around. Her breaststroke kick was no different this week. Those legs really had some power on our freestyle kick sets too! Adelyne is always listening, ready to learn and swim, and she’s even made sure to give me a pointer for quieting the group down (the timeout ‘T’). Thanks Adelyne and nice job to T-Rex as well! Keep it up, you two! —Coach Lindsay


Bee Cave: Marcus Fong and Sophie Geng

Whew can Marcus kick! This kiddos makes freestyle kicking look effortless. Working on butterfly this week, Marcus demonstrated great rhythm during our “kick-breathe, kick-reach” drill. In addition, he worked hard on a straight, long arm recovery. Sophie also demonstrated straight arms with a powerful butterfly kick. Wowzer can this girlie streamline! She looks about six feet long underwater in streamline. Both Marcus and Sophie have made great progress in Intro and continue give 100% each practice. Way to go you two! Keep it up! —Coach Raven


Technique and Fitness


Cedar Park: Viara Doichev

What always impresses the coaches about Viara is that she is always on time, prepared, and is ready to learn no matter what the technical focus for that day. It is exciting to see her then implement the focus, whether is streamlines or ready position or something else, into her weekly practice habits and see the success produced in the water. As she continues to refine her strokes and learn about our sport using those life skills – there are very few limitations for Viara! Great Job! —Coach Paige


Bee Cave: Karthik Darisi

Karthik broke through this week! What an incredible display of improvement packed into one week. I saw underwaters from this dude that blew me away. Even though he just started swimming six months ago, my man, Karthik, graduated the Nitro swim school and now sometimes leads a lane in TF. Fast and fearless, I expect big things from him and his future in our wonderful sport. Remember this name! Karthik’s going places!  —Coach Jonny




Cedar Park: Ayushi Sharma

Ayushi has been on fire in the pool. She hasn’t been in the group too long, but she has definitely left her mark. I can always count on her to go fast when asked, or slow it down to focus on some little things. Last week, she had an outstanding week of breaststroke work, nailing her pullouts time after time and demonstrating an awesome body line. Way to go Ayushi!  —Coach Adam


Bee Cave: Yiming Peng
This has been a great week for Yiming, I call on him quite often because on his tall body line, his focus on underwaters, and how he is always working to improve. His kick and balance are key parts to how Yiming is progressing. His streamline and underwaters are making the pool shorter, swim faster by swimming less, one of my Bronze Swimmers who has the lowest stroke counts on all four strokes. Watch how this young man will grow when we move him to Silver. Great Job Yiming! —Coach Chuck




Cedar Park: Trinity Storms

This young lady is always very positive at practice, giving 100% to every set. I like to see how she is encouraging to others to do the same. Trinity’s butterfly from is also quickly becoming one of the strongest in the group as well as a great example. Look out! Trinity is taking off! —Coach Paige


Bee Cave: Hannah Fellers

As I turned around to greet silver 2, I noticed an inspiring quote had snuck upon my white board. It simply read:


Embrace The Struggle

-Hannah Fellers.


Although we can debate the origins of this quote, I think it was a good addition to the board, and this page. First, we  must understand that resilience is the effect of relentlessness. Second,  strength is a result that comes from growth – which nine times out of ten, comes from struggle. In this sense, challenges and struggles, are vehicles for growth. Hannah not only exemplifies this, but embodies and gives life to it. To know this, you have to know that Hannah is one for particulars. Whether it’s getting the wording of a particular quote correct, or doing a drill right, you can always count on her giving it her total attention. Further, when she knows she needs a little extra work on something, you can count on her coming over and asking for the help. She WANTS to get better, and isn’t afraid to put herself out there, and do a little more. From that relentless and focused effort, it’s clear that every single day – she is progressing and getting better. If that isn’t enough, Thursdays practice ended as always with a cheer, but this time, per her request (closer to a demand), the entire group learned “Don’t Mess”, a Nitro Staple at swim meets. Although we may have missed a few words, it was a good moment for Silver! Just a great attitude to be around, and the entire team is better for it. Although she is not yet the biggest, it’s clear that her spirit is MIGHTY! As she would tell you, “there is a difference between not knowing, and not knowing YET”. So no matter the subject, it comes down to not where you are, but where you want to go, and what you’re willing to put in to get there. For a small lady, wise beyond her years (and possibly possessing some philosopher king/queen parents), I can only expect bigger and better things. So I’ll end with –


Don’t mess. Don’t mess. Don’t mess with the best cuz the best don’t mess. Don’t fool. Don’t fool. Don’t fool with the cool, cuz the cool don’t fool. Beat em bust em that’s our custom goooooooooOOOOOOO HANNAH! —Coach Nick


Advanced Silver


Bee Cave: Michelle Fong

Michelle Fong rocked the ST TXLA 10 & Under Kick-Off. Each race she stepped up to deliver some fast racing and an even bigger smile after each massive time drop. She was on fire! Her quiet diligence is paying off; it is also rubbing off on her teammates, whose lane is always better for her being there! Keep grinding, Michelle!
 —Coach Bobby


Gold I & II


CP Gold I: Tamara Rhodes 

Tamara earned swimmer of the week for two reasons. First, her awesome performance at the TXLA meet. Each time she hit the water, I saw speed and power, leading her to many time improvements. The other reason Tamara earned SOW was for her courage in attempting new skills in practice. Normally a little shy in trying newer things, I can see her starting to get past that. Keep it up Tamara! —Coach Adam


CP Gold II: Meredith Wolfe
Meredith is a great and well-rounded swimmer, but where she really stands out is in dryland.  Sometimes it’s easy to get distracted and lose count of repetitions, but not for Meredith.  She makes every rep the best she can and has a blast doing it.  It’s really neat to see a kiddo take so much pride in performing as a young professional.  Keep killing it every day, MereWolfe! —Coach Alex


Bee Cave: Gabby Fowler
Gabby is a racer! Each meet we attend, I am amazed at her competitive spirit and her overall ability to step on the blocks and race so well. Gabby always is willing to listen and continue to improve. Coaches love that! She has been incredibly dedicated to coming to practice and each time a correction is given to her, I see a sincere effort to work toward it. This past weekend I was able to see the dedication Gabby has given to her swimming over the past month or so, and I am excited to continue to help her improve and work on her strokes weekly! —Coach Allison