Nitro Swimmers of the Week for May 27th – June 1st, 2013

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park:Andrew McCloskey – Andrew has been showing steady improvements each practice for weeks now.  Getting a better understanding of the underwater fish kicks he is now a pro and can easily go from fish kicks to freestyle or backstroke.  Last week we focused on diving.  Andrew remembered all the tips from our last “field trip” to the deep end for diving and impressed us with his new improved dive from the wall AND THE BLOCKS!  Way to go Andrew, keep up the fantastic work!!

Bee Cave:Caroline Manning– Caroline is an excellent addition to our Intro class! She has amazing body awareness in the water which is rare at so young an age.  Not only that but she takes direction really well and works hard in the pool. Now that is a winning combination! Keep up the stellar work Sweetie!


Cedar Park: William “the Cole” Harris– Cole has shown dramatic improvement this week. He has stepped it up with his own practice, leading the lane, watching the clock, trying to maximize his under water’s and turns. Cole has shown this week that he can be a good role model to the younger kids in his group, he’s personal growth this week has been exemplary on his attitude with swimming.

Bee Cave: Peyton Hodakievic– Peyton was my Lady of the Day this past week when I used her twice in one practice to demonstrate for the group.  She was streamlining underwater past the “fruit loops” on her back, had great rotation on freestyle and took direction very well.  Keep up the great work!

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park:Lauren Maranda & Alex Pittner – Lauren is fairly new to our NITRO family and has been developing her technique quite nicely.  She really showed great work with her fish kicks and backstroke underwater pull.  Alex is always….I’ll add again…ALWAYS in a great mood when he shows up at the pool.  He gets along with all the other swimmers, leads his lane and is always willing to help demonstrate for the newer swimmers.  Great job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool.

Bee Cave: Ruby Bledsoe– Ruby always has a smile on her face when she gets in the pool. She is always ready to go and work on improving her strokes. This week we worked on the breaststroke kick and Ruby showed great technique on her kick and was a great demonstrator to her teammates. Keep up the great work!


Cedar Park:Daniel Kasabov-Nouvion– Daniel had a good meet at UT two weeks ago and since them has really turned it on in practice.  From working on his weak strokes to pushing himself on his favorites, Daniel has shown a dramatic improvement in his work ethic for several weeks now.  Keep it up Daniel!

Bee Cave:Andrew Osorio Swimming with the Silver 4 group Andrew has really been showing what he’s made of, twice a week the group trains long course, his stroke length is better than it has ever been, the control he shows in his pacing and the way he has improved the force of his kicking is what will take him to the next stage in his training with Nitro Swimming. He has been setting a great standard for all the swimmers in the group one that will move him on to the next group very soon.

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park: Kim San Ngo– Kim San has worked really hard in practice and dry land.  She often pushes herself and everyone in her lane.  This weekend, she swam in her second swim meet ever.  She swam faster than her expected entry times.  After the swim meet she even went to perform at a dance recital.

Bee Cave:Reece Anderson– Reece has been a great swimmer to have on the team.  Recently, his schedule has allowed him to increase his attendance and the difference that makes on his swimming is very clear.  The end of the school year can make it difficult to stay focused in the non-scholastic areas of our swimmers lives.  However, Reece, while still having fun, managed to stay on track and made the most of his time at the pool.  Mr. Anderson, keep up the great work and focus!



Cedar Park: Julia Roberto– Julia had good swims at this weekends “Distance Qualifier”, and she is always smiling no matter what. Glad to have her on in the group and she makes it fun to coach.

Bee Cave:Kaitlyn Rouse The true test of how hard you are training can only be seen in how you race, with four swims, especially longer events — you would say that the swimmer is training well, but that’s not the whole story, every race Kaitlyn swam was well paced, the turns were long and fast, her intensity and effort increased with each length, the second half of each race saw her kick jump into high gear, the finishes just got better and better, and watching her end the day swimming the last four lengths of her 400 free only six seconds off her best 200 free time! Great meet young lady!