Nitro Swimmers of the Week for August 28–September 3, 2017

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park: Makayla Kyrish and Alejandro Flores

Doing the little things correctly will most often lead to getting the big things right. Makayla and Alejandro both got the little things right this week. In the past, I’ve had to remind Makayla to hold her kickboard straight and keep kicking the whole way down the pool–this week she had straight arms over her board and consistently kicked through warm-up, as well as performing some great drills. Alejandro worked hard on the beginning of his underwater push, and finally pushed off ALL the way underwater after many attempts. Best of all, he did it with a smile on his face the whole time! Both these swimmers have great attitudes at practice and always bring some enthusiasm. Nice job, Makayla and Alejandro! —Coach Lindsay

Bee Cave: Silas Sekula and Luke Schaefer

These two boys are strong, fun-loving, enthusiastic swimmers; they also happen to be friends. The last several weeks, I have seen improvements all around. Silas listens attentively and is always ready to demonstrate or answer a question. His underwaters easily get him past the flags and his understanding how to have a tall bodyline in all four strokes. Luke has not only caught my attention but the attention of other coaches. His freestyle and backstroke are tall and his head position stays low. Silas and Luke are leaders in their group; I am excited to see what they can accomplish this season! Way to go boys! Keep it up! —Coach Raven



Cedar Park: Sienna Seaton

Bronze had quite a week last week. Not only did we review all our turns, we went through some dives and some 100 IMs. Sienna looked confident on all her turns, even picking up the back to breast turn very easily. Sienna then showed off her dives, getting the full body extension and streamline before hitting the water. Sienna finished off the week with some awesome IM’s. Way to go Sienna! —Coach Adam

Bee Cave: Brooke Boggan

Every day this young lady keeps getting stronger in the water, from her push offs, the tempo of her kick, the length of her stroke, how smooth she takes a breath, and the results give her a very patient tall powerful stroke. The butterfly we worked on this week was some of the best I’ve seen! This is the kind of timing and strength that will give Brooke Avery nice 100 butterfly. I am looking forward to seeing her race some longer distances. Great job young lady! —Coach Chuck


Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park: Gabriel Gelin

GGabe did amazing with our group last week as we were working on several basic, but extremely important aspects of swimming. Gabe helped demonstrate the proper “ready position” for leaving the wall into sets; he set a great example for the rest of the group to follow. Gabe pays close attention to the little details in the water and it shows with a lot of his in water movements. Keep up the awesome work Gabe! —Coach Dan

Bee Cave: Miller Roberts

Miller only joined TF a few weeks ago, but wow has she blown me away! There are five things I’ve noticed about Miller already. One, she’s very respectful. Two, she’s a hard worker. Three, she has lots of fun! Four, she’s congenial with her lanemates no matter who they are or even if she hasn’t met them yet. Five, she’s really really really good at swimming! I absolutely love having her in TF and I can’t wait to see her at more practices and meets this year! —Coach Jonny



Cedar Park: Sophia Carey

This week Sophia Carey worked her tail off on butterfly. As we focused on basic body position and a strong kick Sophia made sure her head was down, to lift her hips, and to keep her legs long and together during her body waves. She also made sure to breath early, keep her head low during the breath, and to get her head back down quickly. Way to go, Sophia. Keep up the hard work! —Coach Claire

Bee Cave: Marco Chen

Marco has established himself as a solid force within the group. He consistently puts together the stroke focuses, and really steps up when it comes time to go to work. This past week we spent a good amount of time of breaststroke, and Marco again, knocked it out of the park. Furthermore, he doesn’t have an ounce of complain in his body. He isn’t the loudest kid in the group, but his actions speak for themselves, and he sets the tone for everyone around him. When he gets a hard set, he just nods, and goes to work. Great work Marco, and keep it up! —Coach Nick


Advanced Silver

Bee Cave: Kaylee Wilson
Kaylee comes every day with a smile to practice and is also working very diligently on all her strokes, especially her backstroke. This past week, Kaylee stepped up into a leadership position in the lane and although was a bit nervous, she quickly took ownership of the duty and excelled. This is going to be a incredible season for her. Way to go, Kaylee! —Coach Paige


Gold I & II

CP Gold I: Raymond Wang

Another great week of work from Raymond. He has asserted himself as one of the top dogs in the group, pushing himself to new heights each practice. I can always count on Raymond to work hard, especially since last week was breaststroke week! Not only is he quite the swimmer, Raymond has an awesome sense of humor. Keep it up Raymond!  —Coach Adam

CP Gold II: Niko Kundivich

Niko doesn’t have bad days in the water.  Every single practice he shows up to improve his strokes and get faster, and it certainly shows.  Niko’s freestyle really stood out this past week, looking both strong and really efficient.  We’re all expecting big things this season from him.  Way to go, Niko! —Coach Alex

Bee Cave: Zander Esslemont

Zander came back to Nitro within the last week from some time away from the water. He has done an incredible job of staying patient and working himself back in the water. At the end of the week I thought to myself “wow, who is that!” When I looked a little closer Zander was then swimmer. He will only continue to get stronger and continue to learn how to balance it all together. Keep it up! —Coach Allison