Nitro Swimmers of the Month for September 2013

Cedar Park

High School Training:Jack Shields– Jack has done an outstanding job both in and out of the pool.  He has taken workout very seriously and is willing to put extra time outside practice to emphasize his flexibility.  We look forward to see Jack’s future with Nitro and the sport of swimming. – Coach Alex

TAGS 2: Alyssa Grunloh– Alyssa has done an amazing job this month on improving many aspects of her swimming, constantly asking questions about how to something better and making herself faster. She shows true dedication to the sport and a great drive to improve. These qualities will serve her well in her swimming career. Congrats Alyssa, keep it up! – Coach FLO


Senior:Josh Player– Josh has done a great job in practices over the last few weeks, and has re-discovered his love of butterfly in the process. It’s been great to see him raise the bar and start the season off in a positive way. Great job Josh! – Coach Kristyn

National Developmental:Avery Stackle– The National Development Group at Cedar Park has had a wonderful start to the 2013-2014 short course season. New changes for the group have taken place and the swimmers have adapted very well. They are all training hard and have invested in their technique. Avery has been at the forefront of the group so far with her perfect attendance, her concern for stroke technique, and her strong effort at every practice.  This year is going to be a fun and exciting time for this group.  Having swimmers like Avery to help make her teammates better everyday will allow this group to grow and blossom to the fullest. – Coach Robert

Bee Cave

High School Training:Arjun Gautam– Arjun has been swimming great this month. This past Saturday we did a test of just 8 x 50 on 3:00 and he crushed his best time in the 50 free in practice, by 10 seconds. He has been a leader and is setting the bar high for this group. He always ask question on how to get better and has a drive to get better; and this past Saturday he proved it.  Keep up the great work! – Coach Nikki

TAGS:Connor Jones & Brian Li– These two boy are always working hard and give their best at every workout.  Last week we did a kick set of repeating timed kicks for distance.  These two were leading the whole group and kept track of their distance covered.  In 18 minutes and 39 seconds, Connor and Brian went 1,301 yards!  Great job boys keep up the great work! – Coach Scott

Senior: Aaron Jones– Aaron has had a phenomenal month in the pool. He always puts 100% effort on all the sets he is challenged with. Aaron always asks for feedback on his stroke work during practice. It is no surprise with the huge drop at our Nitro Fast Five meet. Keep up the great work Aaron! – Coach Adrian

National Developmental: Zach Ortiz- Zach just joined Nitro this fall and has already caught my eye.  Zach has become a leader of the group and continues to lead the group day after day.  Sometimes I have to give him a little encouragement to get to the front of the lane where he belongs, but he continues to impress me with his efforts.  Zach had some great swims at our FAST FIVE meet and I am excited to see what he does this season!– Coach Scott

National Group:Mason Tenney– The National Group has started off the SCY season with a great month of training as well as some very fun team building activities away from the pool. The training has been led by a pack of 6-8 swimmers who are really pushing themselves and their teammates to levels they were not sure they could achieve. Mason (arecent qualifier for the USA Swimming Scholastic All-American Team) has been at the forefront of this training group in the pool but what has separated him out to be the SOM has been his leadership. Mason’s teammates respect his training and value him as a leader and that leadership is really showing through this season. It is going to be a fun and fast year led by swimmers like Mason…congrats and keep up the great work as it has been noticed by many and helps raise our entire team’s bar! – Coach Tim