Nitro Swimmers of the Month for April 2015

Cedar Park

High School Training: Khanh Lai – Khanh is one of the hardest workers at Nitro.  Her 3 A’s—attendance, attitude, and ability—are always fantastic.  She is sometimes a little apprehensive before a set, but the moment the set starts, she’s in beast mode and ready to give it her all.  We look forward to seeing what Khanh will be capable of achieving now that she’s training longer yardage with the big dogs.  Keep it up, Khanh! – Coach Alex & Coach Nick

TAGS 2: Claire Emata – Claire has done a fantastic job so far this season, taking on changes to technique and overall training habits. Claire is always smiling during practice but has a great nack for when to be serious and focus on the task at hand. She is a joy to coach and looking forward to seeing her improve and race as fast as possible this season. – Coach Flo

TAGS 1: Caitlin Murphy – Caitlin has really stood out this month.  Her effort and focus in practice has been arguably the best in the group.  What has really set her apart though is that she truly assessed her fall/winter season, made new goals and objectives for the spring, and has worked on those everyday in practice.  Taking it one step further she openly communicates and listens to feedback daily, and without hesitation focuses on making those changes.  This helped her have a strong IMX meet, but, more importantly, will set her up for an even stronger summer! – Coach Elliott

Senior: Brooke Newby – Brooke has continually been coming to practice with a great attitude and is always working to get better. She is making changes in all of her strokes and always pushing her self to get better on land and in the water. Keep up the hard work, the positive attitude, and effort! – Coach Jeremy

National Development: Tanja Milanovic & Nick Shomper – Tanja and Nick have both had stellar months.  Both have stepped up and led the group on many sets.  Sometimes they are so tired they can’t verbally lead, but they are leading by example.  Blue collar, nose to the ground, pure hard work.  The IMX meet had its moments for both, but they both showed how their consistent training and focus on technique in practice has set themselves up for strong summers. – Coach Elliott

Bee Cave

High & Middle School Training: Coach Jeff will be announcing his swimmer of the month later this week.

TAGS 2: Riley Dalton – Riley is always smiling and happy and adds a great vibe to the group.  Riley has been doing a good job of making corrections in practice and that showed at the IMX meet.  Her 100 fly was one of the best swims of the weekend, and not only did she finish strong but actually increased her speed into the finish with her head down for the last 10 meters.  Great job Smiley Riley! – Coach Scott

TAGS 1: Connor Jones – Connor has been working very hard and had a fantastic month!  He attacked every practice and always has a positive attitude. Connor has really taken to our twice a week distance practices.  At the IMX Meet, Connor crushed his old times and had an amazing start to his long course season. Congratulations on a great month! – Coach Jason

Senior: TJ Piercy – TJ brings a special energy and presence to this group that is very special. He has been working very hard towards some of his goals. I have really admired his energy he is bringing day in and day out. I have really admired TJ’S constant focus on raising the bar in the group on a daily basis. Recently we have been doing a new kick set of 150’s with fins that requires the swimmers to hold: 35. He cranked out an outstanding 1:22 at the end of the week; he held 29’s per 50! Outstanding work this month TJ, keep up the great work. – Coach Adrian

National Development: Trevor Oldham – Trevor has been working very hard to comeback from an injury. Over the last month, he began to increase his kicking and training.  Throughout this, he also has focused on making several big stroke technique changes. Trevor is seeing great results from his hard work in our test sets and is very excited to return to competition soon! Keep up the good work.  – Coach Jason

National Group: Nick Milikich and Gus Whiteman – These two young men have been crushing dry-lands, practices and test sets all of April and dominated the IMX Meet. A lot of the national group swimmers, other group swimmers, parents and other coaches have noticed their raising of the bar for this month. To paraphrase what a coach at the IMX meet said, “Wow, Nick and Gus look really good, they are killing it.” They have been highly focused and hungry for more which bodes well for the summer. Great work guys and keep pouring down the awesome work ethic like the sky did with the hail at the IMX meet. – Coach Rob