Nitro Swimmer of the Week for September 30 – October 5, 2013

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park:Alexandra Jiampietro– Alexandra is a very enthusiastic swimmer. She always has a smile on her face during practice and she’s always eager to swim! Alexandra has been doing an awesome job with focusing on her attention to the coaches and her freestyle and backstroke are fast AND look great. Fantastic job, Alexandra! – Coach Kirsten

Bee Cave:Sienna Lorg– This week’s Swimmer of the Week goes to Sienna Lorg. Sienna always has the biggest smile on her face and is always laughing, and loves swimming. This week we practiced flip turns, and she did fantastic. She really nailed the turns into the wall. Keep up the great work. – Coach Nikki


Cedar Park:Joaquin Herrmann– Over the past couple of weeks he has really stepped up his practices.  He has moved from only following the group to being a leader.  I can always count on him to know the intervals that we are on and what drill or stroke we are doing.  Keep up the great work! – Coach Travis

Bee Cave:Hillary Xu– Hillary has been setting the bar high for the Bronze group, and becoming a leader. She really steps it up at every practice and keeps on getting better. She works on every little feedback we give her and corrects her stroke every time.  Keep up the fantastic work! – Coach Nikki

Technique & Fitness

Cedar Park:Rachel Brockhausen – She really has proven a force in the water.  Arrives to practice eager and ready to work.  Likes to push herself and fellow athletes and always exudes enthusiasm.  Great job thanks for being a part  of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool. – Coach Eric

Bee Cave: Ethan Hennenhoefer– Ethan had an incredible week in the pool. He did so well with our diving all week long. He made corrections all week long that Coach Brian and I have him. Keep up the great work Ethan! – Coach Adrian


Cedar Park:Mackenzie Stewart & Chester Maillart– Both swimmers took to heart the lessons during the week about swimming long and tall in an effort to improve stroke technique on all strokes.  Mackenzie had great times all around but especially on her 100 freestyle, with a bit more work on endurance and the turns she should break the1:00 mark this season.  Chester had some great personal best times, the best way to gauge improvement for any swimmer.  Both had great swims at the UT Fall Kick Off along with so many other Nitro swimmers.  Keep up the great work and attention to detail and there will be many more great meets to come for both Chester and Mackenzie along with all their great team mates! – Coach Dakota

Bee Cave:Maggie Monroe & Kiara Bobb– These two young ladies put on quite a good show in several of their events this weekend at the UT meet, swimming side by side in the 100 IM, the intensity into their turns and the pace of the strokes was fun to watch, they pushed each other to a time closer to that of the gold group! This is the kind of swimming breakthrough that put a smile on a coach’s face. These two swimmers will be ones to watch in Nitro’s future! – Coach Chuck

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park:Rylee Worley– Rylee has been working hard with her training.  She showed up for last Monday’s practice and was ready to recite the entire warm up without assistance.   She swam at UT this past weekend and had a great swim meet overall.  She also swam in her first 500 Freestyle (in a meet).  She did a great job and swam the race just as we talked about. – Coach Scott

Bee Cave: Mia Bannon– Mia has made an extraordinary effort to adjust to the Advance Silver group. That effort paid off with a great showing at this past weekend’s meet. Way to go! Mia has an infectious smile that is hard not to notice! Keep it up! Coach Jeff and Coach Hannah.


Cedar Park: Molly Sparrow– Molly had an amazing meet this weekend, really doing a fantastic job with her underwater work and dropping time as a result. She is always smiling from ear to ear which makes coaching her even more fun. – Coach FLO

Bee Cave:Logan Walker– Logan is new to Gold this season and has been working hard in practice to make the intervals and get acquainted with all his new equipment (not always easy for an 8 year old).  This weekend at UT all his efforts definitely paid off.  He was following appropriate breathing patterns, streamlining off walls, getting past the flags underwater and seeing big drops in time.  It’s great to see hard work pay off so early in the season.  Awesome job Logan! – Coach Hannah