Nitro Swimmers of the Week for May 13 – 18, 2013

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park:Zachary Loper– Zachary always comes to practice willing to listen and eager to go fast!  When we asked the swimmers to go as far as they could before taking a breath Zachary decided to go all the way across without taking a breath each time he had the chance.  Keep up the great work Zachary!

Bee Cave:Suraj Ganeshan– Suraj has come a long way since he started with the Intro group. He has been working like a dog at every single practice and it shows. Suraj does an excellent job of listening to the instructions, he has a great attitude and he has a desire to learn. Keep up the great work!


Cedar Park:Skyler Yue– Skyler is a pint sized dynamo, as one of the smaller kids in the pool, he is a constant surprise. Skyler excelled this week with the underwater fish kick sets. Not only did he perform the kicks correctly, but also repeatedly pushed off the walls underwater past the minimum requirement. Skyler continuously exceeds expectations.

Bee Cave:Bronze Group #4– #4 did a fantastic job on Tuesday and Thursday on listening, doing the drills correctly, reading the clock and giving me their all!  Keep up the high levels of effort!

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park:Adriana and Vince Guerra – Sister and brother are a great match to our NITRO family.  They have recently been added to our technique and fitness group and have proven to be quite the asset.  They have great attitudes and a willingness to ask questions, demonstrate and improve their skills in the pool.  Great job by the way on their fish kicking.  Nice job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool.

Bee Cave:Emma Proulx– Emma is a great person to work with. Every week she gives 100% to what we are working on. With her hard work and dedication to getting better, she has improved immensely. She has challenged herself to get better every day and still have great attitude about swimming.  Keep up the great work Emma. I am so proud of you!


Cedar Park:Jakob Zapata– Jakob has been consistent in putting forth great effort and paying attention to the detail of the day for whatever we are working on.  After each practice Jakob comes to ask his coach what he needs to work on which not only shows how much he cares about his technique, but is also immensely satisfying to hear as a coach.

Bee Cave:Thom Naccarato– Thom has done a great job working on his breaststroke, he held the length of the stroke and showed how hard he has been working his legs by the way he finished his 100 breaststroke at the UT meet this weekend, the freestyle and backstroke both had great pace and his focus on racing the heat pushed him to his best times yet! Thom has taken the first step towards the bigger picture, racing at meets starts with how you train every day at practice and racing your team mate in the lane right next to you can help with the pain, keep up the daily racing Thom!

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park:Brooke Newby – Works hard in practice, hit close to a personal best time on the test sets last week. She had a great weekend at the UT End of School Splash, winning several of her heats at the meet.

Bee Cave:Ashley Mayer– Ashley has been a boon to the group.  She is a terrific leader, responds quickly to instruction and works her tail off. In addition to having a great week of practices she had the opportunity to take advantage of all the work we have been doing and really lit up the pool with some fantastic swims.  Keep up the great work Ashley!


Cedar Park: Julia Roberto & Karen Yin– Julia and Karen had a great End of School Splash Meet, both girls got several TAGS cuts. Great swimming from both, it clearly shows that their hard work pays off. Looking forward to more great swimming from these two.

Bee Cave:Julia York– Sometimes you need to give your favorite events the weekend off and go exploring events that you never thought you could handle, well Julia did just that this weekend and she did it in the 400 IM. Sure she was nervous, there were a lot questions about breathing and pace, but it really came down to trust. Julia has worked so hard on all her strokes and I knew she was ready to swim that IM Long course, trust your training, she negative split the back, even split the breast, and came home 5 seconds faster on the free than she went out on the fly, along the way she found a new favorite event! Great swim Julia!