Nitro Swimmers of the Month for February 2017

Cedar Park

Sectional Development: Bella Gamez

Bella gets to be the SD swimmer of the month of February for multiple reasons. She had a fantastic BB Champs, qualifying in several more events for STAGS championships this upcoming weekend. She has been highly focused on making TAGS cuts as well and has been swimming hard at practice every day!  —Coach Dan

Senior: Clarence Harmega

Clarence is this month’s swimmer of the month because of the work he’s been putting in to make technical changes in his strokes. Between working with Coach Daniel (McCord) on his freestyle and working on his own in practice, Clarence has made some big changes, specifically to his freestyle. Changing your stroke is never easy but Clarence has approached it with a good attitude and a willingness to make the changes. Thanks Clarence! —Coach Dan


TAGS 2: Rance Blancaflor

Rance’s hard work and dedication can be seen consistently each day in practice. Always leading from the front, Rance pushes himself and his teammates to be the best they can be both in and out of the water. His commitment to excellence has led to improved technique in all his strokes. Can’t wait to see him compete in his upcoming races.  Great Job Rance, and Go Nitro!  —Coach Daniel

TAGS 1: Shreyush Shankar

Shreyush has had several really good months of training and competition. He keeps dropping times and show casing his growing talents. Looking forward to what the next two weeks hold for him at STAGS and TAGS. —Coach Flo


National Development: Caitlin Murphy

Caitlin has worked her tail off since Day 1 of being in National Development. She has one of the highest practice attendances and is always pushing the limits in practice. 

This past month, she has seen the results of her daily work ethic and positive attitude. 

The month of February has been no easy task for Caitlin, but she was prepared and determined all the way through. Caitlin is now a State Champion, for her high school of St. Dominic Savio, in the 100 Backstroke and 500 Freestyle. She also participated in multiple events and relays for Nitro at the Sectional meet this past weekend where she improved her times in nearly every event she swam. 

Way to go Caitlin! I am so proud of you and can’t wait to see you continue your journey in NG! Lead by Example and Enjoy the Process! —Coach Jeremy


Bee Cave


HS/MS Training: Ava Ingram

Ava, like all of the swimmers in the Middle & High School training group, has come such a long way since she started on the team. Being a multi-sport athlete, swim practice is usually not her first athletic activity of the day. She comes in tired (and sometimes moaning and groaning), but works hard to make the intervals and complete the practice. I usually see Ava leading her lane but still having a fun with her teammates. It’s important to find a good balance between working hard while still having the social aspect, and Ava is the epitome of that. Great job, Ava!—Coach Peter


Senior: Michaela Judis

Time after time Michaela impresses, she challenges herself every practice, never one to back away from a hard set or something new. This week during a 30 minute test swim Michaela bettered her mile time by 12 seconds and lead the group in every way. She had a very good first High School season and balanced swimming for both programs very well, something that every experienced swimmer has to work out for themselves, and she posted best times for both programs. Coming up is something that she is looking forward to, Long Course Season, this where she shines turning her ability to pace like a machine into a weapon. Michaela has become a leader in the Senior Group and she has done it stroke by stroke swimming longer and longer. Great Job young Lady! —Coach Chuck


TAGS 2: Anjali Velagapudi

Anjali, what to say, what to say. You had a killer February! I hated that I missed your racing at BB champs, but from all of the feedback I received from the coaches, you did a great job of stepping outside of your comfort zone and showing South Texas what you have to offer. I can not wait to watch you at STAGS. As I watch you everyday, I could tell a meet/the times you produced were coming. You have done such a great job of growing over the past few months of joining Nitro and our TAGS 2 group. I appreciate your politeness and your smile everyday.  —Coach Allison


TAGS 1: Christopher (Avery) Frey and Ian Cullicott

Avery and Ian, Swimmers of the Month for February. As Coach Chuck says, “Swimmers of the month are made because of adjustments; walls, starts, under waters, technique. Real adjustments.” These two swimmers are the perfect example of this thought. They’ve improved in every important detail of the swimming discipline, not only in the water, but also in their perspective about the sport. Working hard toward your goals, that is what we call PASSION. Keep FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS. STAGS is waiting for us and we are ready for it!!! SI SI SI!!! —Coach Felix


National Development: Maddie Riley

Maddie Riley, 15, is a Sophomore at Vandergrift High School. She has achieved 3 new Futures time standards as well as has finished in the Top 16 this past weekend at The Gulf Sectionals in College Station, TX in the 200 Breast and 1650 Free. Maddie swam only two days, and made it back to finals in all but one of her events. Maddie is one of the ND group’s hardest workers. She is also the newest member of Nitro National Group, amongst some of the fastest 18&under swimmers in the US. Maddie embodies the notion that you get what you WORK for, not what you wish for in swimming. Congrats Maddie!  —Coach Randy


National Group: Nick Shomper

Nick has been very close to dropping in a number of events all year.  He had some very strong performances in his UIL High School Meets, but didn’t see those big time drops he wanted. This  past weekend at Sectionals he achieved some huge time drops.  Nick is quietly one the group’s hardest workers and has also show some incredible perseverance all year. —Coach Elliot