Nitro Swimmers of the Week for September 2 – 7, 2013

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park:Ella Anderson– Ella is an enthusiastic swimmer, and is a joy to have around! She is great at listening to the coaches, asking questions if unsure of what to do, and always willing to volunteer to demonstrate. We have noticed a lot of all-around swim improvement with Ella. Keep up the great work!! – Coach Kirsten

Bee Cave:Jasper Sewell– Jasper is an awesome kid. He is always participating in group discussions and loves to answer any question I ask the group. This week we worked on body and head position, and learning how to ready the clock, and Jasper was on it when the discussing when the next group would leave. He is also very positive towards his other teammates and always cheers for them. Keep up the great work Jasper. – Coach Nikki


Cedar Park: Bella Gamez– She led her lane throughout practices. Knows all of her intervals. Also posted the fastest 100 kick out of all the Bronze groups. Because of all these facts and many more she has just been advanced to the Silver group. We wish her luck and will miss her. – Coach Travis

Bee Cave:Maily Nguyen– Maily had an awesome week. She always came in a big smile on her face and became a leader in the pool. She had great technique and had great drills and which made her stroke improve so much by the end of practice. Keep up the great work Maily. – Coach Nikki

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park:Renae Kurian & Gregory Tittel – Renae and Gregory always come to practice with urgency and prepared to jump right in.  They both did a great job with all the streamline work we did in T/F last week.  Great job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool. – Coach Steve

Bee Cave:Ian Willis– There is so much to say about Ian. To sum it up Ian is one of the best kids the coaches have ever met. He has always has a great attitude buts on a smile makes the coaches laugh and he does it with just being himself. He is truly genuine to his teammates and others around him. This week when we were doing DPS (distance per stroke) Ian give us half way under water and only did 5 strokes. We know, as coaches, that is great, but kind of defeats the purpose of DPS, and his response was that he was doing what any good swimmer should do. This in turn made us smile because he is correct. We love the effort he buts in and how he wants to keep on getting better. Keep up the great work Ian. – Coach Nikki


Cedar Park:Maya Madern– With the new school year starting many swimmers come in mentally or physically exhausted from the day’s activities resulting in sub-par practice performance.  With the new school year Maya has so far come in energized and ready to get to the task at hand.  Maya has really started to shine as the leader or her practice group and is a great student athlete, keep up the great work Maya! – Coach Dakota

Bee Cave:Sam Beiter– We talk to the swimmers about how to make the jump from being a average swimmer to becoming a great swimmer, kicking always is a big part of that conversation, and Sam has really taken that to heart, when I look at him kick his chin is low to the water, the arms are straight on the board, goggles are on, and he always has one eye on the clock! He has turned a corner challenging himself with the clock, not always making the goal time but he always knows how far off he was, and it’s in the trying and failing that makes the great swimmer keep trying and looking for a way to succeed! keep the eyes looking ahead Sam, Great Work!! – Coach Chuck

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park:Andrew Yu– This week we worked a lot of drills.  Andrew continued to demonstrate a change in his technique, not just during the drill set, but during the swim sets as well. He understands the athlete is in control of their technique and must constantly work on improving. He is consistently prepared for practices (water bottles and swim gear) and is one of the fastest to be in the water at the start of each set. – Coach Scott

Bee Cave: Steven Laflamme– Steven has really been lighting up the pool.  His devotion is unquestionable and his strokes and strength have been really improving.  But, more than that, what I really enjoy about having Steven in the group is his desire to tackle head on anything I can through at him.  His attitude is infectious and with it, he has been leading the later Adv. Silver group through his actions. Keep up the great work Steven! – Coach Jeff


Cedar Park: Allie Freeman– Allie has become a quite leader in the GOLD group. She understands what is expected and knows how to meet the higher standards set for the group. She is constantly working on making her technique just a little bit better, and it has been very effective. I look forward to her short course season success. – Coach Flo

Bee Cave:Kaley Rogers & Kaitlyn Rouse– These two ladies have been putting on a great little show this last week in the gold group, good turns, great focus, and an urgent desire to break out, which really showed during a very testing week with some very heavy kicking. The Gold group has some very talented swimmers, all of them eyeing that next step up the Nitro Ladder, but as legs became tired, and the smiles turned into hard labored breathing, these two girls were the only two still standing ahead of the clock, when the last kick was done, you could see the smiles return when they looked at each other and realized they did it! A break through moment! Great Job Ladies! I can’t wait to see more!! – Coach Chuck