Nitro Swimmers of the Week for May 20 – 25, 2013

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park:Trinity Hoang– Trinity is new to Intro and has really impressed her coaches the last two weeks.  With the emphasis being on fish-kicking, the swimmers have been learning to adjust and control their bodies to kick on their sides.  For some this has been tricky but, for Trinity is was natural.  She made for an excellent demonstrator in her class.  Adding to her excellent fish-kicks Trinity’s flip turns have gotten much better in her short time on the team as well.  It is exciting to see the fast progression she has made and how the kids can watch and learn from each other.  Way to go Trinity!!

Bee Cave:Breckyn Ferrell– At every single practice I know I can count on Breckyn having the biggest smile on her face. And this last week she had an awesome breakthrough with not only her summersaults but with her dives as well. She kept her head down! Great job sweetie, keep it up!


Cedar Park:Maggy Ma– Maggy has excelled these last two weeks, we have introduced fish kicking as the “new underwaters”, and she has been determined to master this new skill. She consistently pushes herself to go further and farther each time for her under waters. Maggy listens to instructions and asks questions until it is done to her satisfaction and the coach’s; because of this her fish kicks have set the bar high in her bronze group.

Bee Cave: Andre Taylor Montero – Andre has been giving 100% not  just last week but for the past few weeks.  This last week we did a set of 5 X 100’s and he made the interval on all 5!  Keep up the great work!

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park:The Friday 3:30 Technique and Fitness swimmers– You guys ROCKED THE BREASTSTROKE PULLOUTS!  Jumping into the pool and watching you guys doing pullouts from the blocks was a blast to watch underwater.  Great job this past week.  Thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool.

Bee Cave:Kloter Leisy– Kloter had a fantastic week. He was very active in learning new backstroke drills and applying them in the water. He gave 100% of his time to listen to his coaches to improve his backstroke. By the end of practice he took what he learned to improve his stroke and he looked amazing. You did an amazing job this week. Keep up the good work.


Cedar Park:Beatrice Hoang– Beatrice is a great student, listens well and works hard.  She pays attention to the details that separate good from great swimmers and is an absolute pleasure to teach.

Bee Cave:Emily Mayer– This was Emily’s best week yet, staying focused on the little things, turns, finishes, clean entries, rest when you are supposed to rest and sprint when its time to race. Her butterfly kick is very strong and shows how hard she has been working on her underwater push offs, the focus she has on her strokes really shows in the smooth fast pace she has been showing during some of the longer 100 and 200 swims that Silver has been working on, this hard work will be great to watch at the next swim meet, Keep it up Emily!

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park: All Adv slv swimmers who signed up for the Nitro Distance Meet– Over 55% of the group were able to take this opportunity. These young swimmers are stepping out of their comfort and racing longer distances. What a way to test your training… Great work!

Bee Cave:Erin Reichle– Erin had a good week really stepping up in a variety of areas.  She engaged her coaches to see what she needed to do to get better and really showed her stuff in a particularly challenging set mid-week.  This, despite having finals to contend with.  Erin was able to leave other concerns at the front door and focus on the task before her, not always an easy feat.  Keep up the great work Erin!


Cedar Park: Ben Offereins– Ben did a really good job this Friday and Saturdayespecially, focusing on the different technique aspects that we working on as well as pushing himself on Saturday on a not so easy workout. Great job and keep working hard Ben!

Bee Cave:Olivia Mazzai – Once again Olivia has jumped up her training, the turns and streamline push offs are moving out to the fruit loops well past the flags, but its the intensity she has been displaying in practice that has really caught my eye, not to mention the big smile she has on her face while she is doing it. Yes that’s right swimming fast does put a smile on your face, her 100 back at the UT meet was nothing but smiles on her way to a season best time. Great job Olivia!