Nitro Swimmers of the Week for February 4th – 9th, 2013

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park:Akshata Badrayani– Akshata has made serious progress since she began in Intro.  Once timid and unsure, now she is fully confident of her stroke skill and knowledge.  Each week at practice she listens carefully for directions and opportunities to answer questions for coaches and teammates! She is a wonderful swimmer to have as part of Intro to Nitro!  Congratulations Akshata!!



Cedar Park: Sloane Diamond– Sloane has done an amazing job this week listening to and directly working on improvements. Sloane is a great demonstrator to the group because when she understands a drill she makes it look pretty every time. Something to show off to all other swimmers.

Bee Cave:Peyton Hodakievic– Peyton has done a tremendous job with her work effort and positive attitude.  She is one of the tiniest in the group, but makes the biggest impression.  With moving forward and improving her stroke work, Peyton continues to impress the coaches with her giant smile at the end of each practice.  Keep working hard, you’re doing great!

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park:Emily Anguiano & Tyler Gonzalez – Emily has really improved on her butterfly.  She also is paying attention to the clocks and her interval work.  She is all smiles and positive attitude. Tyler is fairly new to the T/F group.  He’s already leading his lane, following instructions and pushing himself.  Great job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool.

Bee Cave:Sophie Beasley– Sophie put together a wonderful week at practice. Her focus for sixty minutes is the result of improvement from her in all areas. Sophie is becoming a leader in that group, keep up the great work.


Cedar Park:Raffe Andrewartha– Raffe recently had an injury to his ankle which kept him from being able to kick or do much swimming at all.  Before his injury he was a “go through the motions” swimmer; doing the sets but not to the best of his ability.  With an injured ankle he had to really push himself if he wanted to keep up with the rest of the group.  He is now injury free and has carried over the hard working attitude he was relying on and all week he has been towards the front of his lane.  Keep on pushing Raffe!

Bee Cave:Isabella Sites– Bella has been working so hard to improve her mechanics you might have missed the fact that when we swam 5 one hundreds on interval she held them all under 1:35, but better than that she made each 100 faster than the last finishing with a 1:27 just 2 seconds off her best 100 free time, That’s the kind of swimming that gets the coaches saying WOW.

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park:The swimmers that braved the elements this Saturday at the Last Chance meet!– Swimming through rain, wind and chilly temperatures, there were still swimmers posting best times and some new A times! This day was all about not letting external factors control your attitude and outcome. Nice job to all!

Bee Cave: Madella Ngo– Madella really stepped up this week.  She has a great deal of talent but frequently holds back in her lane.  Not this week. In one of our more challenging sets, Madella took the lead late in the set and continued to push through to the end.  Each swimmer has their own challenges to overcome and Madella really rose with the occasion to succeed and meet the potential of the set.  Well done Madella!


Cedar Park: Alyssa Grunloh– Alyssa has joined our team all of two months and has already had great success in the pool, this weekend she went to the Last Chance ‘A’ Qualifier and immediately went a AA time in the 200 Fly. Besides that she is constantly the source of many smiles at practice, even when she is upset with the coaches over the set she can’t help but make everyone laugh. She is a great addition to our GOLD group.

Bee Cave:Evan Margiotta– For quite some time Evan considered himself simply a breaststroker but as of late he has been challenging himself to explore other areas of training, this last week on some 50 breakthrough sets he was a standout in the Gold Group, but it’s his quiet work ethic that has been impressing myself and the other coaches