Nitro Swimmers of the Week October 24, 2011

Monday, 10/24/11

Swimmers of the Week

Intro to Nitro
Cedar Park: Ciara Mcguinness Ciara is newer to Intro, but understands the importance of looking and listening. She is eager to learn everything she can about swimming. Ciara is also one of the first to offer help and encouragement to her lane mates, as well as offering to demonstrate and answer questions whenever possible. These are just a few of the things Ciara does that have brought her to the top of the list for Intro Swimmer of the Week!

Bee Cave: Lena Hadjimani Lena is consistently at practice and always working hard. Lena makes it a point to welcome everyone at practice whether their new or old faces. She is excited about every set and wants to work hard no matter what we are working on.

Cedar Park:Cali Price Cali has done a great job making the most of her Bronze group workouts. As one of the older kids in the group, she is a natural leader and example for the swimmers in her lane. She comes to every workout with focus and the intention of getting better. This attitude already paid off at the Nitro meet earlier this month; so we are excited to see how her continued hard work and attention to detail improve her swimming at the upcoming meet in Georgetown! GO GIRL!!

Bee Cave: Joyce Luo Joyce consistently works hard and is a great listener. She makes adjustments to her stroke easily and is a joy to coach. She wants to be in the water and it shows by smile on her face. Great job Joyce!

Technique and Fitness
Cedar Park: Simona Kao and David Engle For the past few weeks, we’ve noticed a change in Simona and David’s swimming. They have become more focused, more streamlined, and eager to volunteer and demonstrate. Simona was really working on her flip turns, and David nailed his underwater streamlines. Great job you two. Thanks for being a part of NITRO, and we’ll see you at the pool.

Bee Cave: Catherine Zhang Catherine is a phenomenal swimmer and a great listener. This past couple weeks she has moved up into our advanced group of TF, swam in the swim meet a couple weeks ago and conquered the dreadful vertical kicking set that most of our Senior 1 & 2 groups do with Todd. At the swim meet I often found her coming up to me to check on how close her race was. I could just tell she was so excited; great initiative on her part. She is so much fun to coach. Great job Catherine you deserved this. Keep up the great work.

Cedar Park: Shaena Mccloud Shaena always shows up early smiling ready to work. She is new to silver this year but works extremely hard every day on kicking, drills, and swimming making her that much better day in and day out. Looking forward to seeing her improve every day. Great job Shaena!

Bee Cave: Teresa Luo Teresa is one to shun the spotlight, but it is hard to hide when being selected to demonstrate skills as often as she gets chosen by the coaches. Always a delight to see walk onto the pool deck, and always willing to give 100%, Teresa has a great path ahead of her.

Advanced Silver
Cedar Park:Reagan Bleasdell Reagan has been the absolute example of a great teammate this weekend. Every heat that has a Nitro swimmer in it, she’s there cheering them on! She was a willing and able counter for many swimmers in the 500 Friday night as well. AND she swam well and posted some best times this weekend. Great job Reagan!

Bee Cave:Annie Von Doersten Annie is always smiling and is great to have in the pool. She pushes herself and is obviously happy to be here. Keep up the great work Annie!

Cedar Park: Everyone who attended the Meet! It was too difficult to pick any one swimmer to stand out from this week and this weekend’s swim meet. The entire group trained fantastic and it really showed at the meet. Above all everyone enjoyed themselves at the meet and we saw amazing time drops for the entire group.

Bee Cave: Maddie Cox Maddie has taken her swimming to a completely new level this past week. Her confidence has soared, and her smile has gotten wider. Maddie was successful on several extremely difficult intervals, and welcomed each challenge we could throw her way.

Thanks for being a part of Nitro. See you at the Pools! Coach Mike.