Nitro Swimmers of the Week for July 8 – 13, 2013

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park:Aaron Smith– Aaron has really struggled with flip turns in the past, which is something that many new swimmers have problems with. This past week, he came into practice with a new attitude (and a nose plug!). I saw him smiling after completing some backstroke flip turns, which is s great thing to see. Great job Aaron and keep up the good work!

Bee Cave:Ryan Liu– Ryan is my quiet one in Intro 2 group, but he tries so hard every day. He has a great work ethic that will go far. He never gives up and keeps on trying. Because of how hard he works he was made swimmer of the week. Keep on plugging away Ryan. Keep up the great work.


Cedar Park:Orion Tian– Orion “the man with the master plan” has really shown himself in the last month to be contender. Orion has become the master with the stroke drills, always has a question if something with his strokes are wrong and then works the sets until it is right. He has realized that good stroke technique will make you faster. Orion has assuredly become FASTER!!!!

Bee Cave: Talia Baig– We have been working on our flip turns and under waters all week.  Breaking the steps up piece by piece then we put it all together on Friday orSaturday by swimming 100m Free/Back X 50.  Talia not only came up at the 15m mark on the start but past the flags after the turn with a smooth alternating arm breakout.  I always tell the kids that the underwater on the start is the easy one, it’s the ones after the turns you have to really think about.  Watching her accomplish that made my morning!  Thanks Talia and congratulations!

Technique & Fitness

Cedar Park:Abigayle Ferguson & Jeremy Ryan – Abigayle has really nailed her practices.  She has been focused and paying attention to our direction and it shows in her technique.  Ryan really has shown great strides in his butterfly.  This past week he really was flying across the pool.  Great job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO   and we’ll see you at the pool.

Bee Cave:David Hellrung– David has improved so much over the last couple of weeks. His strokes keep getting better every day. This week we focused on Butterfly and it just keeps on improving. He thinks about what the coaches are saying improve his strokes and makes the correction right away. It has been a pleasure coach David and seeing how much he has improved. Keep up the great work.


Cedar Park:Yeraldin Ruiz– ‘Dean’ spent most of the summer with her summer league team during which time she was sorely missed at Nitro.  While she’s been leading lanes and making corrections when asked to in the time she’s been back, this she stood out with exceptional fish kicking and effort on our race pace work at the end of practice.  Glad to have Dean and all our swimmers who have been gone for parts of the summer back.  Keep up the great work Dean!

Bee Cave:Harvey Li– Harvey has been charging all week long, it doesn’t matter whether it was long course or short, he has been using his kick better than ever, is more focused, and more determined in his sets, always asking how fast his last swim was, a sure sign of a young swimmer on the verge of a break through, I’m looking forward to Harveys next meet. Keep going Harvey!

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park: Brooke Newby, Harris Durham, Shrey Sankar, Molly Sparrow – Great job representing our group at this Championship swim meet.

Bee Cave: Sophia Shelburne– I can always count on Sophia to show up and give her best effort. That’s not to say she’s always leading the lane. She recognizes that there are times when she needs to slow down and focus on the drills that I ask of the swimmers.  That said, this weekend Sophia had an outstanding performance during practice, leading not just her lane but the whole group during a Challenge Set. Keep up the great work Sophia!


Cedar Park: Ryan Kutz– Ryan celebrated his birthday on Sunday, and unlike many boys his age he decided to spend his birthday in Corpus Christi swimming at the South Texas A Championship meet. Where he not only made finals but made one amazing effort towards a TAGS time in the 200 Breast, very proud of his swimming over the past several weeks, so congratulations to Ryan on your great swim and Happy Birthday!!!

Bee Cave:Connor Jones– This week Connor has shown real leadership qualities, he takes the lead on sets whenever needed and encourages others when they need support, and when the group needs a lift Connor is always there to put a smile back on their faces. He took control of a test set on Saturday and the group handled it in great fashion, Connor’s voice could be heard all through the set. Great Job Connor and Gold Group!