Nitro Swimmers of the Week for April 1 – 6, 2013

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park:Doeon Kim – Doeon is only just beginning with Intro, but he is already doing great!  He jumped right into his first practice with a 50 freestyle down backstroke back.  Without hesitation Doeon does what his coaches ask and works hard for corrections.  Welcome to Intro to Nitro Doeon, keep up the GREAT work!

Bee Cave:Joseph (Jasper) Robbins– Jasper is the epitome a hard worker. He give 100% effort not only during our kick set but also during the drills. He is constantly pushing himself to be faster, stronger and more efficient. Every single practice I know I can count on Jasper to demonstrate a drill correctly or answer the question accurately. Keep it up Kiddo!


Cedar Park:All intro swimmers that have made the move into bronze– Congratulations to all Intro swimmers that have moved to bronze, you have shown great courage and enthusiasm in moving up, and have made it past the first week jitters.

Bee Cave:Shreya Ramanathan– She always has a smile on, has great attendance and is consistently a leader in her lane.  Amazing listening skills and superb effort is just a couple of the stunning attributes she brings to practice!

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park:Jess Karli & Tyler Gonzalez – Jess has increasingly shown that she knows how to lead her lane, demonstrate for others, and work on her technique.  Tyler swims once a week, and in that day that he swims he puts out intense effort and it shows.  Great job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool.

Bee Cave:Emma Dinwiddie– Emma always comes to practice with a huge smile on her face. Her recent dedication to her technique in the pool has her zooming by the entire group. The coaches are really starting to notice her improvement in the pool. Emma’s can-do attitude leaves her limits unlimited. Keep up the great work Emma.


Cedar Park:All the new additions from the Bronze groups– While many of them seemed a bit intimidated at first by the end of the week they were all learning and keeping up with the rest of the group, and in some cases even leading their lanes.  If these new Silver swimmers keep listening as well as they have so far and work hard when asked to they’ll have a great summer season.

Bee Cave:Naomi Kruger– We always love to see swimmers challenge themselves, but when one swimmer makes a break through its big news! Naomi did just that this week! When the set the group was doing got really tough, a swimmer might back off or sit out, but today Naomi reached down inside herself, overcame the pain, found her focus and pushed off for the next 100 IM, finished the whole set, red face and all, with a big smile! Great job Naomi

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park:Sophie Szabo & Bella Zapata– Sophie has demonstrated a lot of effort and patience with the drills over the last week.  She has also been used to demonstrate several of the drills. Bella has also demonstrated several of the drills during practices.  She has a wonderful attitude toward slowing down and focusing on the drills.

Bee Cave:Devyn Hantgin– Devyn really stepped up her game this week. She has consistently been one of the better listeners and has accepted the coach’s stroke corrections with alacrity. This week she added to that by upping her intensity and leading her lane, contributing to a great performance by the whole group. Keep up the good work Devyn!


Cedar Park: Sabrina Pitkanen– Sabrina has had some really amazing workouts this past week, really stepping up her game and setting a great example for the new swimmers that just joined the group. Her ability to focus on her technique this week will pay off well throughout this season.

Bee Cave:Brian Li– Brian is really on his game, even with the change to long course, Brian has had a great focus on his mechanics, whether it’s holding 12 to 13 strokes per length with push offs out to the fruit loops for an entire set of 100s freestyle or working on his kicking effort during 50s butterfly, he never stops his focus! When you ask him to make a correction you see quick results, he pays attention, and he is always responsive to trying something different. I can’t wait for the first long course meet! Keep up the great work Brian.