Nitro Swimmers of the Month for January 2018

Cedar Park

Senior: Kaitlyn Farris 
We have had an awesome month of training as a group but Kaitlyn has taken it to another level! She has not missed a practice for as long as I can remember and she always gives 100%. Senior group has started to incorporate a lot of underwater work this month because it is an area we can consistently improve. Kaitlyn pushes her underwater work as far as she can and almost always makes every underwater across the pool that I give her. She is always striving to be her best and that massively pushes her teammates. Kaitlyn isn’t afraid to push through the hard sets which is exciting to see! I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for her! —Coach Daeton

Sectional Development: Adrienne Nguyen 
Adrienne is a quiet leader. Her lane-mates claim that she talks to them, but I never hear Adrienne unless she is asking me a specific question. What I have seen from Adrienne this month is a focused lane-leader on a mission to get faster–specifically, she has been racing everybody–even then boys–every day. She is focused, on-task, and racing. What more can a coach ask for!? Nice work! —Coach Michael

TAGS 2: Alex Jiampietro
Alex has an indomitable attitude that keeps her smiling and working hard regardless of the obstacles in front of her. This past month was no different as she worked through an intense lower leg injury. Each day she arrived at the pool focused and determined to do her very best, even if that meant she could only pull. Alex took the opportunity not only to continue to improve her aerobic conditioning but to also better her stroke technique. Now that she is out of the orthopedic boot & beginning to use her legs while swimming, it is like rocket boosters have been attached to her legs and every swim is seconds faster than her previous best. I am amazed by her incredible focus, impressed with her relentless effort, and thankful for the opportunity to watch this special young lady develop into one of the top swimmers in our group. Great job Alex, keep up the good work. —Coach Daniel

TAGS 1: Landon Alarcon 
Landon has been working extremely hard this last month on some of his weaknesses and I have been super impressed with his drive to do so. Asking great questions and striving to be the best he can be. He is a great leader in and out of the water and continues to grow and learn new ways to fight through adversity and challenges. Keep up the great work! —Coach Jeremy

National Development: Cierra Scully
Cierra started the month of January off by scoring a Sectional cut in her 100 Free at COPS up in Dallas. Then she rounded it out with some great swims at her Regional meet in College Station, dropping time all over the place! With the constant badgering from her coaches to squeeze on her streamlines Cierra has made a big improvement of getting off the wall streamlined. Keep up the great swimming Cierra and don’t forget to SQUEEZE! —Coach Dan

National Group: Shannon Bagnal
Shannon had a great training trip to the Olympic Training Center to start out this month, and she has made it her New Year’s Resolution to not let anything stop her. She has held herself to that Resolution well. Had some great swimming at both the Greater Southwest Meet and Districts. Shannon was District Champion in the 100 Backstroke and is racing to try to make it to state at Regionals this weekend. Proud of what this young lady works to accomplish on a daily basis.  —Coach Flo


Bee Cave

HS/MS Training: Aman Reddy 
Aman has been phenomenal over these past few months. He comes to every practice and tries to outwork everybody in the pool. I’ve seen improvement in all facets of his swimming. His strokes, turns, and dives have all improved as well as his already great ability to kick. His great work ethic has quickly boosted him from the “Banana” group to the “Apple” group. Great job, Aman! —Coach Peter

Senior: Radhika Gautam
Since joining the Senior Group I have seen no slowing down for Radhika, she jumped in without hesitation, found her place in the group and has been steadily improving every week. A group change comes with so many things to adjust to, increases in time, yardage, effort, expectations by your friends, making adjustments to terminology, working with a new coach, which in this case not so much because I coached Radhika in the Silver group a couple years ago, but today we go 5000 yards instead of the 2000 she did in Silver. I do so enjoy how she works through the Long sets and get excited to she how fast she attacks her timed swims. Radhika is in for a very good long course season coming up soon! Great Job Young Lady! —Coach Chuck

TAGS 2: Jennifer Li
Jennifer, otherwise known as Jenny from the block, has been rocking practice lately. I have seen a huge turn in endurance, speed and focus throughout practices and I can’t wait to see her race within the next few weeks. Always a solid team mate and can easily get along and practice with anyone, Jenny is up for challenges left and right. Often we talk about doing all of the little things right. Jenny does a great job of doing everything right!! The Big things. The Little things. The in between things. My favorite part of Jenny’s work ethic is that she listens, works hard, stays focused and most importantly she always brings a smile and a positive attitude into practice. Keep doing work! —Coach Allison

TAGS 1: Lindsay Kayser and Gavin Orris
And the first Swimmer of the Month of 2018 (and this time we have two swimmers) goes to Lindsay Kayser and Gavin Orris. OMG! These two kids have all the required qualities for SUCCESS. I’ve noticed a great sense of DETERMINATION that is only aquired by relying on PATIENCE and HARD WORK. I know that by the end of the season, you Lindsay will achieved the goal of swimming under the minute on the 100Backstroke. Just keep doing what you’re doing girl, swim for yourself and enjoy the journey while getting the desired results. And you Gavin, we both know you’ve come a long way, and after seeing you doing six pull ups after climbing the rope, I’m definitely convinced that the STAGS cut on the 50Freestyle is yours. I couldn’t be more proud of you guys, you’re great kiddos with a bright future ahead in the water and as human beings. Keep up the good work..FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS!!! SI SI SI!!! —Coach Felix

National Development: Andrew Lee
Andrew is a Junior at Lake Travis and has been a great addition to our group this fall.  He is very eager to learn and improve, and willing to work for it. Andrew also recently qualified for his HS Regionals moving out of the district level in the 100 Breast. Andrew is a sprint Free and Breaststroke specialist with 22.2, 50 Free, and 1:02.5 100 Breast. Good luck to Andrew as he finishes his short course season.  I look forward to your continued success. Go Drew! —Coach Randy

National Group: London Farris
London, 16, is a Junior at Dripping Springs High School.  She has had an incredible month of swimming with some awesome training and racing.  London is relatively new to year round club swimming too.  London won her high school district meet in the 100 Fly, 56.5, and 200 Free, 1:52.8.  She has Regionals, States, and Sectionals ahead of her.  It will be fun to see her reap the benefits of steady training the rest of the Short course season.
Keep it up London! —Coach Hans, Coach Isaac, and Coach Randy