Nitro Swimmers of the Week for January 16–22, 2017

Intro to Nitro

 Cedar Park: Zarif Aziz

When Zarif comes to practice he is always ready to go fast and race his teammates. This weekend Intro played a fun red light/green light kicking game and Zarif rocked it. He went from really fast to stopping to slow kicking all with a smile. Intro also worked on some breaststroke and he did a fantastic job of keeping his feet flexed during his breaststroke kick. Great work this week Zarif, keep it up!  —Coach Hannah

 Bee Cave: Luke Schaefer

Wow! Luke really showed improvement this week! Intro focused on backstroke this week including underwaters. Luke always comes to practice excited to swim, and this week he really put that energy into his swimming. He made huge improvements on his underwaters pushing off strong and in a tight streamline. He went from breaking out before the flags to breaking out at the “fruit loops”. Demonstrating for the group, he held a tall bodyline throughout the rest of his backstroke. Way to go, Luke! I’m very proud of your effort and growth! —Coach Raven



 Cedar Park: Sammi Hunninghuke

A few weeks ago at the Nitro meet, Sammi had a beautiful 50 backstroke where she was smooth and fast. There was just one problem…she wasn’t confident in her backstroke flipturns. This week, though, Sammi made them look easy, as she nailed them time and time again. Way to go Sammi! —Coach Adam

 Bee Cave: Cody Malone

The growth Cody is experiencing in the pool is the direct result of how confident he has become with his breaststroke, this month he has focused on the length of his pullout, stretching tall he now waits for his kick to finish, his head is low and inline with his body, not uncommon to see only seven or eight strokes per length. The best part is with this patient breakthrough in breaststroke it has affected all of his other strokes! Cody has turned a big corner here, he now knows that a clean tall powerful stroke suits him better for all of the longer races, sure he can still turn it over when he needs too but now is learning when to bring the heat! Great job young man! —Coach Chuck


Technique and Fitness

 Cedar Park: Nikki Harkare and Chimnay Murphy

Both swimmers really excelled in the pool this past week. We worked on our butterfly to backstroke turns and the underwater streamlines looked awesome!  You guys covered great distance underwater with really efficient streamlines. Both of you have been swimming with Nitro for some time and the time in the pool is really reflected in your performance.  Great job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool.  —Coach Stephen

 Bee Cave: Andreas Buhl

When I first started coaching Andreas, I noticed he was easily distracted. However, during the past month or so, I’ve noticed a new Andreas on the pool deck! He tries his best to listen carefully, he no longer talks while I’m talking, and he makes all the necessary adjustments asked of him. This past week he said something I will never forget. Unfortunately, he was swimming backstroke on a lap we were supposed to be swimming freestyle. When I asked him why he was doing so, he responded, “Because I wasn’t paying attention.” Never have I received such respect and honesty from a young man before. I was very proud of his maturity to be honest instead of making excuses. I want to be more like Andreas. What an outstanding person he’s becoming. —Coach Jonny



 Cedar Park: Norah Harkin

Norah did a fantastic job this week on her breast stroke. She does a nice job keeping her kick narrow and her head down into and after the pull. Also this past weekend she competed in the 50 and 100 back dropping time in both events. She has great technique and tries to focus on the things that she can control during her swims (e.g. good streamline off the walls, under waters, and fast turns). Way to go, Norah! Keep working hard. —Coach Claire

 Bee Cave: Isabel Liu

Isabel just joined the Silver group this week, and she did a great job! Our focus this week was our underwaters for every stroke and maintaining those underwaters even when we are tired. Isabel did an excellent job getting in her minimum amount of dolphin kicks on freestyle, backstroke, and butterfly as well as doing her triple, double, and single breaststroke pullouts. It was an impressive first week for Isabel, and I’m excited to see that continue! —Coach Peter


Advanced Silver

 Bee Cave: Cory Chang

This young man is shining! His dive and breakout series has improved in the past month tremendously. Cory has also worked toward being a lane leader and is now stepping in to his role nicely. Bright things ahead for Cory!   —Coach Paige


Gold I & II

 CP Gold I: Helen Singletary

Helen earned the title of swimmer of the week with a great showing at the TXLA meet this past weekend. 2 races stood out to me; her 200 back and 200 breast. She swam these two races quite literally back to back, which definitely isn’t easy. Helen crushed it, as she went best times in both the events, as well as many others over the weekend. Way to go Helen! —Coach Adam

 CP Gold II: Victoria Vujosevic

Victoria participated in the TXLA meet over the weekend and swam absolutely lights-out.  She did an excellent job carrying herself as an athlete both in the water and behind the blocks.  Victoria is one of the hardest workers at Nitro and it’s great to see her hard work pay off.  I can’t wait to see what you will do at BB Champs, V! —Coach Alex


Bee Cave: Gabriella Gomez

Gabriella, as I sat on deck today and chit chat with you before the meet started, I caught myself taking a step back and smiling with how happy of a kiddo you are, and all the joy you bring to your friends each day. I have so much fun being your coach. Each week swimmer of the week is given for different reasons, but this week, I want to point out that Gabriella was chosen for her positivity and contagious energy. Keep Sparkling and Shining pretty girl! —Coach Allison