Nitro Swimmers of the Week for March 12–18, 2018

Intro to Nitro


Cedar Park: Marc Gelin
This week was Marc’s time to shine when it came to setting up flip turns. He executed an impeccable somersault in front of the group, and it just got better from there. Marc mastered the flip onto the wall and looked like a pro pushing off on his back underwater! He also did a great job diving. Marc may not be the loudest one in Intro, but he always has an eager smile and is happy to be at practice. That kind of attitude makes coaching a lot easier. Thanks Marc and keep up the great swimming! —Coach Lindsay


Bee Cave: Greyson McLaughin
This week’s Swimmer of the Week had the most improved breaststroke kick. Greyson has been working on getting rid of a scissor kick for quite a while. Rather than feeling discouraged, Greyson pushed through and showed breaststroke who was boss! Seriously, he nailed it! Aside from having a stellar practice week, Greyson really lets his spunky personality show and has become quite a leader of the group. I find him racing his teammate during our freestyle kick warmup but then slowing down when it coming time to work on drills and technique. In additional, Greyson is constantly encouraging his little brother who recently joined Intro and brightening up the whole pool deck. Thank you Greyson for all your hard work; it’s definitely paying off! And keep rocking those sweet glasses!  —Coach Raven


Technique and Fitness


Cedar Park: Isabella  Abrahamsen and Arseniy Lakhymets
Wow what a week! So we were working on all of our turns off the walls and we couldn’t be more impressed with the groups throughout the week. Everyone gave 100% effort and listened to our feedback and implemented in the pool. Isabella was having a bit of trouble with her flip turn and Coach Maykalee spent quite some time with her on Thursday evening until she nailed it. Kuddos to Coach Maykalee and Isabella for working diligently.  Saturday afternoon while doing our turn work I really noticed Arseniy struggling a bit with his butterfly but as the hour of practice progressed I could see him really working on his technique and much improvement.  I love watching swimmers working at their craft and pushing themselves when they don’t think we’re observing.  Great job you two thanks for being a part of the Nitro family and we’ll see you at the pool.  —Coach Stephen


Bee Cave: Bogna Kaminska
Bogna has to be one of the hardest workers in TF. She rarely ever misses practice…or an interval! You’ll see her in lane one always trying to make it halfway underwater in her streamline. I’ve coached Bogna since last spring and it blows me away to see the progress she’s made. Bogna is one of the most capable swimmers in TF now. She’s polite, sweet-spirited toward others, and FAST! I don’t usually consider first-year swimmers in TF to be leaders of their group; but, Bogna is certainly the exception. I admire her humility, but I wish others would watch her streamline more often! Finally, I’ve noticed a lot of swimmers walking in tardy to practice lately. Not Bogna! She understands that early is on-time, and on-time is late. Has she seen the video? Yes, every time. When I say it’s time to go, she’s not fumbling around for her cap and goggles. She’s in the water as the words “first group, ready go” come out of my mouth! Love her professionalism.  —Coach Jonny




Cedar Park: Chandrika Ghosh
Chandrika has not been in Bronze for too long and I think it is impressive how I have watched her grow into a more refined swimmer since I met her. We worked on open turns two weeks ago and after she didn’t quite pick up on how to properly execute, I made sure she knew the steps to an open turn on an individual and one-on-one basis. It amazed me to see her then apply that advice and instruction. I say all this from two weeks ago because the same thing happened this week when we worked on nailing the little things such as breakouts, finishes, and underwater dolphin kicks. I had finished a short description of how to define a breakout, which we already discussed three weeks ago during backstroke, and I asked Chandrika to give me her own definition, to my surprise she stayed quiet. I asked her after the other swimmers were in the water if something was wrong but there wasn’t. So, I just explained to her again what I expect out of a breakout and a finish and she got back in the water and completed exactly what I told her to do. I then realized that Chandrika needs the one-on-one attention that I wasn’t giving her. She is the SOW because not only does she listen to everything I have to say but she does so after I tell her in the way that she needs and understands. She has reminded me of individualization and that not all athletes will feed off of instruction the same. She is also SOW because her smile is contagious. She never ceases to have a smile on her face. She and her sister are both in the same Bronze group and they always laugh and have fun and it always warms my heart to know they are constantly having fun, which is what swimming should boil down to anyway, fun!! Thank you Chandrika for always wanting to improve as I see that so much already. Working on the little things is key to being successful in swimming and if you keep it up, I know you’ll have a great future ahead! Good job, girl!  —Coach Makaylee


