Nitro Swimmers of the Week for July 1 – 6, 2013

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park:Niko Kundivich– The focus at the end of the week was on IM (individual medley) swimming. Niko’s reaction to this was absolutely priceless, as he was very excited about it. To top it all off, he voluntarily swam a 50 yard butterfly, completely correct and legal at the end of practice. Great job and great attitude Niko!

Bee Cave:Wenchan Xue– Wenchan has had a great week. She is always active in practice and improves through the practice. This week we really focused on Backstroke and Freestyle and she would demonstrate our drills perfectly. Keep up the great work!


Cedar Park:Katie Zografos– Miss Katie has stepped up her game!! These last two weeks, Katie has been starting to leading her lane. She started in the middle and has successfully with great sportsmanship, moved her way to the lead. Katie has shown great leadership skills by reading the clock properly, going on the right intervals, and listening carefully to drills. Katie enjoys swimming and it shows!!!!!

Bee Cave: Riley Dalton– Riley has recently joined us but has done more than simply blend in with the group.  She has caught on quickly to learning new drills and I have already started using her as an example in practice.  She always has a smile on her face and has a brilliant attitude!

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park:Tessa Whitaker & Sarvesh Raghuraman– These two swimmers show up for practice with a smile on their faces and attitudes to match and their endurance in the pool screams success. Great job you two thanks for being a part of Nitro see you at the pool.

Bee Cave:Thomas Young– Thomas has improved so much over the past few weeks. He really takes in what the coaches are saying to improve his stroke, and we are noticing it. He has learned so much that he has now become a leader in his TF group. Keep being awesome!


Cedar Park:Megha Siddapureddy– Megha has been a joy to have in Silver since moving up from Bronze this past spring.  While she’s always brought a positive and fun loving attitude to the group watching the difference between her swimming in meets and practices made it clear that she held something back in practice.  While she has been doing better about increasing her practice performance for the past few months last week especially Megha clearly put her all into each practice.  Should Megha and other swimmers display similar courage in putting everything into each practice Nitro will have some great swimmers in the near and long term future.

Bee Cave:Claire Beiter– Claire is showing some of the best mechanics I’ve seen her do yet this year, her fly is low smooth and quick, the kick is strong, and you can see how her confidence has grown, when I need someone to demonstrate any of the strokes to the Silver Group Claire always comes through with just the right pace as well as the appropriate timing and breath control. This young lady is just getting better and better, Great job Claire!

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park: David Shay- David’s progress has been meteoric this past season. His smile is a mile wide, and anyone can tell he truly enjoys the process of this sport. He’s a joy to coach and we all look forward to seeing what the future holds for David.

Bee Cave: Avery Kalsu– Avery has done a great job this past 4th of July week. She listens well and can immediately translate the stroke corrections of the coaches to what she is doing with her body. In short, she is great fun to coach. If that were not enough, Avery always shows up with a positive attitude contributing, not only to her elevated practice but, to the betterment of the whole group.  Keep up the fantastic work Avery!


Cedar Park: Ben Offereins– Ben has been pushing himself this past week and showing some of his endurance in practice. We had a lovely set of 20×100 last week and Ben stepped up to the plate and rocked the set. Great job Ben keep up the hard work!!

Bee Cave:Madeline Riley, Morgan Riley & Kaley Rogers – The girls have really been putting on a show of how to train your legs, whether it’s fish kick, under waters, with a board, fins on or off, these girls have been pressing off the walls better and farther, with good body lines and the correct intensity, the results of which will be fun to watch at their next meet. By focusing on the walls I’ve noticed how well the girls have been handling the longer sets, and how I’ve been able to lower the intervals, sets that were difficult are now being attacked and the struggle of practice is giving way to smiles and high fives. Great job ladies!