Nitro Swimmers of the Week – Sept. 23 – 28, 2013

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park:Irene Chi– For the past few weeks, I have noticed an amazing improvement in Irene focusing in her swimming. She has been swimming 25s the whole way without stopping. She has also been very attentive to the coaches on deck. Great job Irene!! Keep up the good work! – Coach Kirsten

Bee Cave:Sonia Randle– This week’s Swimmer of the week goes out to Sonia Randle. Sonia always has a bright smile on her face and loves being in the water. This week she showed leadership out of the water by organizing her line of who is going in what order. The way she pays attention, not only to her coaches, but to the swimmers in her lane is great. I loved how she knew what order was needed for her lane. Keep up the great leadership Sonia. – Coach Nikki


Cedar Park: Michael Wang – This week we did a kick set. The goal of this set was to challenge yourself and see how far and how fast you could push yourself to kick. While everyone rose to this challenge Michael was able to separate himself by kicking his last 50 in almost 50 sec. He did this after doing 10 other 50’s before that. Amazing job and congratulations. – Coach Travis

Bee Cave:Joshua Chiang– Josh has really stepped it up this last week by becoming a leader in the group.  I hear him re-explaining the sets to other swimmers in his lane and sending the whole group off on their send offs.  The fact that he’s even watching the clock makes me pretty darn happy!  Keep up the great work Josh! – Coach Hannah

Technique & Fitness

Cedar Park:Rachel Brockhausen & Rishi Soni– Rachel just recently started swimming with NITRO.  She comes in with such a great attitude.  She asks questions, pushes herself in the water and always has had a positive attitude.  She even has workouts from us so she can practice her skills at her neighborhood pool.  Rishi has shown a different attitude in the past few weeks.  He’s leading his lane and pushes the other swimmers to watch the clocks and reminds them of the important things we want.  Streamlines and pullouts.  Great job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool. – Coach Steve

Bee Cave: Cory Chang– Cory had a great week in the pool this week. He always arrives to practice with 100% effort. His special attention to our drill work in freestyle and backstroke had him zooming in the pool. Keep up the great work Cory! – Coach Adrian


Cedar Park:Alexis Kendall– For every swimmer getting a little bit better every day and building on that improvement is vital to turning into the best swimmer they can be.  Early in the week Alexis improved her follow through on her freestyle stroke and sure enough every day after that the coaches could see that change was able to stick.  Changing stroke techniques consistently requireds consistent effort and Alexis showed that all week.  Keep up the great work! – Coach Dakota

Bee Cave: Riley Dalton– Day after day, practice upon practice, Riley has been improving in so many areas, her effort off the walls is fast becoming one of her greatest weapons as she races. The hard work and focus on clean fast distance in practice showed great results at the Round Rock meet. Riley posted some very fine times, she also shows no signs of slowing down in her training, she brings a very big smile onto the pool deck each and every practice, when practice is over her coaches are the ones with the big smiles! Riley I can’t wait for your next meet. – Coach Chuck

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park:Emma Moran– Emma had a great weekend at the AquaTex swim meet.  She had many time drops through all of her events. She has also been a great leader with our group, leading the lane and being one of the first swimmers outside for dry land. – Coach Scott

Bee Cave: Elise Tisdel– Elise joined us at the beginning of the school year and I have been very happy with her progress in such a short time.  Elise is sincere, intelligent, focused and motivated to improve.  A coach can’t ask for much more than that.  I know that Elise is giving her best effort every time she pushes off the wall.  Effort does not always translate to speed.  It may just involve doing a drill right or focusing on a particular part of your stroke.  Elise knows this and demonstrates her understanding of this basic training principle at every opportunity.  Keep up the great work Elise! – Coach Jeff


Cedar Park: Brandon Le– Brandon has done an amazing job this week with a very difficult set that the entire group had a very difficult time with. The set had to be started over many times because the coaches were looking for consistency and accuracy. Brandon took this opportunity to really show how accurate his work can be, pushing himself to do 100s with perfect streamlines of the walls underwater kicking for 10 yards and then coming up taking two strokes before his first breath. He repeated this task again and again and again. He slowly worked his way to the front of the lane and at the end he succeed in meeting the coaches challenge and swam a perfect 100 Freestyle with Fins in under one minute. Congrats Brandon keep working hard! – Coach Travis & FLO

Bee Cave: Jake Hansen– Time after time Jake steps to the front of the gold group, his backstroke is fast running down a TAGS cut in the 200, and every chance he gets I see him working farther and farther off his walls. His best swimming is only now beginning to show itself! Not bad considering most days he comes to Nitro from a long Cross Country practice, so I know his legs are always warmed up. Great Job Jake! – Coach Chuck