Nitro Swimmers of the Week for March 5–11, 2018

Intro to Nitro


Cedar Park: Jake O’Banion and Dayla Turner
We had a great week of freestyle, which made Swimmer of the Week a very tough decision. In the end, there were two standouts: Jake and Dayla. Jake is one of the younger swimmers, having joined Intro when he was just 5. He is so excited about life that sometimes it’s hard to coordinate everything in the water, but this week the coaches saw it all click. Jake demonstrated a perfect catch-up freestyle: steady kicks, great head position and fast breath. He was always ready with an answer to every question. I love the enthusiasm he brings every week! Dayla has had a couple of injuries, most recently being out a few weeks with a concussion, but she was back in the pool this week like she hadn’t even left. She jumped in without skipping a beat, she remembered catch-up drill, and without needing an explanation, she executed it with everything the coaches were looking for. Her enthusiasm for swimming is just as obvious, and she has picked up on so much since starting Intro! Congratulations, Jake and Dayla…this is well-deserved by both of y’all! —Coach Lindsay


Bee Cave: Pamala Tobias Soto
This past week Intro worked on butterfly particularly the rhythm and tall arms. Pamala crushed this week’s focus! She did a great job keeping her legs together to demonstrate a strong butterfly kick. In addition, she developed a good understanding of the kick-reach, kick-breath rhythm of the stroke. Pamala continues to stand out each week. While she’s not as outspoken as many of the kiddos in her group, her swimming speaks volume. Pamala had a breakthrough this week with her bodyline. She learned how to stay tall through the stroke in the front and with the recovery phase. Congrats on your accomplishments and progress Pamala! Keep it up young lady! —Coach Raven


Technique and Fitness


Cedar Park: Kelly Liu and Nitin Murphy
Awesome job last week working on your timed 100 yard  Individual Medley. Kelly had a time of 1:24.09 and Nitin at 1:48.60. Both under 1:50.00 and with all legal turns and no disqualifications. Great to see your progress in the pool. Thanks for being a part of the Nitro family and we’ll see you at the pool. —Coach Stephen


Bee Cave: Zaharah Ahmed
Zaharah crushed challenge week! I’ve never seen such an incredible breakthrough in one week for a swimmer who only comes once a week. It’s unprecedented! I’m so proud of Zaharah and her ability to overcome obstacles to end up leading her lane by the end of our 50’s set. It seemed like each 50 she got faster and faster! Zaharah is making waves 🙂 —Coach Jonny




Cedar Park: Christopher Holtz
Wow! What an amazing week for Chris! We have been working on dives all week and at the first of the week this thought terrified Chris. He does not like dives, but by the end of the week his opinion changed dramatically when he exclaimed to me that he wanted me to show his dad the video I took of him sliding into the water HANDS FIRST, like a pro! He has always asked me if he could dive from the side and I reluctantly would allow this the first couple of dives for him to build his confidence. Then I would persuade and challenge him to just try, which he always did. Then, the last dive of the week I decided to video him to show him after practice and we could discuss what he could do to help improve his dive, but then to my surprise he DID IT. What a stroke of luck to have gotten that fist pump on video! He popped up and knew he succeeded in something he has been so persistent at. What a win for him this week! Congratulations, Chris! Thank you for always trying! —Coach Makaylee


Bee Cave: Paige Helm
I cannot recall in 37 years a Swimmer who has more fun in a swim practice than Paige, she always has a smile, quick with a laugh, love it when you make it harder, never shy about a challenge, she looks forward to them and on more than one occasion has asked if we could do a timed swim, and it always seems to be something longer. This week she made some really good corrections in her length, it involved dropping her head down to improve her bodyline, but this was a new change that she found on her own! This is huge Great Job Young Lady! I can’t wait to see you race this taller stroke. —Coach Chuck




Cedar Park: Aiden Paiz and Alexa Simmons
These two swimmers have surely stepped up their game in the last month! After several months of consistent effort on rhythm and breath timing, all the pieces came together for both of them on Butterfly and it has built their confidence in a stunning way and is carried over to your other strokes.  I love watching you both now “effortlessly” swim across the pool. Aiden and Alexa, with your dramatically improved Butterfly along with your great attitudes and smiles daily – you have earned the titles the week for sure! Keep up the great work —Coach Paige


Bee Cave: Shaun Woertink
When it comes to stories, we tend to love the ones full of drama, where a hero is put through the ringer, and then against all odds, comes through in the end.  Many of our lives contain no archetypal dragons waiting in deep dark dungeons, or high speed chases, yet our struggles can test us, and push us to our very limits. When I look at individuals that have not only been challenged, but overcome, I can think of no one greater than Shaun Woertink. It seems every month or so, some new challenge is thrust upon him… And each time, he comes back, even stronger than before. I really can’t capture what this young man brings to the table, but I’ll do my best. First off, he is pure Fight. He shows up, everyday, rain or shine, and brings his best. Hard worker. Consistent. Good hearted. Kind of a goofball. Just a great teammate. This week Shaun was really locked in – reading the intervals and leaving on time, helping others out, pushing himself, yet also making sure his technique was spot on. He even talked his way into getting his group to play a rock paper scissors relay, when they were supposed to do a test set! (If nothing else, he might have a career in politics! I’d vote for him. Sean 2020!).. All that said, the key here, is his ability to influence others, by simply being himself. Just being around him, makes you reach deep down, and want to push, just a little bit harder. Some people have a strong spirit. Shaun, is Strength. You can bend him. You can twist him. But you can’t break him. Because, it’s who he is… He might not be the tallest, but even for an 11 year old, he stands much taller than many people I have ever met. Perhaps it’s because of our secret handshake, which is where we… … wait a minute… … nice try! I’ll never tell!  

Great Job Shaun. Keep on Fighting! —Coach Nick


Advanced Silver


Bee Cave: Bryce Kar
Bryce has been putting in some SERIOUS work lately. His dedication to the little things coupled with his immense work ethic is beginning to pay off as heads into his second full season as a year-round swimmer. He makes everyone around him better and does not back off when he sees the pain train coming. Keep grinding, Bryce. —Coach Bobby


Gold I & II


CP Gold I: Katherine Vortuba
Even though it is a down time in the swimming season, I am still looking for the athletes to give their best efforts into some of the different things we are doing. Katherine has been on top of her game, and our games, all week. In terms of swimming, she has gotten better at her underwaters and her sculling. In our games, Katherine may be quiet, but she can be deadly! Great effort in four square and the ticking time bomb game. Way to go Katherine! —Coach Adam


CP Gold II: Angela Fu
Angela has been rocking it in the water lately.  She’s learning how to push herself even when she gets tired and it’s already paying off.  It’s a great sign when a kiddo starts to be comfortable being uncomfortable on hard sets.  I’m really looking forward to this coming LCM season, as it’s surely going to be a breakout season for Angela! —Coach Alex


Bee Cave: Travis Zinzer
Travis has been working his tail off recently in Gold group. Since moving into Gold he has been challenged by the intervals, sets, and has shown what a great kicker he is. I have enjoyed watching him go outside of his comfort zone and show the coaches that he is ready for the next challenge. While every swimmer has their own quirks to their strokes, Travis is great at listening to the coaches correction and making the change the best he can. Keep working hard and making changes, and great things will come! —Coach Allison