Nitro Swimmers of the Week for April 8 – 13, 2013

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park:Morgan Vopat – Morgan has come to practices lately with an extra pep in her step.  She is eager to get in the water and go go go!  The extra burst of energy has also given Morgan a chance to enhance her swimming skills in the water; underwaters are going farther, kicks are smaller and faster and side breathing is smaller and faster as well.  Morgan it is very exciting to see all the improvements and energy in and out of the water, Keep Up the Great Work!

Bee Cave:Ally Zhou– Ally is my swimmer that always has a question and always wants to be doing the drill exactly right. She is a hard worker with a constant smile on her face. She is improving quickly and I am excited to see how fast she gets. Keep up the great work!


Cedar Park:Bao Tran– Bao has the determination to be a good swimmer, he moved up to Bronze in the middle of the season from TF with Coach Steve, and continues to make the changes that allow him to excel with the Bronze group. He has made goals, and is on track to make them happen! Way to go Bao!!!!

Bee Cave:Bridget Wu– Bridget always comes to practice with a positive attitude and ready to learn.  She is a great listener and tries her best to master each and every skill that I teach them.  I frequently use her as an example for the group and know that she is someone I can depend on to be a role model.

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park:Hannah Anthony and Andrew Huynh – Every practice Hannah wants to demonstrate for the group.  She is always willing to help out and always with enthusiasm and a smile on her face.  Andrew has been swimming with us for a while, and his great attitude has never wavered.  We feel that he WANTS to be here and it shows in his swimming.  Great job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool.

Bee Cave:Brenna Healy– Brenna did a very nice job this week in the pool. She really attacked our IM focus sets. Her constant dedication to streamlines has her strokes falling together nicely. Keep up the great work Brenna!


Cedar Park:Quin Collins & Ana Herceg– Quin has shown himself to be a great listener and even better team mate.  Despite all the work on his least favorite stroke this past week he led his lane each day and helped his team mates keep track of the sets and intervals.  Ana just recently moved up from Bronze and has been a standout during aerobic sets and continues to work on improving her stroke technique.  Keep up the great work you two.

Bee Cave:Emily Seghers– Emily has really separated herself from the Silver Group, watching her length of stroke on freestyle, the low breathing on butterfly, how she presses the top of her breaststroke, it makes me feel like I’m watching a swimmer at my Gold Group workout, not a 10 year old from Silver 2! So far she has risen to every challenge put in front of her and I can’t wait to see her swim her first Long course meet this spring.

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park:Samir Anwar – Last week we had a new swimmer come to one of our practices.  While answering questions, Samir began to explain the drill, so the new swimmer could understand what we were doing. I finished answering questions from the group, and began to tell the new swimmer the drill….he told me, “Samir already explained it”

Bee Cave:Charlize Hallett– Charlie asked me a couple of weeks ago what it takes to be Swimmer of the Week. We talked about some of the things it takes and areas in which she could improve.  In a week where we had a chance to work on our drills and go toe-to-toe with a few IM sets Charlie distinguished herself by: 1. Staying in the water and getting the most of of each practice. 2. Showing the results of a constant mental effort to stay focused even while working to increase her speed. 3. Listening and showing respect to the coaches, her teammates and her own efforts in the pool. In short, while maintaining her quintessential charm and energy, Charlie managed to show me that she gets what we are about here.  At age 9 she is demonstrating her maturity and growth in the sport and it is a wonderful thing to see.  Keep up the great work Charlie!


Cedar Park: Lucy Emmerson & Rachel Jacops– Lucy and Rachel have been doing a great job this past week trying hard to work on their overall speed in the water, constantly asking questions about what they can do better and asking to be timed on almost every other swim they are doing. Very encouraging to see their dedication to this sport. I look forward to seeing them swim the first meet of the season this weekend.

Bee Cave:Julia York– Since we have started swimming longcourse on Fridays as well as Saturdays Julia has been putting on a nice show of why she has some of the best mechanics in the group, while everyone else has some trouble holding their strokes together through the longer pool, Julia just keeps pressing the pace of the stroke, she looks very at home since we’ve removed that peskie wall every 25 yards, as a matter of fact I think she preferres it that way. I can’t wait to see her attack a 200 breaststroke!