Nitro Swimmer of the Week for December 19–25


Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park: Aarav Ahuja

Aarav always shows up to practice ready to be the best swimmer he can. This week Intro worked on butterfly and Aarav did a great job having really nice, long, straight arms. He always works really hard and listens well. Keep up the great work Aarav! —Coach Hannah

Bee Cave: Avery Hua

Avery is such a little star in and out of the water. This week she rocked her underwaters holding a tight streamline with a tucked chin and strong butterfly kicks breaking out past the flags. Avery also worked hard to keep a low breath during our catch-up freestyle drill. Avery is a dynamite flutter kicker always giving 100% effort during practice. Whenever giving instructions, I can count on Avery to be attentive and focused, but still having loads of fun! Thank you Avery for putting a smile on my face every practice. Keep it up young lady! —Coach Raven



Cedar Park: Jenavee Jensen

At this time of year, I’m looking for those swimmers that are dedicated to practice, and Jenavee is definitely one of them. Jenavee was a big part of every practice, not just in being there, but with her effort and awesome, fun attitude. Jenavee has worked hard the past couple of weeks to really nail down her freestyle and backstroke turns, also. She is always willing to lead her lane, something the coaches love. Way to go Jenavee, keep it up! —Coach Adam

Bee Cave: Dane Mason

These last few practices I have seen Dane make some big improvements to the reaction time and speed of his turns, this along with his kicking effort made him a standout this week. Dane is learning how to race, his bodyline is getting taller, and the patience in his underwaters are really making time drops. I can’t wait to see Dane’s next meet his freestyle swims will be great and I know the turns will be what makes his swims best times! Great work young man! —Coach Chuck


Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park: Dori Clason and Jude Hadi

The Technique and Fitness Cedar Park swimmers of the week are Dori Clason and Jude Hadi. Both swimmers had excellent practice this past week and really were a welcoming presence on Christmas Eve.  Great way to end the week with these two swimmers and all of the positive energy. Great job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool. —Coach Stephen

Bee Cave: Bryce Kar and Austin Kar

By no means are these two the same, but it’s only right to recognize these boys together, as they are by birthright, identical. If it weren’t for their goggles, you’d be hard pressed to tell who is who in the pool. Even trickier, although nearly the same in their appearance, their actions are quite similar as well. Bryce and Austin consistently bring a Great attitude to practice, they work hard, always listen and are willing make adjustments, you just couldn’t ask for more out of two swimmers. We introduced some new ideas this week, both did a great job reading the clock, pushing themselves on the longer sets, and mastering flipping turns. I know as they keep developing and learning, we’re sure to see some unique things from both of them. Great job boys! And keep up the great work! —Coach Nick



Cedar Park: Lea Bao

Greetings from Alabama! Although I’ve been gone for most of the week, I know exactly who should be swimmer of the week. Lea Bao is such a hard worker, she definitely deserves recognition for it. She is a natural leader, and always does her best on any set she’s given. She makes sure to leave the wall in perfect streamline, always completes underwater dolphin kicks to the end of the red zone, and finishes well. Way to work, Lea! See you all this week. —Coach Claire

Bee Cave: Ava Duran

Ava always shows up to practice with a great attitude and works extremely hard. Her work ethic in practice certainly pays off in meets, because she keeps dropping time! At the TXLA meet the other weekend, Ava got personal best times in three of her four events, including dropping over two and a half seconds in her 50 Breast! That is a ton of time for how short of a race that is. I had the pleasure of coaching her in Bronze, and I am so glad to be coaching her in Silver. Great job, Ava! —Coach Peter


Advanced Silver

Bee Cave: Hudson Ingram

Hudson has burst onto the swimming scene this fall earning several A times as well as developing his technique and underwaters. He, along with all his friends at practice, are always having a grand time before training with a solid attitude – how it should be! Many significant things are to come from him. Go Nitro!  —Coach Paige


Gold I & II

CP Gold I: Quentin Sumner

Quentin has had an outstanding season so far. He is one of the leaders of the group in the pool, pushing some of the other swimmers to new heights. Quentin really impressed this week during the test set, going almost 5 seconds faster in every 100 compared to the last time we did it. I have been really impressed with his work effort, and can’t wait to see his continued growth. Great job Quentin! —Coach Adam

CP Gold II: Amy Park

Amy was on fire last week!  She is a speed demon, but you can’t overlook her technical prowess when it comes to doing things right.  Amy has all the right tools in her arsenal to perform like a champ and she shows up to improve every single day.  Keep it up, Amy! —Coach Alex

Bee Cave: Jennifer Li

What a funny young lady. She has the biggest smile, and is quite the athlete. I was able to play tag with her recently and not only is she fast in the water but on land as well. I am super excited to be able to name her swimmer of the week this week, as it has been a long time coming. She is starting to “get it” more and more in practice, and her positive mindset and hard work is starting to click. Keep up the work Jenny! —Coach Allison