Nitro Swimmers of the Month for December 2014

Cedar Park

High School Training: Ashley Stewart – Ashley may have one of the happiest and bubbliest personalities ever, but don’t let that fool you—she’ll work as hard as she’s told.  She’s a great teammate and her positive attitude is infectious, but what earns her the Swimmer of the Month is her good attendance and amazing work ethic.  I’ve spoken with Ashley about her short- and long-term goals, and her focus couldn’t be better.  Ashley is an amazing kid who is definitely on track for success.  Keep working hard, Ashley! – Coach Alex

TAGS 2: Clayton Meyer – Clayton is the definition of great teammate on multiple occasions I have noticed Clayton high fiving teammates in the middle of sets or telling someone they did a great job, he is always smiling and always quick to a laugh. Clayton is the best kind of teammate anyone could ask for. On top of all that he gets sick one weekend and gets brand new TAGS cuts (100 & 200 Free) the next weekend. Great athlete and much more great things will happening for him. – Coach Flo

TAGS 1: Payton Marvin – Payton had an excellent December.  She started the month with an excellent Mid-Season COR meet.  She had lifetime bests almost across the board, and was able to position herself to be able to swim on relays for Nitro at Junior Nationals as a 13 year old!  At Junior Nationals, she helped in A and B relays and held her own against some of the fastest swimmers in the nation!  She also was able to time trial two events and achieved two more lifetime bests.  These performances were only possible because of her work in practice.  Payton could have grown complacent leading into Holiday Training, but instead she showed up and worked even harder! –Coach Elliott

Senior: Connor Gamble & Jaide Castle – Connor and Jaide have not only been excelling each day this month at practice but also have working hard towards transitioning into other groups. Connor gives 100% in the water as well as on land. His leadership is nothing short of excellent! Connor has the highest attendance percentage in the group and works diligently at improving his strokes and making his weaknesses his strengths. He is a great example of what true hard work and dedication can result in. Jaide always goes above and beyond of what I ask of her in practice and at meets. She is great at pushing her teammates to the next level as well as herself. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for her! Great job Jaide & Connor! – Coach Jeremy

National Development: Winter Break Training Finishers – We want to recognize the tough 6 swimmers who completed every practice of Winter Break Training. Congratulations to Dylan Friesz, Rae Friesz, Hayley Krebsbach, Hannah Palacios, Emilie Parks, and Adam Toler! These past 2 weeks of training were not the easiest of workouts and probably the toughest 2 consecutive weeks of training they all have done. For them to be determined to make every practice and work as hard as they could each practice is a true testament to how they want to make the 2nd half of the season even better then the 1st half. Congrats and keep up the great momentum you built during these last 2 weeks. – Coaches Robert, Elliott & Flo


Hayden Brown – Hayden is a very smart student.  He knows where he needs to improve and works on his swimming every time he is in the water.  He likes to swim and he has great parents that support Hayden’s desire to swim.  He is a very busy young man in and out of the water.  What Hayden lacks in ability, he makes it up with enthusiasm.  He is very coachable with a great attitude. – Coach Steve Ham

Bee Cave

High School & Middle School Training: Maximilian Hodsden – I’ve been so impressed with Maximilian since he joined the group last September. He is one of the hardest workers in the pool and always has a great attitude.  He listens well and responds to correction with a level of attention that makes it very obvious how much he wants to be here.  Lately, he has had two big breakouts, one with his freestyle and another in breaststroke. I am very proud of the work ethic he brings to the pool every night and look forward to seeing him improve even more in the months to come.  Keep up the great work Maximilian! – Coach Jeff

TAGS 2: Arianna Lax – Arianna had quite the month in December.  Her training has been great all month and her meet performance showed some great heart.  Getting up on a block and racing with no warm up is not the easiest thing to do, especially when you weren’t planning on it.  She raced hard and still managed to drop time.  She has really been pushing herself in her training and not only has it helped her, but she is also helping to raise the level of the group.  Nice job Arianna keep up the great work! – Coach Scott

TAGS 1: Steven Laflamme – Steven has been very focused and is working harder than ever.  He is always looking to get better. Along with that, he is a tremendously positive teammate. During our holiday training he pushed himself extremely hard and I can’t wait to see where it takes him! Congratulations on a great month! – Coach Jason

Senior: Katie Tuohy – This was a tough month of training, the sacrifices made by many Senior swimmers over the holidays, the work done while family and friends were sleeping in is a testament to their love of the sport, teammates, and Nitro Swimming. This kind of training is something you get used to seeing at a University, but the way Nitro Swimmers and Parents all pull together over the Holidays make this time something special! Time to step up, and Katie has done just that, just when all the faces are red, drawn, looking into the gutter, here is this bright smile coming through a side splitting grimace, “I just swam what? Are you sure?!” she could not believe she just swam 2 seconds faster than her best meet time in the 100 free! This same girl who only four months ago was competing at Jr STAGS swimming with a swim cap in one hand and her googles in the other trying to finish her 100 breaststroke, is now only strokes away from breaking 56 for her 100 free! She does show great heart and it makes me proud as a coach to watch this swimmer start to believe that she can accomplish anything! Super month young lady! Coach Chuck

National Development: Zak Mickelson – Zak had a great month.  He swam several best times and has taken his training to another level. Watching him attack every practice throughout our holiday training was awesome! Zak is definitely a swimmer to keep your eyes on in 2015!  Congratulations on a great month and let’s keep our eyes on the prize! – Coach Jason


National Group: The Junior National Team – The Junior National Team was something very special that we as coaches truly enjoyed watching and being a part of for the week of Juniors. Every swimmer on the trip to Juniors in Seattle played a crucial and important role to the team as a whole placing 4th in combined standings, the women placing 13th and the men placing 3rd. From cheering teammates on, helping teammates get drinks/food between races, to having break out swims to get the team excited, to finishing top 8, and to having awesome relay swims. Everyone played a major role in the highly successful 2014 Winter Junior Nationals and making it so remarkable & unforgettable for us coaches. We are very proud of everyone and let’s make 2015 even better! – Coaches Tim & Robert