Nitro Swimmers of the Week for June 10 – 15, 2013

Swimmers of the Week for June 10th – 15th, 2013:

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park: Intro to Nitro #7 – This group mastered the Munchkin Drill this week. Out of all of the Intro groups, they showed the most enthusiasm during this drill! Great job to all!

Bee Cave: Liam Polster – I am very proud of Liam this week. Liam did his very first Long Course session and had a tremendous practice. He started off not sure what to do because the pool was different for him, but by the end of practice he showed us what he can do. He put in his very best effort to this practice and by the end of the day he looked fantastic. Keep up the great work Liam we are very proud of you!


Cedar Park: All Bronze Swimmers that competed in Saturday’s meet – I am very proud to say that all the Bronze swimmers did amazing at the Races. For many of the Bronze swimmers this was their first meet and/or first long course meet. They all step up to the starting block, and did their best…. WAY TO GO BRONZE!!!!

Bee Cave: Andre Taylor Montero – Andre has been working hard for the last few weeks and it really showed at the meet on Saturday!  He dropped a ton of time in all of his swims and had fun while he was doing it!  Andre has also been working on transitioning to Silver and was able to achieve that goal this week.  Keep up the great work!

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park: Ellen Nguyen & Aidan Shaw – Ellen has always been a great asset to the NITRO family.  She leads her lane, has a positive attitude, pays close attention to the clocks and is improving her technique as the months go by.  Aidan really worked hard on his breaststroke kick this past week.  He was having some difficulty with foot position but really nailed it on Thursday.  Great job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool.

Bee Cave: Vaughn Wodchis – Vaughn had such a great week. He took direction very well from the coaches to correct his stroke this and improved so much at the end of practice. He worked really hard to get better this week and we are very proud of his performance this week. Keep the great work!


Cedar Park: All the new swimmers from Bronze – With the summer schedule freeing up some space in the Silver groups we got a batch of new kids that were ready to move up from Bronze this week.  I’ve been extremely happy with both their ability and their attitudes as they didn’t start in the easiest of weeks but every one of them stepped up to the more challenging workouts with a smile on their faces!

Bee Cave: Logan Walker – For only being 8 years old Logan really showed great maturity this weekend, he attacked every race as though it were a TAGS championship, and when you see 5 to 10 second time drops in the 50s and a 19 second drop in a 100 yard race all you can do is cheer that young man on! Great stuff Logan!

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park: Bella Zapata – Bella has been working really well on techniques, pacing and leadership within our group. We’ve done several dryland activities that require team work and Bella has often stepped up in her groups. She is working hard on implementing the stroke corrections daily.

Bee Cave: Joseph Gillett – Joseph raised his level of intensity this week and displayed effort I have seen from him before but never with such consistency.  I ask all of my swimmers to do something to make themselves better every practice. That can be as small as perfect streamlines or as challenging as pushing their bodies beyond anything they have done before.  Joseph really took that concept to heart and made himself better every practice. By the end of the week he was helping to motivate his teammates and really contributing to the group.  Keep up the great work Joseph!


Cedar Park: Nick Nerhood – Nick has been working really hard on pushing beyond his comfort zone, getting uncomfortable with vertical kicking and kept pushing to get better. Keep up the good work!!!

Bee Cave: Nicolas Andros – Nic has been doing an outstanding job working on his intensity and his rate, his strokes are starting to loosen up and gain the length needed to really race. This past weekend at the Nitro meet his freestyle events all showed improvement but it was the eight second drop in his 100 breaststroke that really impressed me. Keep up the great work Nic.