Bee Cave: Yiming Peng
Yiming is just so consistent with his focus on all the right things, from his first push off to how he kicks through the finish of every swim, the length of stroke is maintained no matter the distance or the speed, his head position is just the best and he has found a way for that position to make each of the four strokes better. Some swimmers find longer swims difficult but Yiming seems to get better overall when we swim longer distances and better still when the repeat numbers increase. I think Yiming has proven that it is time to see how he will stack up in the Silver Group! Great job young man! —Coach Chuck




Cedar Park: Helena Eckert
This young lady has been very focused over the past few months on her technique and kick!  I have loved watching her progress. Recently, she swam a life time best in practice by 13 seconds on a 50! I am truly impressed with this young lady.  Way to go, Helena —Coach Paige


Bee Cave: Daniel Alpatov
The following is a brief excerpt from the Book “Good Sport”, written by THE Coach Nick. For years, this passage has puzzled many literary historians, as well as generated many theories from fans across the nation.. But it’s never made sense.. Until Now… Here it is:

“…and of course, that’s the key to good sportsmanship.. Now, I’d like to pause this thought, and make a bold prediction. There will come a swimmer.. In Spring of 2018, Year of the Dog.. And that swimmer, will bring balance to the pool. I will give him a nickname.. Possibly Dr. Consistent… or maybe, The Bring It Man… or perhaps, Mr. ALL DAY. I haven’t quite figured that part out. But he will always be ready to listen, and willing to learn. Tuned in, and excited for instruction. He’ll be quick to make adjustments, and to create lasting change. He’ll be consistent in showing up, and in his work ethic. But most importantly, he’ll have a great attitude. He’ll carry with him, a feeling of positivity, and he’ll signal it with his smile. During a set, he’ll swim through a wall for you. And after it, he’ll be the first one to start giving out hi fives, and telling others, “good job”..  He’ll have tough moments, but he’ll use those to grow. He’ll have nail biting races, but win or lose, will always shake the hand of his competitor. He’ll stand for something, much bigger than a single person could. And whether you zoom in and highlight one single week, where he maybe worked consistent kick and body line, where he pulled away on a particular longer swim set, where he got out and simply says “I’m Tired”…  or if you step back, and examine his entire career, no matter which, you’ll without question, find him giving his best, and hoping for the best of anyone around him. Be on the lookout…for this swimmer, will bring light to Nitro.”

After countless years of research, it seems evidence has led us to discover, the identity of this young man. A boy, swimming in the cave of bees, with a metaCHLORINE count, through the roof! Perhaps even higher than Master Koleber… But all that aside, I do know this. If you want to be a good sport, then it all starts with being a good person. This young man, is among the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of coaching. Period… No future is written. But I promise, keep an eye on this one. It’s going to be special. Oh, His name is Daniel Alpatov. But for now, let’s call him, Mr. Nitro. Great Job Daniel.  —Coach Nick


Advanced Silver


Bee Cave: Ruby Rose Teeters
Ruby Rose has been crushing it as of it late. She started the season with a nearly 10:00 500 kick for time and recently dropped an 8:49. Her dedication to her own progress and  that of her teammates is astounding and apparent in every set. She readily makes adjustments and most importantly when she doesn’t understand something she will humbly say so upfront. This is an admirable quality in an athlete. To be able to say: yes, no, or I don’t know. And mean it! Keep grinding, Ruby Rose! —Coach Bobby


Gold I & II


CP Gold I: Tori Xiao 
Tori has done a lot of great things since the season has ended. She has worked out some kinks in her breaststroke, and her dives have gotten a lot cleaner. With the newer kids around, Tori has been a great leader in and out of the pool. Keep up that energy into the new season Tori! —Coach Adam


CP Gold II: Philippe Diaz
While we had to say goodbye to Philippe last week as he’s preparing for the next step, I’m confident that he’s ready for the challenge.  Philippe has grown tremendously in Gold II, becoming more driven and willing to push himself.  He didn’t particularly enjoy the hard work coming into the group, but he soon found that the pride in doing things right is worth it.  Continue to do great things, Philippe! —Coach Alex


Bee Cave: Sabrina DeFranco
Sabrina reminds me of a super cute animal. Im not sure which one, but she has the brightest eyes and is always happy and ready to go at practice. This past week was Spring Break week, yet Sabrina was ready to go and kept herself moving and staying in shape for whats next…Long Course!! She is the youngest in the group, but you would never know that by how big she makes herself look in the water. There is always room for improvement and growth, and I am excited to see what Sabrina has in store for this next season. —Coach Allison