Nitro Swimmer of the Week for September 5–10, 2016:

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park:Audrey Raybould and Sejung Ahn

Both kids did such a great job making the new swimmers feel welcome into their groups. Audrey helped some of the new girls in her group out and made sure those girls feel super welcomed. Sejung helped out some of the boys in his group making sure they understood everything that the coaches where saying. On top of becoming leaders in their group both Audrey and Sejung swam really well this week. They showed the other kids in the group and the coaches what it meant to kick fast and listen attentively. Great job Audrey and Sejung, keep up the great work! —Coach Hannah

Bee Cave: Emilie Deaton, Ella Mitchell, Taedus Nguyen

With a lot of new swimmers joining Intro to Nitro this week, a couple returning swimmers really stood out as examples to their new teammates. These three swimmers were not only leaders in the pool, demonstrating great white-water kicking and perfect underwater streamline push-offs, they were also leaders on deck. Emilie (barely five years old) showed patience and kindness toward her lane mates; she made sure everyone had a place to sit and an area for their kick board and fins. Ella has made outstanding improvements in her underwater push-offs demonstrating a tight streamline every time. Taedus led his practice with his attentiveness ensuring his teammates could also hear instructions. Way to go swimmers! Thank you for all your effort! —Coach Raven


Cedar Park: Madison Shanahan

As it was the first week of Bronze for a lot of new swimmers, we decided to focus on some of the essential skills; underwater streamlines, fast kicking, freestyle breathing technique. No one made it look easier than Madison. She was great in her streamlines coming off the wall, she stayed at the top of the group for our kick sets, and displayed great one goggle breathing. Way to go Madison! —Coach Adam

Bee Cave: Tyce Bogdon

Great training from this young man this last week, the season has just started, things are moving a little slower, but Tyce has been giving a great effort. Working on starts and underwaters on Saturday Tyce was setting a great standard, tight streamline that makes the fruitloops without any kick! His patience holding his form is one of his biggest improved areas, the resulting body line is what has helped Tyce make the improvements that are pushing him to the front of his lane. Great Job Young Man! —Coach Chuck

Technique & Fitness

Cedar Park: Paolo Gamez and Vedant Valdeswar

Great job on leading your lanes and showing our newest swimmers how to be a leader. Spot on your backstroke and especially your underwater streamlines. The coaches were very impressed. Great job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool. —Coach Stephen 

Bee Cave: Renata Pinero Torre

Renata was one of many swimmers that started this past week at Nitro, and I am so glad she is here. We started with the fundamentals like the underwater streamline push off and butterfly kicks. During a drill doing butterfly kicks on our back with our hands by our side, Renata looked like a pro! She did so well in fact that I had her demonstrate for the rest of the team…on her first day! It was such a great start for Renata, and I’m excited to see her continue to improve! Great job, Renata! —Coach Peter


Cedar Park: Peyton Rickenbacker

This week I want to recognize Silver Swimmer, Peyton Rickenbacker as Swimmer of the Week. She did an exceptional job on her underwater sets this week, as well as lengthening her butterfly stroke, and nailing her fly to back transition in preparation for the 100 IM. She also never shies away when presented with a choice of faster interval or a more challenging set. Great job, Peyton! Keep up the hard work! —Coach Claire

Bee Cave: Travis Zinger and Kim Tan

Travis has been working very hard over the past few months in Silver. He is always eager to show his best effort in the pool, especially during a kick set. I have seen him grow so strong and his positive energy is a great element in the Silver group. I am so proud of him- keep up the great work, Travis! Kim recently joined our group and has immediately stood out as one of the strongest swimmers in Silver! She works very hard at perfecting the drills we do and also pushes herself to swim fast. I was so impressed this week with her flawless technique in Freestyle and Backstroke drills, and I know she will move up very quickly with her work ethic and determination. Way to go, Kim! —Coach Lianne

Advanced Silver

Bee Cave: Will Singletary

Not only does he bring a great attitude to practice, but he has recently dropped over 20 seconds in multiple events and really committed to working on his turns. Can’t wait to see him succeed this season. —Coach Paige 


Cedar Park: Daniel Warren and Garron Flynn

Daniel has started to realize that in this Gold group, he can be a leader of the pack. Daniel has a fast and powerful freestyle, especially when it comes to pulling, meaning he has a great catch in his stroke. His backstroke has been getting stronger, and on butterfly he has been working hard on the recovery of his arms. Even his streamline has become more consistent! Daniel capped it off with some great swims at the Red vs Black swim meet, even if it was for Team Black. Good Job Daniel! —Coach Adam

Swimming fast is fun, and Gannon sure loves to have fun.  He’s often excited for challenges at practice and is always verbal about it.  Gannon did a great job swimming in the meet on Saturday, but what I was most impressed with was how much he was cheering and encouraging his Red Team teammates (even if he gave us Black Team coaches some silly growls and glares).  I hope to see him lead the team in cheering at the AQTX meet his weekend.  Way to go, Gannon! —Coach Alex

Bee Cave: Harvey Li

Harvey has done a great job stepping up his training lately and has truly stepped into a leadership role. Whether that be in the lane or making sure everyone know what they are doing. He’s done a great job of pushing himself to get better, from his head position to working on making an interval he has never done before. I enjoy watching his friendships with the other kiddos in between sets, as he is always making them laugh. Way to go Harvey! —Coach Allison