Nitro Swimmers of the Week for November 12 – 17, 2012

Swimmers of the Week for November 12th – 17th:

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park: Franziska Buckel– Franziska has come a long way since joining Intro.  Her strokes are very smooth and she never complains and keeps positive.  A positive attitude is one of the best assistant coaches.  Keep on smiling!

Bee Cave: Yinbing Xue– Yinbing has only been with Intro for a few weeks now and she is excelling rapidly. Yinbing does a great job in listening to the instructions and putting them into effect. She isn’t just going through the motions, but rather using the skills we are teaching her to improve her technique. Amazing job, Yinbing!


Cedar Park: Bronze #6– Bronze #6 has been firing on all cylinders as an entire group. Helping each other become better and swimming fast. All while doing a great job listening to the coaches. Great job as a group!

Bee Cave: All the Turkey Trotters!– We had a fantastic meet this Saturday at the Bee Caves pool with swimmers from both Nitro locations.  The coaching staff was very pleased to see a lot of dropped times and even more smiling faces.  Every swimmer was laughing and enjoying themselves, as were the coaches!  With plenty of enthusiasm, energy, and fast swimming it was a wonderful environment to be a part of.  I’m extremely proud of all the Turkey Trotters and their efforts, I look forward to continuing a great season with each of you!

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park:Karina Torres & Michael Taylor – Karina had a great week.  We really noticed a difference in her swimming technique.  Her streamlines, flip turns and head position were excellent.  Michael really nailed his backstroke flip turns this past week.  It took some practice and once he got his stroke count down the turn came easily.  Great job you two, thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool.

Bee Cave: Max Bartee– Max has been working very hard in the pool. Not one minute is being wasted when he is present. This weekend he opened his eyes when he swam a blistering 1:00 in the 100 freestyle! This is no surprise to the coaches. He put in the work for this. Congratulations Max, can’t wait to see what else is in store for you.


Cedar Park: Emilio Cohen– Emilio moved up to Silver from Bronze shortly after our fall season began.  Since his move he has shown great improvement in his stroke technique by doing 2 extremely important things; listening when the coach is talking, and applying every correction asked of him permanently. It’s easy to make a change for a 25 or 50 but to be asked to change your stroke once and fix it indefinitely is a whole other skill.  Keep it up Emilio and you will always rise in skill and never plateau!

Bee Cave:McKelvey Valenti & Addison Orris– Both of these girls put on quite a show at the swim meet on Saturday, with 100% efforts on every swim, the hard work really showed with no breathing inside the red zone, even splitting on the 100 swims, good pull outs and fast walls, it’s easy to see why coach Jeff and I keep saying “Wow that was a great swim!” Keep up the great work ladies!

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park: Sarina Zhou– Sarina is always at practice, working hard, making corrections and keeping a positive attitude. We enjoy having her there! Great job Sarina!

Bee Cave: Katie Touhy & Avery McCrory– Katie had a breakthrough meet this weekend at the Turkey Trot.  By doing so, she exemplified the idea that a meet is just an extension of a swimmer’s workouts.  Katie always gives the coaches and her teammates her best effort at practice.  Does that mean she is always the fastest? Absolutely not.  While speed is certainly one of our goals, many of our sets focus on stroke technique frequently necessitating a slower and more deliberate effort.  In short, Katie consistently directs her efforts according to the needs of the set and this weekend showed how much that kind of discipline pays off.  A special mention goes to Avery McCrory as well. After a race as the girls were sitting in the water waiting for the next group to go, Avery made it a point to high-five her teammate on either side of her lane.  She showed heart in her swims and kindness in her actions.  I am very proud of both Katie and Avery.  Keep up the great work ladies!


Cedar Park: Viktoria Haide– Viktoria has been doing a great job training pushing herself out of her comfort zone and it paid off with a good performance at the IMX meet. Very proud of Viktoria as she has had one injury after the other over the past few months. Keep it up Viktoria!

Bee Cave:Shannon Bagnal, Jessie Edmundson, Connor Jones, Logann Khollman, Hunter Lee, Brian Li, Andrew Pickard, Reaghan Piotrowski, Tas Saunders & Clayton Meyer– These 10 swimmers challenged themselves better than I have yet seen by any of the Gold swimmers at Bee Cave. In a 40 minute set on Saturday I saw such focus, determination, and effort, put forth by these very tired young swimmers, I was very impressed, yes they struggled, yes they were in pain, and yet each time they stepped up on the blocks for the next round, their faces showed their drive and desire to succeed! Great Job All!!