Nitro Swimmers of the Week for August 26th – 31st, 2013

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park: Parker Huang– Parker has been working very hard in Intro with us. He shows determination and discipline in every practice, and is a very focused swimmer. Kristyn and I have noticed an immense improvement in his skills. Keep up the great work, Parker! – Coach Kirsten

Bee Cave:Elizabeth Lensing– One thing I love about Elizabeth is that she always has gives 100% to whatever she is doing. This week we worked on IM kicking and Breaststroke kicking and Elizabeth did great. Elizabeth has some trouble doing flutter kick while gliding during her Breaststroke kick, but this week she kept those knees together and worked really hard to not move her legs apart. Keep up the great work Elizabeth. – Coach Nikki


Cedar Park: Lycia Pohu Lycia has showed great kicking ability this past week. Lycia is a joy to have in practice and when we start kicking she is really able to shine and show off what she is capable off. Congratulations Lycia and keep up the hard work!!!! – Coach Travis

Bee Cave: Jack Minyen– Jack always has a smile on his face and says “Thank you” after practice.  This last week he couldn’t find his goggles but didn’t say anything about it.  He just got in and got moving with the group.  He never complained. He just kept trying his best.  Great character to see in a lad his age and something that many of us can learn from.  Complaining didn’t make his situation easier and very rarely does it help any situation we might be in.  It’s always better to stay positive and keep pressing on. – Coach Hannah

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park:Alison Jia & Naeel Hussain– Alison is that swimmer who consistently shows up to practice and gets the job done.  She works hard, leads her lane and it shows in her strokes and technique.  Naeel is a great addition to the group.  He is always ready to jump in with an enthusiastic attitude.  Great job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool. – Coach Steve

Bee Cave: Brenna Healy– Brenna really stepped up her game this week. Her constant focus on her streamline and fly kick outs has her taking her swimming to a whole new level. Not only is she improving her strokes but encourages her entire group. The energy she brings day in and day out is no surprise to improvement. Keep up the great work Brenna! – Coach Adrian


Cedar Park:Anoushka Narayan– Anoushka is a brand new addition to the Silver group but has already distinguished herself with a tremendous ability to change her habits in the pursuit of better stroke technique.  We’re very much looking forward to watching Anoushka continue to improve over the course of the school year.  Early in the season especially improving stroke technique is the most important point of emphasis in any practice to ensure success down the road as the workload increases.  Keep up the great work Anoushka! – Coach Dakota

Bee Cave:Natalie Klaas– Natalie hopped in the pool at Bee Cave and took off down the pool, kicking with huge intensity, fast quick turn, tight streamline fly kick almost out to the fruit loops, finished strong to the wall, and not a single breath in the red zone! Then she did that over and over through the whole first set, prompting Coach Adrian to say, “Great to see Natalie back charging!”, and I agree! She jumped in and reset the bar very high for the Silver Group to reach towards. Great having you back in the lane Natalie! – Coach Chuck

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park:Evelyn Ngo– Evelyn has been working consistently to improve her stroke.   She’s punctual to practice and dryland.  She is consistent with bringing all of her equipment for each training session. I have had the joy to watch her work hard and move to the front of the lane, in the last four months.   She is a great team leader for the new Advanced Silver swimmers.  Great work Evelyn! – Coach Scott

Bee Cave:


Cedar Park: Breanna Harris– Brie has been doing a great job this week stepping up her kicking game and shown the Gold group how to train properly, very proud of Brie’s effort in practice continue to look forward to her improvement this coming season. – Coach Flo

Bee Cave:Mason Wong– It’s the start of a new short course season so as a coach you’re excited to see which of your swimmers, coming off a great summer, have already set their goals for next March. Mason has jumped out in front, looking at what it will take to get to the next level of his challenge, so his first week has been stellar, crisp long turns, awesome kicking, strong finishes, he has shown the drive that I knew was there, but what is new is how confident his swimming has become. Mason also showed how great a teammate he is by taking time at the end of a hard practice, before he headed for home, to congratulate a fellow gold swimmer on hearing that swimmer was being moved to the TAGS group. This quality in a swimmer is what makes a coach stand very proud, Mason will be one Nitro swimmer to keep an eye on! Mason keep inspiring all of us here at Nitro Swimming! – Coach Chuck