Nitro Swimmers of the Week for June 24 – 29, 2013

Swimmer of the Week for June 24th – 29th, 2013:

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park: Meredith Wolfe, Ashten Snell & Irene Chi– All three of these ladies were able to accomplish flip turns this past week for the first time! They all showed great heart in tackling this skill, which can be very challenging. Great job ladies and keep it up!

Bee Cave: Intro #5– This group had an amazing week. They all were very active in practice and an awesome job improving their strokes. This group of Intro’s is all very talented and I enjoy working with them. They just keep on improving each week and it is some much fun to watch them become better swimmers.


Cedar Park: All the swimmers that participated in the timed kick set this week– I am very proud of all the swimmers that kicked this week. They are getting the hang of it!!! Not only did we have lower times over all on the kick set. The bronze swimmers listened for and remembered their times, repeated them back, and tried to bet that time. We also had good show of team spirit, and individual sportsman ship. Keep up the good work Bronze!!!!!

Bee Cave: Kaylie Jones– Kaylie always works hard and is regularly a demonstrator for the group. There is a constant smile on her face and is a role model for the group. Keep up the hard work!

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park:Pooja Reddy & Chinmay Murphy– When it comes to positive attitudes and great energy at NITRO these two have it down.  Not only is their swimming technique really shaping up, but the energy they bring to the pool and their respective groups really shines.  Great job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool.

Bee Cave: Coral Brundige– Coral is so much fun to work with. Coral started swimming with TF a couple of months ago and she has so much fun working the coaches. She always has a big bright smile on her face and is always laughing. She is starting to look much stronger in the water and the confidence in herself, and that is what makes coaching so enjoyable. Keep up the great work.


Cedar Park: Sarah Doughty– As we’ve gotten to the point in the season that that Silver kids focus more on putting in some quality work in addition to the technique focus we’ve had to this point Sarah has been working exceptionally hard.  She’s always been a great student of the sport but this week more so than any previous Sarah has shown a consistent willingness to continue pushing herself when the sets became more difficult.  If Sarah can continue to focus on her stroke technique and be willing to push herself as hard as she has this past week there’s greatness in her future in and out of the pool.  Keep it up Sarah!

Bee Cave: Scout Swanson– Scout’s backstroke this weekend was great to watch she kept a very good rate with her arms and the best kick I ever seen her use. Her freestyle has showed great improvement with a very quick breath, steady head, and the longer stroke we have been working on. I’m looking forward to her swimming some of the longer events very soon.

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park:All Advanced Silver swimmers who swam 3 or more Long Course swim meets this summer– Long Course is a short season and it’s hard to attend all the meets of the season.  Many swimmers and families were able to make the commitments of attending swim meets despite the short season.   Swim meets are a great way to evaluate the progress in practices.   There are several things we talk about during each practice.   Swim meets are a way to check how well the swimmers are applying this knowledge.   Great job to all of you!

Bee Cave: Reo Oba– Reo had a great meet this weekend dropping some serious time on his 200 Free. His effort in workout was equally as dedicated and stepping up in these two ways really shows the link between workout and practice. That’s not to say you will always go fast in a meet when you have put in the training. There are many factors that affect a swimmer’s meet.  That said, it is certainly gratifying when the results of effort put in overtime are realized in the moment of truth.   Keep up the good work Reo!


Cedar Park: Brian Lee– Brian has worked really hard to improve his underwater kicking, and it paid of big time at the meet this weekend. He was able to shave of significant amounts of time because he always had the best under-waters in his heat. Way to apply practice to racing Brian and continue to work as hard as you do!

Bee Cave: Shannon Bagnal– After a great week of hard work Shannon swam some very good races at the UT meet, ending with a 100 backstroke where she swam the second 50 within one second of the first, Shannon has been learning how to race very well, learning how to pace, set the correct breathing pattern, working the kick just enough to be able to race to the finish. It’s great to see how well she has been able to apply the things she has learned, the best is yet to come!