Nitro Swimmers of the Week Feb. 11 – 16, 2013

Swimmers of the Week for February 11th – 16th, 2013:

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park:All Intro Swimmers – We worked very very hard on our flips turns this past week.  Challenging and slightly overwhelming at first but by the end of the week I am very impressed with the overall outcome; Flipping Intros!!   Racing arms and heads through our knees and using our machine gun mode noses flip turns are no longer a challenge but an achievement for the entire group! So proud to call you my swimmers!

Bee Cave:Patton Taylor– Patton is a pleasure to have on the pool deck. She always has a smile on her face and is nice to just about everyone. Patton is very good at paying attention to the details, and asking the right questions. Keep up all the hard work Patton!


Cedar Park: Bella Narsico– Watching Bella learn the ropes of Bronze Group, and swimming in general, has been quite exciting. Starting out her first practices we covered the basics of competitive swimming and how important these things are for getting faster and stronger in the water. Now Bella comes to practice and shows confidence as she swims! She knows what skills are needed for each set and if she is not 100% sure she asks a coach to clarify. Seeing all of Bella’s progress is what makes coaching so rewarding! Keep up your hard work Bella!!

Bee Cave:Laney Kalsu– This week has been a great challenge for all our bronzers, and the standout was definitely Laney Kalsu.  She walked into practice every day with her head held high and left with a giant smile knowing she gave her best effort.  I’m impressed with Laney’s skill and work ethic, she is developing into quite a young athlete.  Laney is the kid that makes this job easy and fun to be a part of.  Keep it up!

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park:Sofia Currie & Nishant Udupa – Sofia has been swimming since the fall and has really stepped up her game.  She comes to practice with a positive attitude and a smile on her face.  Her technique is developing and it shows in her faster pace.  Nishant leads his lane and always has his eyes on the clock.  He pays great attention, asks questions and volunteers to demonstrate.  These two are a great addition to the NITRO family.  Thanks you two, see you at the pool and thanks for being a part of NITRO.

Bee Cave:Campbell Collins– Campbell put together a nice week in the pool. She made giant strides of improvement in her butterfly and maturity in the pool. She ignored the ruckus going on with the big numbers in the group. Great work this week Campbell!


Cedar Park: N/A

Bee Cave:Carter Dean– Carter has really worked out the timing of his butterfly as well as his breaststroke, the patience he has displayed holding the top of the stroke was a big break through plus the improvements he has shown on both kicks only shows how hard he has focused on his mechanics. Keep up the great work!

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park:Max Vinnik and Vincent Ribiero– Both of them qualified for TAGS for the first time at the A championship meet this weekend. Max and Vincent have been working very hard this year and it’s great to see how far they have come over the season. I wanted to mention David Shay, Julia Roberto, Karen Yin, Dan Vinnik and Shrey Shankar, who all swam at the A meet this weekend. Each one of these swimmers did a great job in their events and were great teammates to each other, with lots of cheering and support. Great job everyone!

Bee Cave:Ian Cullicott– I’ve said it before and I will probably say it again, going fast in practice is just great and I certainly want to see that, however, being able to concentrate on the details in your workout, your stream line, your turns, your head position weighs heavily on your forward progress as a swimmer.  Ian consistently shows his ability to discipline his motions and his stroke is becoming cleaner and more efficient every day.  As his body grows and the intensity of his workout continues to advance this focus will prove critical to his success.  Keep up the great work Ian!


Cedar Park: Addie Armistead– Addie had an amazing meet this weekend, she dropped so much time in everything unfortunately for her she missed her TAGS cuts by just a few tenths of a second in all her events. But instead of getting down on herself she was just happy that she got to swim fast no matter what the results were. Very proud of her and am looking forward to see what she will do this summer.

Bee Cave:Tas Saunders– When you go to a championship meet you are not sure how the swimmers will endure not only the competitions but the grind of three full days and six sessions of intense swimming. Today Tas showed just what he was made of, after several up and down races, in the last session, he has the 200 IM, five seconds away from a Tags cut, he really attacked one, dropping almost 12 seconds making the cut by 6 seconds finishing second overall! Way to go Tas!