Nitro Swimmers of the Week for June 17 – 22, 2013

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park: Alan Tong– Alan’s done a fantastic job at picking up a lot of new drills and techniques over the last week. We’re all very impressed with his improvement! Keep up the good work Alan!

Bee Cave:Krishna Sura– I am so proud of Krishna. He has come a very long way in the past few months that I have been working with him. The best thing I have seen from him is a change in is his attitude. His positive attitude has helped him be more confident in his swimming and he keeps on improving. I love seeing a smile on his face every time he is in the water. Keep up the great work!


Cedar Park:Shea LI Dombrowski– Shea LI in these past months has really stepped it up!!!! Shea Li started out by just going to swim practice and doing what was need to get through practice…As of late Shea Li has improved in kicking, found stomach muscles for butterfly, gotten faster and started challenging other kids in in lane to move ahead, and the turns !!!… Have improved tenfold…!!!

Bee Cave: Emilie Jones– I put Emilie in a different lane this week and she really took off! She gave her all on the 100’s (meter) swim and I saw a level of effort in practice that I haven’t seen before! Great job!

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park:Blakely Calderone & Aidan Byrd – Both of these swimmers has been a part of the technique and fitness group for a while and have always come to practice with a winning attitude.  They both are eager to demonstrate for the group, willing to push themselves and always have smiles on their faces.  Great job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool.

Bee Cave:Connor Hawkins– Connor had his very first meet at the Nitro at the Races, and he did great. Connor always gives 100% at practice to get better.  He has a great attitude and ready to learn something new to his stroke to make it better, and makes those corrections to have a better stroke. Keep up the great work.


Cedar Park:Cynthia Germaine– Cynthia has been a new addition to the Silver groups when the summer schedule started and has already set herself apart as one of the hardest working swimmers in her group.  This week featured allot of longer freestyle swims than we’ve done to this point and Cynthia has consistently pushed herself and maintained great stroke technique while doing it.  Keep up the great work Cynthia!

Bee Cave:Jasmine Park Jasmine has been working very hard to make changes to her freestyle, the fly kick off her walls, how fast she reaches the fruit loops, maintaining her breathing patterns, as well as learning how to race in a 50 meter pool. Saturdayshe did all of the above while swimming dive 50’s to within 4 seconds of her best ever meet times over and over again. Keep up the great work Jasmine!

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park:Karsten Olsen– Karsten has worked hard on improving his swimming technique.  He’s dropped time in his recent swim meets.  He has also dropped time in our timed practice swims (500 / 400 IM).  He is applying the new technique and tempo through all of his practices.   Keep up the good work Karsten!

Bee Cave: Jordan Mathis – When deciding on Swimmer of the Week, I tend to look at effort levels of the individual swimmers in relation to their effort levels of weeks past.  Effort is not simply working “hard” but qualities like listening, focus and the ability to translate what they know they should be doing to what their body is actually doing are all taken into account.  With a swimmer like Jordan it is very difficult for me to award her Swimmer of the Week because she sets such a high standard for herself.  This week though, I saw a marked difference in her results in the pool she was swimming faster and her focus seemed even clearer.  I chose to highlight Jordan this week in part for these achievements, but also, for her consistency and grit she displays every week.    Keep up the great work Jordan!


Cedar Park: Bill Nixon Memorial Meet Swimmers– The Gold group had an amazing showing at this meet with very good swims. Making finals several times over and representing our group very well.

Bee Cave:Brian Li & Tas Saunders These two young men have been tearing up the pool this week, repeating times close to their best, over several different strokes, sometimes racing side by side, then other times comparing times on dive challenge swims, each of them raising the lid for the Gold Group, with a high five and a smile or a laugh it’s great to see these young boys training so well all the while having so much fun! Great job boys!