Nitro Swimmers of the Week for January 15–21, 2018

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park: Pranav Anil and Connor Mckenzie
This week we have an Intro veteran and newcomer. Pranav has been around a while and has mastered many Intro concepts. This week during backstroke, he demonstrated an underwater push-off. Pushing off underwater on your back in a streamline is hard enough, but adding dolphin kicks takes it to a whole new level. Pranav went way over the 5 body waves I asked and did 7 or 8! He keeps things entertaining at practice and I love the attitude he brings every week.
Connor is new to Intro and his first practice was the first time he’d used fins and a kickboard. He has made big strides with both those pieces of equipment. Not only that, but this week he had a great streamline, nice tall arms on backstroke drill and made every correction I asked of him. Connor, you’re getting better every week! Nice job to both of you guys! —Coach Lindsay

Bee Cave: Bennett Kirbo and Emilie Deaton
Intro swimmers never cease to amaze me with how quickly they pick-up on new skills. The last two weeks we have really focused on using the clock and tuning up freestyle. Bennett and Emilie really embraced leadership this week when it came to reading the pace clock. Bennett never misses an opportunity to show off his phenomenal streamlines. The consistency of his push-offs is impressive. This week he also took the time to focus on a low breath keeping one goggle in the water. Wow, that’s a quick low breath! Emilie is no stranger to using the pace clock, so she was an immediate leader. This young lady is always the first to want to demonstrate; she’s always the first to raise her hand in eagerness to be the first to try a new skill. If I don’t ask for a demonstrated, she’s still the first one to ask. Her enthusiasm is unmatchable. Thank you both for all the excitement and hard work you bring to the pool deck. Keep it up Bennett and Emilie! —Coach Raven


Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park: Mohit Sanchaniya
ALWAYS  a positive attitude. ALWAYS  wanting to demonstrate for the group. ALWAYS laughing at my bad jokes of the week….BUT… ALWAYS putting 100% percent effort into everything that we ask him to do. Awesome job making it all the way underwater on your streamlines with your dolphin or fly kick! Thanks for being a part of the Nitro family and we’ll see you at the. —Coach Stephen

Bee Cave: Angela Zhang
Angela has broken my keyboard. I can’t type enough positive things about her. Over the last few weeks, a switch has turned on inside Angela. I’ve never seen someone make such a dramatic 180° turn. She’s worked so hard, it’s inspiring. She’s become so fast – faster than anyone in TF! Every time she hops in the water, something special is about to happen. I firmly believe she’s going to rock this kicking week, and then we’ll have to say goodbye 🙁 because she’s going to Silver 🙂 I wouldn’t trade these last few weeks coaching Angela for anything in the world. I’m stunned, I’m speechless, and I’m proud. —Coach Jonny



Cedar Park: Melissa Silva 
Wow, Melissa blew the coaches away with her butterfly work this past week. Melissa showed overall beautiful technique to get her to a smooth, efficient, and fast butterfly. Melissa has been pushing herself to be better every day, including her focus on intervals. Keep it up Melissa, great things are on the horizon!  —Coach Adam

Bee Cave: Harrison Hoang
Harrison has only been in our Bronze group for a handful of weeks and every day he listens, takes corrections, makes adjustments, and continues to improve. This is the name of the game, finding ways to improve, from push off to bodyline, timing to tempo, learning how to swim with control and then let go when needed. Harrison’s kick shows the greatest improvement and this is pushing him to the lead in his group, his resulting bodyline is six feet tall and he just slips through the water! Swimmers always ask what can I do to get better and the answer is always kicking. Harrison is on the right track, he has found the secret, legs lead the way, and desire comes from the heart, while Harrison may not be the biggest or strongest in the group he sure is beginning to train that way! Great Job Young Man! —Coach Chuck



Cedar Park: Sam Offereins
It was neat to watch him race this weekend and even better to see his smile after every race knowing he had done his best. Specifically in his 200 IM, he improved his open turns, Butterfly, and Breaststroke with excellent glides and wall tucks so dramatically he cut over 7 seconds! The future is bright with Mr. Sam as a shining star!  —Coach Paige

Bee Cave: Colson Hornbaker
Some swimmers you need to give more info to when getting ready to race. For Colson Hornbaker, I just have to remember to give him permission… Permission… to go fast. Once he gets going, just stand back and watch the magic, because he turns into a swimming machine! And he put that aquatic motor on display this weekend at UT, throwing down some monster swims!
Now that was good to see (because he has been really working hard at practice), but as I watched him swim, I couldn’t help but reflect over his growth this season. I marveled at how far he has come, not only in his swimming, but in his meet confidence. Thinking back to his very first USA meet, he was naturally full of nerves and questions – “What do I do!? Where Am I supposed to go? What do these numbers mean?! Coach NICK!!”.. When I’d try to explain everything, it seemed I just made him even more confused. One response I’ll never forget: “I don’t get it… but ok”…
Each meet, we got a little further, progressed a little more, learned a few more lessons, and over time, we built up our foundation. Over the weekend, I believe I began to see the culmination of all those lessons. Colson calmly asked which side was which (odds and evens), so I reminded him. He responded with an, “ok”. After that, he was on autopilot. A complete pro. He got to his races on his own and was totally locked in.  
So often, we become so zoomed in on the current scene, negotiating expectations within the moment, reacting and overcoming, that we forget to take a step back, and to see the entire picture. To appreciate the journey. To enjoy it. Thank you Colson, for reminding me of the process. Again, great job this weekend…and this season! Keep it up! —Coach Nick


Advanced Silver

Bee Cave: Ruby Rose Teeters
Ruby came back from being sick over winter break; she did not, however, make any excuses about getting BACK TO WORK. Her tenacious kick propelled her to big drops in the 100 Free and 50 Back last weekend, but it is her sparkly sass and positive energy that make those around her better each and every workout. Not many kids can forget to bring a suit to practice and then scramble to find a solution. Most would go home. And, yes, that happened. Keep dreaming and grinding, Ruby. You’re just getting started! —Coach Bobby


Gold I & II

CP Gold I: Jessica Li 
Great job at the TXLA meet from Jessica. She had fantastic swims all around, getting off the blocks with intensity and continuing that throughout each race. Her strongest races came in her butterfly, which isn’t surprising as Jessica is a swimmer who relishes the challenge of butterfly sets. Her results are a product of her hard work each day. Awesome job Jessica, on to Junior STAGS! —Coach Adam

CP Gold II: Madison White 
Madison ran into a road block early this season when she broke her wrist in PE.  She spent a little time out of the water to heal and then jumped back into her training.  Despite it being a little more difficult, Madison stayed consistent and vigilant with her practices.  She pushed herself and overcame that injury, and now we’re seeing some awesome results.  Keep it up, Mad Dog! —Coach Alex

Bee Cave: Eva Berry
I was able to get to know Eva a little bit better this week! I saw her overcome some obstacles and watched her learn something new about herself and her swimming. She has grown so quickly through the sport of swimming, so I am excited to continue to work with her to watch her grow. Her sweet demeanor and huge smile is contagious and her work ethic is set so high. Keep working hard, Eva!! —Coach Allison