Nitro Swimmers of the Week for August 12 – 17, 2013

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park:Brandon Chong– While Brandon’s focus has improved a lot over the last few weeks, what has really impressed me is his ability to be a great teammate. When other swimmers in his lane have questions about what we are doing, Brandon has usually answered them before a coach can. He’s been a great help to us as well as to his teammates, and I’m very proud of the maturity that he is showing. Keep up the great work Brandon!

Bee Cave:Erin Carroll– This week we worked on Breaststroke and Erin wins the MVP award for this. Erin has just started with Nitro in July and she has improved so much. With her listening to her coaches applying what she has learned she has improved. When we started with the Breaststroke kick her kick was very big and would just bring her legs out and in. By the end of practice he kick was perfect and I couldn’t be happier. Keep up the great work and giggles Erin!!!


Cedar Park: Fiona Graves– Fiona has been a consistent leader to the Bronze group as of recently and always smiling and just enjoying practice. Glad to have Fiona at practice every day, glad to see her improve every single day.

Bee Cave: Jack Peterson– Jack has not only improved his listening skills and been maintaining high effort levels but his communication skills have been great also.  He has really impressed me with his ability to let me know if he has been sick, BEFORE practice starts and been able to approach me with his goals. Love seeing initiative like that!

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park:Valerie Luu & Rishi Soni – Valerie and Rishi have really stepped up their game this past week.  Their endurance is increasing and the time they have spent in the pool this summer is beginning to show.  They raise their hands to volunteer and really have great attitudes to match.  Nice job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool.

Bee Cave:Cole Dean– Cole started with the Summer Rec program this summer and loved it so much he joined one of the TF groups. He is a great person and swims his heart out. This summer coach Jeff has been working on streamlines and underwater at the end of practice and Cole would go about half of the pool underwater streamline body-waves long course. I was amazed to how far they went underwater and very proud of him. Keep up the great work Cole!!!


Cedar Park:Jacob Worley– Jacob has made some great progress all throughout the season, but this week especially Jacob was enthusiastically pushing himself and not accepting anything but his best effort.  That kind of consistent effort is inspiring to see, and a critical habit to get into for success at any level of swimming.  Keep up the great work in Advanced Silver this Fall Jacob!

Bee Cave: Fredrick Guo– Fred has really been swimming with heart, he has been as sharp and focused on his butterfly as he is on his breaststroke, longer off the walls sure, but it’s how much faster her has been reaching the fruit loops, pullouts or fish kick, he has been pressing the legs and streamlines to his limits. Funny how much easier the set becomes when you only have to swim 15 yards each length. Great job Fred!

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park: Adam Micek – In a recent practice we had a visiting swimmer.  We got to a familiar kicking set which required tempo trainers, (a piece of equipment the visiting swimmer didn’t have). I instructed the swimmers to get their equipment, before calling out the set, Adam came over and asks to borrow a tempo trainer for the visitor.   Which showed Adam understood the set and wanted to help our visitor with the new equipment. Way to be a great team mate!

Bee Cave: Alicia White– Thursday afternoon was a great workout. Everybody was really showing me the effort, responding well to coaches and the energy was great.  As we made our way to the end of the final set, some fast 25s on a tight interval, Alicia’s cap was steadily falling back to the point where it was just being held on by her balled up hair and her goggles.  In mid-stroke I saw Alicia grab the cap and toss it away not missing a beat.  Clearly, nothing was going to stop her from making the rest of the set.  It was the act of somebody who really wants to be here. Somebody who wants to get better.  Somebody who will not let distractions get in her way.  I’ve seen Alicia grow from the Silver swimmer she was last fall into the Senior swimmer she is going to be this fall.  I am very proud of her and this one simple action really sums up the change I have seen in her over the last few months.  Keep up the great work Alicia!


Cedar Park: Emily Pumphret– Emily as well has having enjoyed the week of playing games and a relaxed workout. Emily has done a great job working on her Breaststroke and Freestyle pull this week. Emily is learning to get a lot more power out of her strokes and it is great to see her continue to improve.

Bee Cave: Eric Li– The Gold group has been pushing very hard this week and Eric has been making the most of it, his intensity with his freestyle is the best it has ever been, long of the walls, strong finishes, and never once let up during tbe main sets. Eric has certainly turned a corner on his training; I can’t wait to see his first meet of the fall. Keep going Eric!