Nitro Swimmer of the Week for September 22nd – 27th, 2014

Intro to Nitro

Bee Cave: Kaitlyn Phan – Since Kaitlyn started swimming with intro she has always come into practice so happy and ready to get in the pool. This week she did such a great job mastering circle swimming and watching the clock! She is already becoming a pro an is always on top of it! Thanks for being such a hard worker Kaitlyn! Keep it up! – Coach Meghan

Cedar Park: Rhea Ramaiah – Rhea has been working hard and attending practices every week. She really took charge this week in leading her lane with confidence and paying attention! When we worked with intervals she watched the clock at every wall and left on time consistently. We’re excited to see everything she is accomplishing in her swimming! Great job, Rhea!! – Coach Jessie


Cedar Park: Joshua Lee – This week he has been doing a great job while we were working on turns. He has turned into a constant leader of the group that I can always rely on to be on the ball. Congratulations and keep up the good work. – Coach Travis

Bee Cave: Tyler Grimm – Tyler really impressed me this week with his diving off of the blocks.  We have been talking about exploding out off of the start and holding our streamline and Tyler did a great job.  I even had him demonstrate his start for his teammates because I was so impressed with it.  I am very proud of him for getting up and getting after it this week.  Great job Tyler, keep it up bud!!! – Coach Jared

Technique & Fitness

Cedar Park: Emma Dong & Patrick Bloadworth – Both swimmers have really worked hard on their breaststroke kick and their two hand finishes. Doing the stroke correctly rather than faster. Great job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool. – Coach Steve

Bee Cave: Zainab Sajid – Zainab is the swimmer of the week for Bee Cave Technique and Fitness.  I have never seen someone so determined and wanting to learn a flip turn.  This week, the hard work and determination paid off.  Zainab couldn’t stop working on the flip turns, once she got the first one and was grinning from ear to ear during the practice.   Great job Zainab and keep up the great work! – Coach Linda & Coach Tanner


Cedar Park: Isabel Garcia, Alexander Llorens, David Homiller and Nicholas Wood– All four of these swimmers had a great Saturday competing at the TXLA 10-under meet at UT.  Isabel is brand new to USA Swimming and came out with a bang in all four strokes this Saturday, she’s looked strong in practice and showed no hesitation to get up and compete on a new stage.  Alex has had some great stroke technique for awhile now, and is really starting to develop a greater sense of urgency when it’s time to get up and swim fast.  David quietly had some amazing swims on Saturday, he’s been coming on strong since joining the group.  This was the second weekend in a row for Nicholas to have some outstanding swims, the more the kid races the more he seems to enjoy it.  Great job this weekend all of you! – Coach Dakota

Bee Cave: Adriana Klass – This young lady is really starting to come in to her own, her kick is becoming the strength of her improvement, every day the motion gets bigger, the flex carries a little more snap, and the white water carries the full length of the pool! This isn’t easy, coaches talk all about kick, over and over, but the soreness and aches your legs experience would stop most young swimmers, but Adriana has been doing a great job pushing thru her pain, this is that first step every swimmer takes, how to push faster when you can’t feel your legs, just ask Adriana, she does it all the time now. Great job young lady! – Coach Chuck

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park: Alaya Johnson – Alaya is always ready to get work done.  She sometimes is late getting to the pool (through no fault of her own), but when she steps foot on the pool deck, she’s on a mission to get in and work hard.  Alaya represented Nitro well at the meet over the weekend and we coaches are expecting big things from her this season.  Way to go, AJ! – Coach Alex

Bee Cave: Trei Lutes – Trei has definitely been doing an excellent butterfly during the last week. He’s always ready to swim a 100IM at the end of every practice. When everybody is tired and crazy to go home, he’s ready in position for a bonus round. Acting as a leader in his lane, and demonstrating a great effort/attitude to be up to date in the dry land sessions.  Great things are yet to coming for you Trei, keep focus everyday. You are a huge motivation to everyone in and outside the pool, including myself as a human being/swimming coach. Let’s go Trei…SI SI SI!!! – Coach Felix


Cedar Park: Catherine Wu – She is consistently working hard during practice but especially on our kick sets. While several challengers have risen up she remains undefeated in our timed kicks. She swam very well this weekend and achieved several new cuts. I hope that you will continue this trend. Congratulations and keep it up. – Coach Travis

Bee Cave: Camni Schaufelberger – I’ve been watching Camni gain more and more confidence in her training, and when your 10, swimming with 12, 13, and 14 year old swimmers, it can be pretty intimidating, but every day I see Camni moving closer to the lead in her lane, using great streamline underwaters, a strong kick, with the right balance of intensity and pace, and a great attitude. The hard work and focus paid off this weekend swimming 2 National AA times and 2 National AAA times, with 3 of the times being faster than last years TAGS cuts! This only the start of the short course season and I believe Camni is well on her way to being one of Nitro Swimming strongest 10 & under girls. Great work young lady! – Coach Chuck