Nitro Swimmers of the Week for November 23rd – 28th, 2015

Intro to Nitro 

Cedar Park: Viara Doichev & Angela Fu – Viara always has a smile on her face, listens attentively to coaches, and improves daily with stroke technique. Angela as a more advanced swimmer in Intro, she loves to take on challenges in practice and isn’t afraid to fail during the process. – Coach Ben

Bee Cave: Annika Sheth & Uma Bhadra – Uma did an excellent job of listening and working hard this week. She was also one of three to come to practice the day before practice in her group. Well done and keep up the good work! Annika has made significant improvement in her swimming. This week especially she did a great job of listening as well as going the entire 25 without stopping. Thanks for doing such a good job and keep it up! – Coach Sarah 


Cedar Park: Nysa Singh – Nysa is a strong swimmer and a tough cookie. She recently injured her finger and now has it in a protective cast, but that didn’t stop her from coming to practice. Nysa has shown up with a smile on her face, ready to kick until she can use her injured hand again. Coach Jeremy and I hope for a speedy recovery so Nysa can continue her hard work on her strokes! Get well soon Nysa and keep up the great work! – Coach Adam

Bee Cave: Thijs Kortekaas – A great week for Thijs, he made a few changes in his head position during butterfly and his under water push offs, the result was a more patient swimmer moving farther and faster off his walls. He seemed to be more at home with the longer time spent underwater, a sure sign that his confidence is growing! I look for these changes he’s made to help improve his backstroke as well. Remember the little things can add up to big time drops if you do them well! Great job young man! – Coach Chuck

Technique & Fitness

Cedar Park: Vivian Streber & Dhiraj Anbunathan – Both of these swimmers took charge and led there lanes while we were doing multiple interval work.  Vivian went from the back of the lane to taking control of the lane.  Awesome  job!  The same with Dhiraj.  He understood the math that was to be done for the multiple intervals we had and took charge.   Excellent leadership skills guys.  Way to be a team leader.  Great job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool. – Coach Steve

Bee Cave: Mariam Sajid & Ava Pierce – This week we put a large emphasis on flip turns, which can be very challenging. Mariam and Ava both came into practice a bit unfamiliar with how a flip turn is executed, but ended practice leaps and bounds improved! There are few things more gratifying than seeing swimmers have something “click” in their minds and immediately become more confident. It was a joy to witness and be a part of. I’m excited to see these girls continue to improve! Mariam and Ava, great job this week! – Coach Peter


Cedar Park: Dhruv Pant – Things slowed down just a bit for the holidays, but that didn’t slow Dhruv down from having one of the best weeks I have seen from him, or any swimmer. Not only did he push himself on every set, but he took the time to get the drills/ focuses right. What solidified his week was during the last repeat of a set. At the wall, when most swimmers begin to question why they showed up to practice, I hear from Dhruv, “Last one guys, lets race this one!”, to which I saw a great increase from everyone. Such effort and vocal leadership during this week especially, definitely caught my attention, and I look forward to watching him build on it in the upcoming weeks. Great job Dhruv!  – Coach Nick

Bee Cave: Haruki Okuno – A very good week for Haruki, streamline and turns were a big focus this last week, working on reactions to the walls and just jumping off into the streamline was a challenge but his focus on making a change and becoming quicker with his hands as he flips straightened out the push offs. Now we’ve moved on to the fly kick, 2 on your back, 2 on your side, 2 on your belly, and I’m seeing more fourth lines than ever before! Great focus young man, I can’t wait to see those turns in a meet. – Coach Chuck

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park: Robby Graves – Robby is and always has been a hard worker and a huge positive influence on those around him.  Advanced Silver waves a bittersweet goodbye, as he is moving on to HST for the next step in his swimming career.  While he leaves a special hole in the group that can’t easily be filled, I look forward to seeing him grow as a swimmer with harder training under Coach Nick.  We’ll miss you, Robby! – Coach Alex

Bee Cave: Megan Kelly – Megan, she has been working hard everyday in practice, especially this past week. She had the “Turkey Spirit” all week and she rocked 🙂 always looking for the way to improve and challenge herself in every set. Keep that positive energy that is so contagious. Remember, practice makes perfection and perfection guides to EXCELLENCE. Keep it up Megan..FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS!!! SI SI SI!!!! – Coach Felix


Cedar Park: Adam Micek – Adam has not only been making changes to his freestyle, but has been working on his mobility and exercises on land. He is taking the extra steps and challenges to improve. Way to go Adam! – Coach Jeremy

Bee Cave: Faith Rouse – Faith is such a big help during practice. She is one of the leaders that I know her team mates can always count on to answer a question or help understand the set. Faith is the first person to help with the tarps, clean up the deck, and never complains. I know she has been working very hard to put the effort in during practice, and I look forward to watching her grow in and out of the pool. – Coach Allison