Nitro Swimmers of the Week for June 19–25, 2017

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park: Mokshitha Kokku and Chloe Doklovic

This week we worked on breaststroke and did a lot of breaststroke kick. Chloe had a great glide and did an excellent job of not letting her feet flutter when she took her breath. Mokshi had a little bit of trouble with her arms and timing, but after some correction she repeatedly checked to make sure she was doing the right thing and nailed down the timing by the end. Nice job, girls! —Coach Lindsay

Bee Cave: Brandon Carter

This week’s swimmer of the week has been blowing me out of the water! Brandon has really been progressing quickly these last several months. Week to week he wants to know what to do to improve and shows up to practice enthusiastic to swim and learn. He has turned into one of my strongest flutter kickers. This past week Brandon focused on butterfly staying long with his butterfly kick and keeping his arms straight out of the water—“karate-chop and airplane arms”. Way to go Brandon! Keep up the great work! —Coach Raven



Cedar Park: Piper Gomez

Piper has come a long way in her time with Bronze. Not only have her strokes improve greatly, she has become a more confident swimmer. Piper leads her lane daily, knows the intervals, and I can always count on her doing drills correctly. Last week, Piper showed off her butterfly, feeling the chest press leading into a great body wave. I’ve also been very impressed with Pipers diving, a skill that scared her a first, but now she makes it look easy. Awesome job Piper! —Coach Adam

Bee Cave: Uma Bhadra

Uma Bhadra – This last week was butterfly week and it is so great to see the timing of so many Bronze Kiddos becoming so smooth and patient. One great standout though in Uma, she has become the picture of how to recover your arms in this stroke. Pinky forward, thumbs back, a low straight and quick arm swing, never letting your chin rise up out of the water! She is really putting in an effort to becoming a great butterflyer, the only thing left to do is bring that stroke to a Nitro meet and make some of the other coaches take notice. Great job young lady time to race your butterfly! —Coach Chuck


Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park:

The Technique and Fitness Cedar Park swimmers of the week are Olivia Bomba and Gavin Durham.  AWESOME work this past week on your BREASTSTROKE PULLOUTS! Being in the water I could really see your technique with your head to toe body position.  Great long streamlines and timing on the glide, pull and kick. Keeping the head down and the feet together after the FLY and BREASTSTROKE kick. Paying a lot of attention to your timing on each part of the pullout.  So much fun to observe you underwater or as we refer to as “Beneath the depths of the liquid”. Great job you two thanks for being a part of the Nitro family and we’ll see you at the pool. —Coach Stephen

Bee Cave: Alexander Song

Alexander had an exceptional practice this week. He quickly grasped the “bottom arm breakouts,” and never looked back! What impressed me most about Alex’s practice, though, was his ability to maintain an incredible streamline distance. Most will come up too early out of their streamlines because of their preoccupation with this concept. Not Alex! He streamlined halfway down the pool every time, and still managed to breakout with the correct arm. Unbelievable! —Coach Jonny



Cedar Park: David Yeo

Lately David has been showing significant strides in his stroke during practice. Everyday he comes in ready to work and has become a natural lane leader. He has been working really hard to hit his streamlines and under waters off of every single wall. And when ever a challenge set is presented, David gives it 100%. I’m really proud to see you taking such ownership of your strokes and trying to improve everyday. Way to go, David! —Coach Claire

Bee Cave: Aaryan Sharma

Aaryan really impressed me this week with the breaststroke work we did. We mainly focused on the upper half of our body, pushing our back out of the water, seeing your hands when you take a breath, “wearing a neck brace,” leading with your chest, etc. Aaryan excelled in all of these concepts and drills, which in turn led to a great looking breaststroke. He always puts forth great effort every time he comes to practice, and it was about time for me to recognize that. Excellent work, Aaryan! —Coach Peter


Advanced Silver

Bee Cave: Topher Meeks
Topher comes to practice every day with a great attitude and eager to learn. What has really impressed me recently is his increase in maturity since moving into Advanced Silver. He is helpful to other swimmers and a good listener, all while being excited about what he is learning! Recently, he has also dropped a lot of time in his breaststroke events and I look for many more successes from this young man, in and out of the pool. —Coach Paige


Gold I & II

CP Gold I: Katie Zografos

At the beginning of the season, Katie and I talked about goals for the summer, and A times were a big part of that. Well, after another outstanding meet in San Antonio, Katie is now the proud owner of six A times! Katie has been working her tail off, pushing herself even when she doesn’t have the energy. She has also made a lot of minor corrections to her strokes that have gone a long way to her success. Way to go Katie! —Coach Adam

CP Gold II: Amy Park

Amy Park has been on fire this season!  She attended the TXLA meet this weekend and swam absolutely wonderfully.  The meet was small and fast, so several events were rapid fire.  Amy swam her 50 back, made her first AAAA cut, got back behind the blocks, and swam another TAGS cut in her 100 fly just two minutes later.  I can’t begin to tell you how impressed I am, Amy! —Coach Alex

Bee Cave: Hannah Seal

Hannah has moved to Gold group within the past month or so, but man oh man has she shown us what champions are made of. I believe one of her teammates even joked, “WOW, does she drink coffee before practice, she’s on fire!” I love her no limits attitude and her ability to push past the pain of a hard workout. This weekend it showed, as she was one of our most determined competitors down in San Antonio. 4 out of 5 best times as well, dropping over a minute and thirty seconds in her 400 Free! —Coach Allison