Nitro Swimmer of the Week for September 29–October 2, 2016

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park: Sanvi Musunuru

Sanvi did a fantastic job with her breaststroke kicks and worked really hard. Every time Sanvi is on the pool deck she is ready for practice and her attitude is contagious with the other kids. Sanvi is always ready to show the coaches just how well she listens because of how much she loves swimming. Great job Sanvi, keep up the great work! —Coach Hannah

Bee Cave: Joshua Mudry

This little guy has one of the biggest personalities I’ve ever met! Only five, Joshua has come a long way since he first entered the pool this spring. He went from wearing fins for our warm-up, to often leading the lane and competing in his first swim meet last weekend. Joshua’s energy and effort are never lacking; I can always count on Joshua to give 110% effort. Thank you bringing such brightness to the sport and always putting a smile on my face! Keep it up! —Coach Raven


Cedar Park: Akriti Mandal

Akriti has been a shining star in the Bronze group ever since she started. She is always willing to lead her lane,  eager to demonstrate for the group, and always ready to go fast! Her underwater streamlines are beautiful and her turns are awesome. This week, Akriti worked really hard on her butterfly, nailing the timing and making her stroke more powerful. Way to go Akriti! —Coach Adam

Bee Cave: Katelyn Vitellaro and Brock Woertink

One of the biggest test for any swimmer is the Individual Medley, this is the complete race, all four stroke need to work in just the right way, one complimenting the other, strong legs here, fast hands there, walls that are just a glimpse, a smooth clean motion blending into one length into another, never letting up, pushing every stroke right to the end. The 100 I’M is the most fun race ever, it’s a confidence builder! This last Nitro meet saw Katelyn and Brock both swim to a 1:51 in the IM, it was great to see them attack every yard of the race, legs never gave out, arms pushed harder and faster each length. These two young swimmers are setting a new level for Bronze swimmers to reach! Heads up all you Bronzer the I’M top ten is just around the corner. Will you be on the list? I’m pretty sure that Katelyn and Brock will be there! Great job you two! —Coach Chuck

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park: Nysa Singh and Caden Benet

Both swimmers have really buckled down and have shown great leadership in the past few fall weeks. If you call it fall. We were concentrating on butterfly this past week and both swimmers showed great effort working on timing and arm and hand placement.  In addition they showed great head position as well.  The head lines up the body position and they excelled at that. Great job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool. —Coach Steve

Bee Cave: Joshua Day

Josh is a natural-born leader. Everyday, he comes in almost unnoticed because he knows what’s expected of him. However, when you talk to him, he’s polite, respectful, and humble – all great characteristics of a leader. This week, I noticed that he wasn’t leading his lane like usual. However, I quickly realized it was in the best interest of the whole lane. For just 4×25’s, Josh let another young man lead the lane because he was slightly more experienced than Josh on the subject. It takes a servant-leader to recognize the capabilities and the value of those around him.  —Coach Jonny


Cedar Park: Madison White

Madison White has really worked hard this week to improve in her back stroke and breast stroke. I can tell particularly with breast stroke how she pays attention to little details like keeping her knees tucked in the line of her body on her whip kicks, making sure she’s extending all the way through her glide, and really driving those hips up as she pushes her hands and head forward. I can always count on Madison to give 100% at every practice as well. She’s only 10 and already has set some pretty high goals for herself. Keep working hard, Madison! —Coach Claire

Bee Cave: Lexas Lindahl

Our focus this week was on all of the turns: flip turns, open turns, IM turns, you name it. I was really impressed with the improvement I saw from the Silver group as a whole, but somebody that really stuck out to me was Lexus. Especially on the open turn, I was impressed with not only her effort to apply the things we talked about on deck to her turn but also her motivation to improve in all aspects of her swimming. Excellent work this week, Lexus! —Coach Peter

Advanced Silver

Bee Cave: Tyler Grimm

This young man has made a commitment to working very diligently on his butterfly kick and behaving in a very focused manner at practice. The results are obvious! This swimmer has GREAT things to come.

Congrats, Tyler!  —Coach Paige


Cedar Park: Olivia Valdez and Simone Koret

Olivia has been working her tail off at practice, and it showed with a great weekend at the TXLA meet. Not only was Olivia dropping time like crazy, she made each race look beautiful. Her strokes looked smooth and fast, she got off the blocks quickly, and maintained her speed throughout each turn. Olivia’s underwaters were amazing also, as she blasted off the wall into each lap. Great job Olivia! —Coach Adam

Simone is a very dedicated swimmer.  I’ve noticed this week how much she tries to make positive changes right away and is always swimming with purpose. Simone brings a special kind of professionalism to Gold II and it definitely rubs off on those around her.  Keep it up, Simone! —Coach Alex

Bee Cave: Autumn Forgey

What a racer this girl is! She swam at the 11&O meet this weekend and crushed her times, but more importantly decided to try a new event. That new event just happened to be the 400 IM!! She did such a great job of swimming the race like a pro, being smart, and finishing it strong. After her race I got a huge smile and a “that wasn’t that bad.” The move from 10 year old meets to 11&Up meets can be daunting to some, but not Autumn…she went into the meet and swam with the big guns. I love that she was able to take little pieces away from each race to continuously get better at. Way to go!—Coach Allison