Nitro Swimmers of the Month for December 2017

Cedar Park

Senior: Clarence Hemarga
Clarence has really stepped up his training through the holidays, which I’m sure, is going to pay off further down the line. After every practice he always comes to me and asks if there is anything that he could improve on from that specific workout. I love that he takes it one day at a time and one practice at a time. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Clarence! —Coach Daeton

Sectional Development: Alex Warren
Alex has consistently led the group through December. His daily effort, commitment, and punctuality set him apart. Most importantly, his positive disposition has been contagious. —Coach Michael

TAGS 2: Ashlyn Mehok
Ashlyn has defined perseverance this season with the pursuit of her swimming goals. Every single day, she comes to practice hungry to learn a new skill or new technique will that help her to an improved performance. Her internal drive to be her best has led her to drop time nearly every time she swims. Just this last month, Ashlyn saw nearly a 5 second time drop in one of her best events in practice! We are all excited to see her excel in the pool and can’t wait to see what she is able to accomplish this championship season. Great Job, Ashlyn!   —Coach Daniel

TAGS 1: Rylee Worley
Rylee has been working extremely hard and has broken through with a TAGS cut in her 500 Free and a bonus cut in her 100 this month! Her willingness to execute a game plan, and focus will continue to pay off in and out of the water. Rylee, Keep working hard and trust the process! —Coach Jeremy

National Development: Bella Zapata
Bella made a great effort during the first week of holiday training by attending every workout, all 8 over the course of 5 days. On top of her great attendance she also made several adjustments to her backstroke, she looked at some video of that backstroke and analyzed her own swimming really well. Bella was her own best coach and for that reason she gets to be swimmer of the month! Keep it up Bella! —Coach Dan

National Group:
Will send out separately. —Coach Flo


Bee Cave

HS/MS Training: Madison Cottey
Madison has worked incredibly hard since joining the Nitro family. I have seen a great deal of improvement in all facets of her swimming but especially her butterfly, flip turns, and dives. She constantly wants to be challenged and gives 100% effort every practice. Along with that great work ethic, Madison also brings a great attitude and personality to the team. It’s always an entertaining practice when Madison is here. Her balance between working hard and having fun at practice is why she is this month’s SOM. Great job, Madison! —Coach Peter

Senior: Valentina Ballariano
This young lady has had quite a month, every single day you see improvement, simple focus on things like what do you see and what do you feel! I can’t tell you how many Swimmers miss the opportunity to clean up their stroke because they don’t understand how to change something they can’t see. Valentina struggled with head movements, placement of her hands on entry, and the length of her stroke, but one by one motion was reduced, control was gained and length was achieved. This took drill after drill, film some, more drills, film again, it was work, it is still work, but every day better, every day a smile replaces a frown. This sport isn’t easy, even on your best day it can still be harder than you think you can go, but that is the challenge! Then you hear those words, “I made it!” and you know you have a swimmer on your hands. Valentina has gained so much confidence, her excitement is fun to watch, and her understanding of how to make corrections, find control, and be patient with the stroke, have come from pure hard work. She has earned every time drop that will come over the next few meets. Great Job Young Lady! —Coach Chuck

TAGS 2: Anjali Velagapudi
This kid is making moves! She has turn into a true leader the past month or so. The growth I have seen in her from when she joined Nitro to now is massive, and her positive and happy attitude is one of the huge reason I love her! I probably annoy her when I tell her my dumb jokes or try to make her smile even when she doesn’t want to. In terms of her day to day progress, Anjali has been pushing more and more outside of her comfort zone and has moved into one of the most aggressive and hardest works day in and day out. New Year, New you, keep it up Anjali! —Coach Allison

TAGS 1: Sydney Rawie
And the last Swimmer of the Month for 2017 goes to Sydney Rawie. According to the definition of HARD WORKER, this is the one who is industrious and diligent in carrying out tasks or duties, and this perfectly describes Sydney. It doesn’t matter the day or the time, she’s always ready to make things happen, not only as a swimmer but also a great student. Keep up the good work Sydney, the future looks extremely bright for you. FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS!!! SI SI SI!!!! —Coach Felix

National Development: Joe Gillet
Joe, 14, has had a big turn around this fall and winter season.  Joe is a Freshman at Westlake High School.  Like many high school freshmen Joe struggled at first balancing school, swimming and other activities.  Joe took a short break to make some decisions, and came back stronger than ever.  Joe specializes in distance freestyle and backstroke.  He had some new best times at the Jingle Bell meet in December and is focused on making Sectionals.
I’m excited to watch Joe’s swimming take off this winter.  Joe was also fully committed over Christmas training which should help in striving towards his goals. Keep it up Joe G!   —Coach Randy

National Group: Julia York
Julia, 16, is a Junior at Vandergrift high school, and has had an excellent December of racing and training.  Julia achieved almost all new best times at the COR meet in early December. She just missed the Futures cut in the 200 Breaststroke.  Julia specializes in both Breast and IM.  She is a quiet leader.  She is a great teammate.  Julia is training with the goal in mind of collegiate swimming at an excellent academic school.  She is doing everything in and out of the pool the right way.  We look forward to watching her success grow over the next year and a half, and are excited for her future. Keep it up Julia! —Coach Randy, Coach Isaac, and Coach Hans