Nitro Swimmers of the Week for February 6–12, 2017

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park: Micah Kinsy and Gabby Corpus

This week Intro worked on perfecting their streamlines and their butterfly. Intro had a lot of great swims this week and a lot of hard workers. Gabby always comes to practice and gives it her all. She is always listening and getting stronger in the water. This week she demonstrated beautiful butterfly technique for her group. She has worked hard to get her arms up and out of the water and her hard work paid off.

Micah also worked very hard this week. He showed his coaches that he loves to compete and swim fast. Micah also did a wonderful job with his butterfly rhythm this week. He kept his legs together on his butterfly kick and got his arms out of the water really quickly. Great work you two, keep it up!  —Coach Hannah

Bee Cave: Max Andrus and Alexandra Cazares

Max and Alexandra stood out to me these past two weeks while working on freestyle. Max led the group with his outstanding flutter kick dominating the one-minute interval. In addition, Max is continuously focusing on his underwater streamline pushoffs, which are getting stronger each week. Alexandra has also become a stronger faster kicker in 2017. Her freestyle stroke was tall this week, and she did a great job taking a quick breath to the side with her bottom goggle in the water. I am very proud of these two young swimmers! Thank you Max and Alexandra for bringing so much energy and positivity to each practice. Keep up the hard work! —Coach Raven



Cedar Park: Steven Ma

Steven had an outstanding week of butterfly last week. First, he worked towards a great body wave, the first step in a smooth butterfly. Then, when it came time to add the arms and find that butterfly rhythm, Steven nailed it. Steven has grown a lot in the group, and he really stands out when it is time to race. Way to go Steven! —Coach Adam

Bee Cave: Katherine Cui

Looking over each and every Bronze practice you see some very talented young swimmers, tall freestyle, strong butterfly, powerful breaststroke, fast backstroke, and one image stands out each and every night, the turns and underwater pushoffs of Katherine Cui! She has worked tirelessly on strong underwater streamlines that now look as good as any swimmer in my Senior Group. The key is how hard she drives her kick going into her walls, the results are fruit loops every time. Katherine is quiet, great big smile, and my go to girl demonstrating turns and underwaters. Her focus and effort is what makes her such a great swimmer. Great job young lady! —Coach Chuck


Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park: Evelyn Tjoa and Devan Thenuvwaora

Awesome job on your freestyle this past week. Great head and body position! Excellent to see your progression in the pool and a joy to coach you guys every week. Keep up the great work and keep focused.  Great job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool. —Coach Stephen

Bee Cave: Abigail Schwarzendruber

Abigail had the best week of her swimming career! She was outstanding! Abigail just joined TF in December. Since then, she has done her best to catch up to the rest of the group – not an easy task considering we’d already worked through the first round of 10 concepts before she came onboard. However, this past week Abigail astounded me! She had the best underwaters in her group while tackling the difficult training exercise that is “Charges.” I even used her as an example! Her streamline was tight, her kicks were fast, and her distance surpassed the flags. It looked like she had been in our group for years! Even though she’s only been with us for seven weeks, I’ve enjoyed every second she’s been in my group.  —Coach Jonny



Cedar Park: Sheamus Horton and Kyan Allen

This week both Sheamus and Kyan did a fantastic job working on backstroke and freestyle. Kyan has great rotation, tempo, and feel for the water on his backstroke. Sheamus made milestone improvements on his freestyle this week and has also developed phenomenal feel for the water. They are both stepping to the front of their lane as leaders and always willing to take on a challenge with a smile. Way to go guys! Keep crushing it. —Coach Claire

Bee Cave: Natalie Brown

I’ve had the pleasure of coaching Natalie for a while now. From her days in Technique & Fitness to Silver now, she has improved so much in all facets of her swimming. This past Saturday, we had a race day at practice, doing the 50 Free and 50 Fly. Natalie turned in the fastest time in the 50 Free with a blazing 32.77. During her 50 Fly, her goggles came off as soon as she dove in. Not only that, but her swim cap gradually started to slip off of her head throughout the race. By the end, it had fallen completely off. Despite this, Natalie pushed through and finished the race with a great time of 44.55, which was the fastest in the practice! It’s this kind of grit and determination that coaches love to see day in and day out at practice and at meets. Excellent job, Natalie! —Coach Peter


Advanced Silver

Bee Cave: Bryce Clayton

This young man is attentive to detail, committed to getting better, and has a great attitude. Bryce has already stepped up and become a leader in Advanced Silver in just a few weeks! He is also challenging himself in his breaststroke pullouts and all his starts. These skills have improved so much. I cannot wait to see his races this spring with the improved technique and more endurance! —Coach Paige


Gold I & II

CP Gold I: Chloe Wilkins

Chloe is a swimmer who has improved leaps and bounds over the last few months. Not only is she growing like crazy, but she is pushing herself to new heights every day in practice. All that hard work paid off as she rocked the house at BB champs in Belton this past weekend. Chloe earned multiple new A cuts, taking her tally to 7 going into STAGS. Way to go Chloe, so proud of you! —Coach Adam

CP Gold II: Alex Jiampietro

Even injuries won’t stop Alex from lighting up the pool!  Alex is one of many fast swimmers who represented our group over the weekend and she did amazing both in and out of the water.  While her races were certainly outstanding, the coaches were most impressed with how attentive she was to her teammates.  Alex cheered, congratulated, and helped her teammates throughout the entire duration of the meet—and was even there all the way until the end of Sunday’s finals!  That’s what being a competitor AND a teammate is all about! —Coach Alex

Bee Cave: Aubrey McLaughlin

It was officially spirit week 2017! While I am sure I could have done a better job of pumping it up to the kids, it caught on as the week went on! The group found their spirited side, especially Aubrey! The minute she heard the theme for the next day, I could see her wheels turning. Aubrey did a stellar job of finishing off the week on a positive note, and never fails to smile or giggle when she gets to the meet, which lightens the mood for everyone else. While I wasn’t able to witness it firsthand, Aubrey achieved one of her very first short course A times in the 200 Free! The updates I received from all at BB Champs was pure excitement and joy! I cant wait to see what comes next. —Coach Allison