Nitro Swimmer of the Week July 27 – August 1, 2015

Intro to Nitro Bee Cave: Cate Rodenborn – Watching Cate work on backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly, there has been one common thread, this young lady has been improving her kick, we coaches love to see the intro swimmers really push the legs! Cate’s butterfly is getting better and better, the arms clear the water more, a much taller stroke, thanks to a bigger body wave! Great job Cate keep pushing that kick! –Coach Chuck

Intro to Nitro Cedar ParkBen Llorens –Ben is one of those dependable swimmers that shows up every week to practice and works to improve no matter how difficult the set is. His swimming is improving all the time as a result of that hard work. And he’s becoming quite the leader in his lane! Keep up the good work, Ben!!! – Coach Jessie

Technique and Fitness (TF) Bee Cave – Natalie Brown- Natalie comes once a week, but she definitely makes that one practice count. She’s quiet (but loves to laugh) and lets her swimming do the talking. I never hear a complaint out of her even when I give the hardest sets. Great job this past week Natalie! Coach Peter

Technique and Fitness (TF) Cedar ParkRenee  Richie and Frankie Alvarez.  Renee and Frankie  have really been showing us some leadership  skills this past week. Leading their lanes,  paying attention,  focusing on the tasks that need to be completed.   Items that really are integrated with swimming.   Great job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool.  Coach Stephen

Bronze Bee Cave-Jack Minyen – Jack had a great week of training in the pool. I have really admired the intensity he brings to practice on a daily basis. Jack has really zoned in on his under waters and has caught the attention of the coaches. Keep up the great work Jack! Coach Adrian

Bronze Cedar Park- Kevin Li – Kevin has continued a very successful summer with progress in all four of his strokes. His Breastroke this past week was fantastic as he made all the intervals and lead the lane. I am excited to see him grow and continue to improve in the Silver group starting in the fall! Way to go Kevin! Coach Jeremy

Silver- Bee Cave – Cheenu Pandey – Cheenu is always ready to go when he walks out on the deck, you would be hard pressed to find another swimmer at Bee Cave who loves swimming more. The mechanics of each stroke show great focus, lots of energy, sometimes I have to ask to back off on the speed, let the timing fall in place. You have to love Cheenu’s eagerness, we work on control, patience, he is always ready to race, he has that inner scream! Great job Cheenu great races coming this fall! Coach Chuck

Silver Cedar Park – Kyleigh Fant-I’ve heard great things about Kyleigh, but I needed to see it to believe it.  Over the past week, I’ve had the opportunity to coach more Silver groups while Coach Allison was away at Zones.  I asked the groups if they’d like to do Advanced Silver challenge sets, and while some groups voted for it, other groups did not.  Kyleigh’s group was among those who did, and not only was she ready to challenge herself, she was ready to lead the group to success.  She not only had the best underwaters in the group, but the best underwaters in the pool!  Awesome job, Kyleigh! -Coach Alex

Adv. Silver Bee Cave – Edward Wu –Edward, your positive attitude towards the swimming practice has been growing every single day. Following the way to success, you’re creating the necesary CONFIDENCE to continue improving your performance. One thing to conclude, those dives from the block, are looking great! Keep it up Edward..FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS!! SI SI SI!!! Coach Felix

Adv Silver Cedar Park –  Felicity Hesters-Felicity got her foot in the door with Advanced Silver a little before the season started and it’s clear she is ready to work.  She took a week off for vacation, but the moment she walked back through Nitro’s doors, she was ready to switch from R&R to hard work mode!  What sets her apart from her peers is her sheer enjoyment in being challenged.  This kind of personality will definitely help Felicity grow into an amazing athlete.  Keep it up, Felicity! – Coach Alex

Gold Bee Cave – Trinh Nguyen -Trinh has quietly but steadily been moving to the front of the group, strong legs in all four stroke, giving her a fast approach to every turn. Time after time you see swimmer’s kick fade as the set progresses, then the turns ends up shallow and short, but not Trinh’s, this is where she is the most consistent, strong kicking into the turns translates into fourth line turns all the time. This fact will pay off down the road for her, better races, more consistent tempo, just because she pushes the legs a little bit more than other swimmers! Great Job young lady, Just one more thing, lets get that kick to some bigger meets. Coach Chuck

Gold Cedar Park —  Audrey Dieckert.  Audrey really had some great  practices this past week.  She really did a great job with her distance  per stroke set on Friday and nailed it when it came down to the IM 50’s.  Great job  Audrey.  Thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool.  Coach Stephen