Nitro Swimmer of the Week for October 14 – 19, 2013

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park:Leo Buckel & Grace Molina– Leo and Grace have been in Intro with us for the past couple of months and they have been improving immensely in their swimming. Leo is always focused in the water and listens carefully to the coaches, whether it’s for instructions or any corrections we give him. Grace has been doing well on focusing in the pool and listening to the coaches. A lot of positive coach comments were said about both Leo and Grace’s freestyle strokes. Also, both were on the ball this week by reading the clock and going on their numbers. Awesome job, and keep up the great work!! – Coach Kirsten

Bee Cave:Cynthia Cui– Cynthia has been doing a great job in the water. This week she is swimmer of the week because of her leadership. When asked this week who could be a brave girl to join the boys lane, she was on top of it. She raised her and moved over, with no questions ask. Usually the girls get all shy and don’t want to. Cynthia also, improves every day. She works on the corrections we give to improve her stroke. Keep up the great work Cynthia. I am very proud of you. – Coach Nikki


Cedar Park: Marin Filipowicz– She has really been striving to push herself in practice. Despite being tired or out of breath she continues to try to execute the practice as best she can. Keep up the good work. – Coach Travis

Bee Cave:Reese Richmond– Reese has continued to rise in Bronze. Each and every practice she is giving us 100% and continues to improve. She is always watching the clock and counting the number of 25’s, 50’s, etc. that we are doing. She is showing great leadership skills through the practice. Keep up the great work Reese. – Coach Nikki

Technique & Fitness

Cedar Park:Evka Bates & Santiago Hernandez – These two swimmers have shown great progress in the pool.  They have given great attention to their technique and it shows.  Attitudes to match as well.  Great job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool. – Coach Steve

Bee Cave:Will Mercer– Will has been working extra hard in practice lately. His special attention to each and every streamline push off has him zooming through the water. Will’s technique has improved a ton over the past couple weeks. He always arrives to practice early and ready to go! Keep up the great work Will, great things are in store for you. I am very proud of all of your hard work. – Coach Adrian


Cedar Park:Truett Compton & Garret Gray– At this point in the season the swimmers are given more opportunities to push past their comfort zones and work harder than they may have been asked to at any point prior.  When asked to step up to the plate and swim a series of sprints this week both Truett and Garret rose to the occasion in a big way.  Garret stepped up on our butterfly sprint set this week in keeping consistent with his speed and the breathing habits we were focusing on, when he got out of the pool he had a look of satisfaction on his face when declaring “I can’t feel my arms!”.  Truett had a solid week of practices capped off by a stellar performance on his freestyle kick set to wrap up the week this past Saturday.  When asked to get out and race the swimmers next to you Truett was consistently right out in front, even as the rounds got more difficult to do.  Great job this week boys! – Coach Dakota

Bee Cave:Cammi Schaufelberger– This last week has seen Cammi breakout, and swimmers always ask how do you breakout, in this case it was her kicking effort, not just during the kick sets but during every swim of every repeat. When she was asked to press hard on second fifties there was that kick, it didn’t matter what stroke or what distance, I’ve always said to the swimmers the difference between a good swimmer and a great swimmer is the kick, Cammi has taken that to heart and it will make the difference as she trains the next couple of months, so keep your eyes on this girl.  – Coach Chuck

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park:Jayden Johnson– Jayden has worked hard since joining the group.  He works very hard with applying the drills and making technique changes.   He has demonstrated a lot of work and focus during our dry land exercises.  He is bringing lots of strategy to his practices and swims many of the sets as designed. – Coach Scott

Bee Cave: William Gunawan – William came back to us after this summer ready improve.  After every practice William wants to know how he is doing and what he can do better.  He is communicating well with his coach and I can see his effort in the pool.  This past Saturday he really stepped up his game in a challenge set.  He was focused and didn’t let anything that was going on around him distract from his desire to make that set the best it could be.  Keep up the great work Will! – Coach Jeff


Cedar Park: Vlad Volobouev– Vlad has done an outstanding job training recently and it was most evident in his swimming this past weekend at the Lakeside Dual Meet. Vlad dropped time in pretty much every event, and we are talking several seconds at a time, no small feat to complete. Congrats Vlad and continue this time dropping streak you are on. – Coach FLO

Bee Cave:Jacob Ward– In our search for new events to swim Jacob has been working very hard on improving his longer events, the 500 free in particular has become a favorite, the rates he has been holding, and the challenging repeat times me has been making tell me we may have a true distance swimmer on our hands, but also his 200 strokes have improved greatly, he truly is learning how to even split his race, as well as improving his focus into and out of his walls. Jacob will have a lot of fun at the next UT meet. – Coach Chuck